My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Seventeen

As we’re relaxing at home, I hear the doorbell ring, “I’m coming,” I yell.

“Who is it?” Seung Joon asks while Ji Hyun starts mumbling nonsense about it being a ghost.

I tiptoe to the front door and open it. My eyes widen in shock when I see Haeil stand there with Kyung Wan. I squeal and start jumping with excitement while trying to open the gate.

“SO YOUNG!!” Yells Seung Joon and I quickly calm down.

Pushing the gate open I jump into Haeil’s arms and hear Kyung Wan laughing.

“What are the two of you doing here?” I ask and they scoff.

“Why wouldn’t we visit you at your new home?” Kyung Wan asks and I jump into his arms, giving him a kiss on the lips.

I get down and pull them into the house, quickly closing the gate and door. Taking them by their hands, pull them into the lounge where the children are sitting.

“Seung Joon, get your ass down here,” I say and watch the children greet my two friends.

My handsome man comes walking down the stairs to the second floor, wearing blue jeans and his dog tag from his military days around his neck.

He walks towards us with a raised brow then smiles at us. I step to his side and hug his left arm, looking at the two I say, “Babe, this is my best friend Jwa Hae Il and his partner Chwe Kyung Wan. Haeil, Kyu Wan, this is my partner, Kang Seung Joon, the one I’ve been telling you two about.”

Seung Joon nods and them and holds out his right hand. Kyung Wan grabs it with his right hand and they shake hands in a firm grip. Looking down at Haeil who is grinning at him, Seung Joon smiles and shakes his hand too but Haeil pulls him in for a hug.

After they let go, Seung Joon says, “Make yourself at home, it’s almost dinner time and So Young didn’t start cooking yet, so he can cater to you two.”

“We’d love to stay for dinner, besides, we haven’t seen So Young since you two got together so we need to gossip,” Haeil says making Seung Joon laugh.

I pull Haeil to the kitchen and quickly hand Seung Joon and Kyung Wan a beer who head out back to the patio.


[Seung Joon’s POV]

We each grab a chair and sit down by the table. This Kyung Wan guy looks younger than his lover but whatever, love is love and it comes in all forms.

He looks over at me and I can see that he has something to say but I don’t comment about it. We sit in silence for a while when he suddenly breaks it, “Well I might come out and say this so…” he trails and I look at him with a raised brow.

“So Young has always loved you and I know because of your past, things must have been difficult for you but please don’t blame him. He only sees you and no one else so I hope that you can forgive his past self. He’s reflected over it and regrets his words.”

“He is quite pitiful for loving only you but then again, I only have eyes for that idiot Haeil. I don’t know if you understand what I am saying…”

“I do,” I cut him off. Adding, “You don’t have to tell me though. The decisions I made, I don’t regret them because I had a family to protect which I still am protecting. With So Young back in the picture, he’s just another person I need to protect.”

[So Young’s POV]

I show Haeil my ring and he squeals.

“Fuck, So Young, he really is serious about you and look how many months the two of you are together now, even his kids love you, maybe in a few years you two will have your own children.” He says and I blush.

Pulling him closer I say, “Not to mention all that but the sex is even better than I remember… And we were talking about adding children to the family but not now though, maybe after a year or two. He is waiting for his resignation and he sent one into the Blue House to appeal for them to leave him alone.”

Haeil looks at me with a raised brow and I shake my head, this isn’t something I can explain to him because I myself don’t really know what’s going on and what he knows that makes the government wary of him.

We have a delicious dinner that both Haeil and I prepare and the seven of us enjoy each other’s company while it lasted.

I’m glad that I was finally able to introduce my Seung Joon to the two of them and I couldn’t have it any other way – now, we just need our own babies then we can live happily together.

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