My Love For You, Never Died

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Final Chapter

Driving to the orphanage, my nerves are spiking. Seung Joon reachers over and grabs my hand. Raising it to his lips, he kisses it and smiles, “There’s no need to be this nervous. You’ve wanted this for a long time and now the opportunity has finally arrived.”

I nod my head slowly, “I know, but its suddenly just sprung on me that I’m going to be a father to two and that’s too much.”

Hearing him chuckle, I frown, “What?”

“You’ve been a father this whole time to my children and they love you, in a matter of fact, you are more like their mother so it’s probably better but what I mean is that you will make a great father even if you don’t try.”

Sniffing back my tears, I don’t comment. I guess you could say that after so many years, there might be hope for me.

It took some time to get the adoption agency to agree to me adopting the two babies and it was a headache. I almost thought that I wouldn’t get them and when I was losing hope, I received a phone call that it was approved and now, Seung Joon and I are on our way to pick up our kids.

Stopping in front of the building, we get out of the car and Seung Joon grabs my hand. We step through the doors and instantly our ears are bombarded with noise, well, it’s the noise of laughter – a beautiful sound.

Knocking on the door of the office, we get greeted by an elderly woman, “Welcome, welcome, are the two of you here for Oh Jang and Dae Ryeon?”

“Ah, yes,” I nod and she smiles.

“I’ll get the forms for you to sign then get your children for you,” she says and hands me a form.

Seung Joon helps me fill in the forms and I stand there nervously. We smile at each other and I know he can sense my agitation and eagerness.

Twenty minutes go by. Seung Joon has his hand rubbing up and down my back trying to calm me down. It’s working but it’s not enough, this time round.

A knock on the door catches our attention, turning to look in that direction, I see little Oh Jang standing there, with a snotty nose, messy head of hair, barefoot.

We’ve been paying a visit to the orphanage for the past five months nonstop because I fell in love with Oh Jang and then baby Dae Ryeon come in and I’ve been nursing him, it was my mistake because I am now way too attached.

Kneeling down, she smiles at me and walks into my arms. She’s five years old but doesn’t really speak. She comes from an abusive home and she was taken into custody when her father was arrested and her mother hospitalized, then later passed on.

“Eomma,” she calls with a smile. I look into her eyes and rub my thumb over her dirty cheek. “Oh Jang, are you ready to come home with eomma and abeoji?” I ask her and she places her head into the crook of my neck.

I look up at Seung Joon who already has our big, chubby baby in his arms. Smiling at the little boy who is still asleep, we take the little things of the children and say our goodbyes. The other children, hug Oh Jang and wish her well but she just hides behind me.

Picking her up we head to the car and I buckle her into her car seat while Seung Joon buckles the sleeping Dae Ryeon in his.

Sitting in the passenger seat, I look at my partner who is tapping his fingers on the steering wheel while driving. Turning in my seat, I look at Oh Jang who is playing with a doll and Dae Ryeon whose eyes are already open.

I feel like crying but I won’t, I have no reason to cry in sadness but in happiness.

My love for Seung Joon never died and because I never gave up, we’re here together with to children and our three at home waiting for us to return.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with them.

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