My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Eighteen

[Seung Joon’s POV]

The phone beeps in my ear as I squeeze the life out of it. Hearing crips crackling, I pull it away from My ear and place it in my pocket. My sister who works with me looks at me from across the desk with her arms folded across her chest and her eyes wide with a slight rise of her left brow.

I swallow my anger and slowly stand up while closing the folders we were working on. Placing them neatly in the box they belong, I close it with a lid and turn to walk out of my office.

I hear my sister’s footsteps following behind me in her red bottom black heels. Ignoring the frightened gazes from my co-workers who stand up and call my name.

Stopping in front of my bosses office, I turn the knob without knocking and enter. He stops and looks at me, pausing from the happy conversation he had with his two whatever’s… I place the box with the evidence and file on his desk.

Looking down at him, I pull my gun out of the holster and take my badge out of my left pocket. Placing them on top of the box, I say in a monotone voice, “I fucking told you to let me go but you wouldn’t listen. I’m leaving today and don’t think for a second that I will come back. I will end you and everyone who comes after me, do you hear me?” I ask him and he looks at me with wide eyes.

He gets up to say something to me as he points at me but I turn my back on him and stalk out his office with my sister at my heels. My name and hers get called repeatedly by my boss but we ignore it. He calls for everyone to stop us but they don’t. They can see the anger on my face and I’m sure they know not to mess with me when I’m pissed the fuck off.

I get into my car and she gets into the passenger seat. After I drive off she asks slowly, “Who was that?”

Swallowing my saliva, my eyes burn as I blink back the tears. I’m worried. All sorts of terrible thoughts are running through my mind, and please Lord, let my worry be for nought.

I close my eyes while driving on the highway with barely any cars in front of me.

Lord, I’ve asked you every day since she told me you existed. I’ve prayed to you to protect my family, my children, parents and siblings. I’ve asked you to protect So Young too, so please can you be with him, until I get to him. Please let no harm come to him, please be with him and calm his heart, I know he trusts me but I also know that he is panicking and probably crying, so please can you just…

“Seung Joon!” she yells from beside me.

I open my eyes and see that we are approaching a truck, so I slow down, pressing the brake in. Sniffing back my tears, I swallow, “Min Hee, phone Jinha for me please,” I ask her while she wipes the tears running down my left cheek.

She mutters an okay while dialling his number and I hear her breathing pick up. She puts the phone on speaker and I hear it ring.
After two rings he picks up, “Hello?” he says into the phone.

“Jinha, phone Won Ho and tell him I say that he must find So Young for me,” I say while keeping back my tears.

He goes silent but we can hear him breathe. After a moment he asks, “Hyung, what happened?”

I look to the side at the blinking phone in her hands and I shake my head, “Jinha, I don’t know,” I say and my face floods with tears.

My hands grip the steering wheel as I feel myself ready to puke. From the corner of my eyes, I see Min Hee raise her hand to wipe her tears.

The phone in her hands switches off for a few seconds and he phones back, “Hyung, I told him, he’ll phone me the minute when he finds out. I’m on my way to your place,” he says and I nod.

She switches the phone off and places it back in her handbag. The car is silent and the only thing we hear is the wind hitting my car.
Arriving at his home, he saw three SUV’s and a grey-silver Audi A5. The two got out of the car and walked into the house with the Jinha, Won Ho, Mingyu and Soon Young following behind them. They all sat in the lounge while Seung Joon went upstairs to his room.

Downstairs it was eerily quiet. Jinha looked at his noona, “Noona, do you know what happened?” he asked hopefully. He was just as worried about So Young and having his back rubbed this time by Won Ho was of no help.

Min Hee sat back with her arms crossed against her chest shaking her head, wiping the stray tear that fell as she remembered the terrified look in Seung Joon’s eyes. Looking at her younger brother being comforted by the mob boss, she sighed, “Jinny, you know your brother is one of the strongest men in the world, for him to have So Young taken from him… I really don’t know. He received a phone call and it seems the person we are hunting down has gotten So Young.”

Won Ho’s brows shot up then relaxed, he sneered inwardly expecting the worst to happen. Jinha sucked in his breath because he knew about the serial killer case that his brother and sister were working on for the past year. He looked over the case with them several times but didn’t get too involved because this person is dangerous and Won Ho warned him against it.

His eyes turned glossy thinking about what So Young and Seung Joon might be going through. He turned his head to look at Won Ho, whose brows turn into a glare. His eyes soften as he cups Jinha’s face, placing a kiss on his lips he says, “Don’t cry love, I’ll make sure we find him, mn? Trust me.”

