My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Two

Much to my disappointment, it isn’t him. I stared at this guy in confusion.

The air around him is similar to his. Those eyes are as beautiful as his, his nose is exactly the same apart from the nose ring this guy has.

Taking a closer look at him he looks almost exactly as him... err maybe I am imagining it all, “Sorry, I mistook you for someone,” I trailed.

“Oh no, it’s okay, I get mistaken many times for one of my brothers.”

Oh man, fuck! Even his voice is the same, deep, sexy voice that used to sound out beside my ear whenever I wanted it too. Looking up at him again I noticed that he was staring at me with panicked eyes, I wonder what’s wrong.

“Is something wrong?” I asked for some reason.

“Nothing, why would there be something wrong?” the cheeky bastard asked back.

So Young, “I can see it in your eyes, so you can’t lie to me!”

I watched as he frowned quickly turning to look at me again he asked, “What’s your name?”
Oh wow, someone who doesn’t know who I am. “I’m Moon So Young, an executive of Haeguk jewellers.”

In an unsure voice, he asked, “Are you not the one who dated my brother back in high school about twenty years ago?”


Why would he ask this? I was about to panic when suddenly the smile of a small child popped into my head.

Looking at him again from top to bottom, it cant be... Has so many years really passed?

“K-kang Jinha?”

Barring his teeth at me, his sexy dimple dented his left cheek, “Mn” he nodded. Grabbing my hand he pulled me off at a fast speed almost making me trip over the carpet.
He dragged me off to the parking lot underground. Opening his cars back door he shoved me inside it and got into the driver’s seat driving off.

Seated in the back I couldn’t help but be startled, is this bastard kidnapping me?

So Young, “Oi... where are you taking me?”

Kang Jinha, “Back to my apartment.”

So Young, “Why?”

Kang Jinha, “So we can catch up.”

So Young, “What about the party?”

Kang Jinha, “Fuck that, do you know how long I have been looking for you hyung?”

So Young, “Why?”

Kang Jinha, “Because I feel bad.”

So Young, “About what?”

Kang Jinha, “...”

So Young, “Jinha, that wasn’t your fault.”

Kang Jinha, “...”

We arrived at his apartment. Walking in he took me by surprise, throwing me down onto the couch. Forcing me down onto my back he hovered above me.

So Young, “W-what a-are you doing, help me up!”

He held down my face and kissed me. I tried fighting him off but who am I kidding, this kid is stronger than what I remember but why is he doing this?

Biting on my lips and sucking, he made them moist. Sliding his moist tongue between my lips, he explored every inch of my mouth like it was his own. I gripped onto his shoulders still trying to fight him off slowly losing myself too. Tired of fighting my legs opened and body relaxed.

With him on top and me underneath things started heating up soon. This bastard is actually making me lose my mind right now.

I kissed him back sucking on his tongue and lips. I took off his tie and blazer while we kept on making out, both us moaning into our kisses.
I started tapping him on his back because I was out of air. Lifting up he parted first still looking down at me. His mouth open with saliva all over and joining the tips of our tongues together.

He looked at me with a murky gaze and his cheeks flushed pink.

Wiping away the saliva with his shirt his eyes turned back to how they looked before - bright and beautiful; looking down at me he grinned then leaned down and kissed me against my neck while wrapping his strong arms underneath me.

Kang Jinha, “Hyung, I missed you.”

Now that this child has gotten me hard and in the mood to get fucked but doesn’t seem as though he wants to have sex what should I do?

Kang Jinha, “Hyung?”

So Young, “Mn?”

Kang Jinha, “Do you still love my brother?”

So Young, “I do but...”

Kang Jinha, “I can get the two of you back together if you want.”


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