My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Sixteen

Seung Joon’s car stopped in front of the Park estate. He looked over at So Young and smiled, “Why do you seem so nervous?”

Looking over at his partner So Young smiled bitterly. “How can you not be nervous? I’m finally taking you home to my family after so many years. I’ve caused them trouble because I had feelings for you and my parents don’t have a good impression of you after I told them we were seeing each other, my father even sent a P.I after you but found nothing, he wanted to kill you for taking advantage of me,” he says making Seung Joon burst out laughing.

So Young looked at Seung Joon with a frown but felt at ease when he saw the cheerful expression on his handsome partner’s face.

“You know, I didn’t tell them that we’re back together,” he says making Seung Joon stop laughing and look at him. Wiping his tears away he shrugs his shoulders.

The guard comes over and nods when he sees So Young then informs the estate guards that So Young’s here.

The gates open and Seung Joon puts the car in drive. Driving up a long pathway.

They arrive at the end of the path and he parks the car in a parking space which So Young directs him too.

Getting out of the car dressed in casual clothes, black jeans, combat boots, a black tee-shirt and a white jacket over his shoulders, he steps out and closes his door behind him. Walking around the car he opens the passenger door and So Young steps out wearing a blue and grey tracksuit in white sneakers.

So Young phoned his parents a few days ago saying that he wanted to have lunch with them at the estate and they were more than happy to. He also phoned his brother Park So Jun to attend with his wife.

They walked up the steps passing the armed guards. They would normally search the guests but since Seung Joon was accompanying So Young, they didn’t.

Entering the estate that smelt like lavender and orange blossoms. They were greeted by a butler that lead them out to the back where everyone was already gathered.

So Young looked up at Seung Joon nervously but saw that he was calm as usual which gave him some confidence but it instantly disappeared when they reached the patio and he paled.

It wasn’t just his father, mother, brother, sister in law and his sister outback but there were two extra faces too. Mr Han, the minister of agriculture and Mr Jung, the Vice President of South Korea.

They turned to look at them and he could see the confusion on their faces. His brother got up and stared at Seung Joon with wide eyes and Mr Park’s face twisted.

Mrs Park stood up and yelled, “What the hell is this person doing in my house! Who let him in?”

Park So Jun looked at his mother then back at Seung Joon and his brother standing beside him. His eyes widened when he suddenly realized something and then he frowned when he saw the guards approach him.

They put their hands on Seung Joon and were stunned at his unfazed look. His gaze deepened as he scanned his eyes over them, “All of you better step away from me if you know what’s good for you,” he threatened them.

They froze and didn’t move. “What are you waiting for? Get him out of my sight!” Mrs Park ordered.

Seung Joon looked over at Mr Jung and bowed his head slightly greeting him. Mr Jung nodded his head and looked n amused because he witnessed Seung Joon’s combat ability a few years ago.

So Jun cleared his throat, “Now, mother, Seung Joon is a guest in our home, why are you doing this when you obviously can see that he is accompanying So Young. Guards leave us,” he said with a wave.

The guards ease and bowed at So Jung, his authority was greater than Mrs Park so they had to listen to him.

After they left, Seung Joon looked at the pale So Young beside him and pulled him into a side hug. Rubbing his arm he whispered reassuring words to him and they walked to the table.

Mr Jung stood up, holding his hand out he smiles, “Mr Kang, we meet again. I didn’t expect to be meeting you so soon after the last incident, I have to thank you again for saving my son’s life back then, if it wasn’t for you he probably wouldn’t be alive today, thank you.” He said with a bow.

My Park looked at this interaction and remembered the tale Mr Jung told him about the man who saved his son and was slightly surprised that it was the boy that wooed his son.

After bitterly greeting everyone they all sat in awkward silence, suffocating silence for So Young.

So Jun spoke mostly to Seung Joon and Mr Jung asking about Seung Joon’s occupation and the works. Humouring them he answered his questions because they were friends once upon a time.

Seung Joon observed Mr and Mrs Park the entire time but didn’t comment on it. They weren’t a big part of his life so just being polite should surface.

So Young dragged Seung Joon up to his room and sighed when he dropped onto his bed face down. Seung Joon raised a brow looking at his partners defeated body.

His eyes trailed down So Young’s back and stopped at his butt that showed perfectly through the tracksuit pants.

Feeling himself strain against his jeans, he rubbed the bulge slightly and shrugged off his jacket. Lowering himself down calculatingly over So Young he moved his acing bulge placing it between So Young’s cheeks hitting his entrance through the fabric making him moan.

Kissing down So Young’s neck he said, “Why are you teasing me in your family’s home?”

So Young muffled his moan complaining, “I’m not! You’re being a pervert again Seung Joon.”

Laughing while licking up So Young’s neck, he bit down while thrusting roughly making So Young’s eyes widen, “Well at least you know that I am one.”

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