Nodding his head, he eased into the hug he was receiving and enjoyed the comfort of having his lifeline rubbed.

Walking down the stairs and looking at Won Ho’s hands all over his brother he growled, “Get your filthy hands off Jinha!”

Their heads shot to the staircase watching as Seung Joon made his way over to the kitchen dressed in dark blue jeans and a plain black top with black combat boots on.

They looked down at the shiny object in his left hand and tensed up. Mingyu and Soon Young shot their gaze over to their brother but he waved his hand making them sigh and relax into the couch.

Grabbing a glass from the sink, he poured in water and chugged it down. Going for a second glass, a third and a fourth.
Stalking back to the lounge he sat down next to his sister. Closing his eyes as he leans into the couch, letting Min Hee rub his head.

After a while, he asked, “Still nothing?”

Won Ho hummed against Jinha’s neck, “I would have told you.”

Opening his eyes, Seung Joon looked at his flushed brother who was enjoying the feeling of having Won Ho’s nose rubbed against his neck.

He was currently not in the mood to separate them so he closed his eyes and looked away.

[Nine Hours Ago]

Grabbing fists full of So Young’s ass, the two were in a heated make out session with their tongues swirling in each other’s mouths.

Moaning into the kiss, So Young kicked Seung Joon’s leg. Pulling back with a grunt Seung Joon looked down at So Young with knitted brows, “What the fuck So Young?”

Pushing him away, So Young frowned, “We’re going to be late for work, we don’t have time for this!”

Looking at him with a frown, Seung Joon let go and sighed. Nodding his head, he put on his shoes and dragged So Young out of the room.

Dropping him off, he placed a heated kiss on So Young’s lips and said goodbye. Watching him walk into the building, he hooted at the security guard who waved back – driving off, he headed to the station.

Walking into his office, he sat down behind the desk and pulled out the blueprint design of a necklace he was working on. Looking it over, he added a few changes then rolled it up and placed it in a roll and closed it off with the cap.

Looking at the clock on the wall, he sighed. Five minutes to eight his assistant knocked on the door, “Come in,” he called and she popped in.

“Mr Park, your eight o clock is here,” she says and he nods with a smile.

Standing up, he smiled at the handsome devil that walked into his office. The two bowed to each other.

“Mr Shim, welcome, please have a seat,” So Young greeted and the man smiled back and the two of them took their seats.

“So Mr Shim, you’re here to design the wedding rings?” he says and Mr Shim nods his head. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a folded paper and handed it over to So Young, “Mr Park, I was thinking of something like this in fact,” he says and So Young takes the folded paper with a smile.

Unfolding the paper, So Young’s eyes widened and he gulped, reading the words to himself, “If you don’t want me to kill you, you better cooperate.”

So Young’s body started trembling. Mr Shim looked at him with a smirk, “That boyfriend of yours is working on my last nerve, he’s getting too deep so its time I stop him. Accompany me will you?” he says and stands up. Walking around the desk he picked So Young up by his arm and squeezed it.

Sneering, he dragged him out of the office while telling him to not act suspicious.

His assistant saw them walking out of his office and her eyes widened but she didn’t say anything at the off smile he was giving her, “In Ha,

I’m going for breakfast with Mr Shim,” he says and she nods.

“Don’t forget your eleven o clock, sir,” she says and he nods while Mr Shim behind him scoffs.

Mr Shim leads So Young to his car and gaged him, then tied his hands behind his back. Getting into the front of the rental car and drove off.

Arriving at their destination, he pulled So Young out of the car and dragged him into the abandoned apartment he took over in Gangnam.

(Originally there was going to be a rape scene and Mr Shim beating So Young with a steel whip but I decided against it. I’ll leave that for a diff novel)

Mr Shim looked at So Young after tying him to a chair and smiled at him. Leaving So Young in this room, he locked the door behind him and went for a nap.

Waking up, he yawned and had lunch. After lunch, he went back to the locked room.

Opening the door, he saw So Young’s cheeks stained with tears.

Tapping him on his shoulder waking him up. Being touched suddenly woke him up.

So Young looked up at the man in terror.

“Come, its time to phone that boyfriend of yours!” he said and pulled out a burner phone. Looking at So Young, he pulled the gag out of his mmouth and said, “So, if you please.”

So Young, called out the numbers while he typed them in. The phone rang… after three rings Seung Joon answered cautiously, “Hello?”

Mr Shim smiled at So Young while placing his finger to his lips, “Am I speaking to Mr Kang Seung Joon?” he asks.


“Oh, it’s a pleasure to finally speak to you, I’ve been looking forward to having a conversation with you Mr Kang of the specialist unit within the Eagles.”

“Who the fuck is this?”

“Oh, and here I thought you were interested in me, oh well, since you don’t know me, how about we meet and you come fetch what I have of yours?”

“What you have of mine?”

Smiling Mr Shim kept silent. Lowering the phone to So Young’s ear. Nodding his head at So Young.

“S-Seung J-J-Joon,” he said with a stutter.


“I don’t know who he is but but but,” he didn’t finish as the tears choked him.

Laughing Mr Shim pulled the phone away, “Well as you can hear, I have your boyfriend… he’s been such a lovely hostage and I can’t bear to hurt him, not that I really want to, all I want is you,” he says and ends the call.

Looking at So Young he said, “Don’t worry, I don’t want your partner sexually.”


Answering his phone, “Yes?”

“Boss, we found them.”

“Good, where?”

“Gangnam fifth street, we have them, should we bring them to you?”

“Na, I don’t think that will do us any good, stay there, we’re on our way.”

“Yes, boss.”
Looking at Seung Joon, Won Ho smiled, “We have your baby, shall we go?”

Seung Joon looked listlessly at the man fondling his brother, “Is there a need to ask?”

They all get up and walk out of his house, locking the door behind them.

In the SUV, Won Ho had his arm around Jinha, hugging him to his side. Kissing up Jinha’s neck leaving open mouth trails he said, “You know Seung Joon, after this, you owe me.”

Narrowing his eyes in Won Ho’s direction, “You should be grateful that I’m letting you fuck my son – you’re doing your duties as my son-in-law.”

Smiling against Jinha’s neck, he kissed it and looked at Seung Joon. Smiling at Seung Joon he says, “I didn’t think that you’d accept me even after your father gave us permission to date.”

“Just because that piece of shit accepted you doesn’t mean I will. He may not be from my sac but I am the one who raised him. You need my approval and no one else’s, understand? I’m only tolerating your ass, for now, the minute you treat Jinha like shit, I’m coming after your ass.”

Won Ho’s eyes hardened, with a growl he said, “You know I’d never do anything to hurt him!”

Smirking, Seung Joon and Min Hee looked at each other and smiled, looking back at Jinha and Won Ho, Min Hee answered in Seung Joon’s place, “Then, you better fucking behave yourself!”

Won Ho looked at the brother and sister pair before him and sighed, these two really knew how to fuck with him and if it wasn’t for Jinha’s sake, he’d have killed them years ago!
Opening the door to the building, they walked up three flights of stairs and stopped at a door. Knocking on the door, it opened and they were met with ten men surrounding a chair with a bloody body tied up, breathing heavily.

Seung Joon pushed past Won Ho and entered the room. Glaring at the man in the chair. He scanned the room quickly.

His eyes landed on So Young that was covered in a blue blanket. His eyes widened, seeing So Young pale and looking at him terrified.

So Young rushed to Seung Joon, running into his arms, So Young started crying. Both Jinha and Min Hee came to their side and once they hugged on to his body, Seung Joon slipped through.

Stalking towards the man seated in the chair, he ripped off the bag that covered his head. Gripping a fist full of his hair, Seung Joon pulled his head back making him look into his eyes.

“Why?” Seung Joon asked in a calm voice.

The man looked into his eyes, “W-why n-not?”

“Did you really think you’d get away with this?” he asks with a slight smile.

Looking at So Young in the corner the man smiled, “A-all I wanted was to finally meet the man who was looking for me. I – I – I was surprised to find out that you already have someone even though you were chasing after me,” he says.

Looking into the man’s eyes, Seung Joon smiled. Leaning down, he whispered something in his ear. The smile on the man’s face fell.

Reaching into the back of his jeans Seung Joon pulled out his gun. Stepping back, he raised the gun to the man’s forehead. Coking the gun, he looked into the man’s eyes.

“Sweet dreams,” he said and pulled the trigger. The sound of the gun went off making everyone’s eyes widen who wasn’t looking.

Lee Won Ho who watched from the side smiled. His hand tapped his crotch while his gaze swept to his lover. Looking back at Seung Joon who pried So Young from Min Hee and Jinha’s arms, he walked away passing Won Ho who held out his hand, placing it on his shoulder.

Holding him firmly he said, “Hyeongnim, you shouldn’t have done that.”

Looking at him, Seung Joon smiled. This smile sent shivers down Won Ho’s spine that fears no man nor God, “Make sure you clean it up.”

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