My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Three

After Kang Jinha and I rolled around on the couch some more he told me that his brother is recently divorced and by recently I mean its been three years now.

I didn’t even know he got married well my brother did mention something like that before but I thought it was a lie to motivate me into working.

I really never expected this and before I didn’t want to find him because I was afraid...

Jinha went on to telling me about what happened after I left them well it was mostly me not being able to find the Kang siblings because they suddenly moved, that and the fact that I was told to fuck off... well not fuck off more on the side of me believing that Seung Joon was mine and only mine. I forgot that he had responsibilities as the eldest son; if maybe I was more considerate would we have still been together?

Maybe not but at the very least we wouldn’t have ended the way we did.

Its more depressing hearing all of this coming from my Jinny~

Swinging on a swing in the neighbourhood park alone, a little boy dressed in a tattered white shirt and a cream shorts. Swinging his legs the little boy was giggling alone calling out to the lazy fat grey and white cat on the swing beside him.

Walking up to him from behind the boy stopped smiling, still swinging he leaned back tilting his head to look at the person behind him. The one standing behind him was dressed in school clothes and smiled at him.

Grabbing onto the chains of the swing he stopped it leaning down, hovering his face over the child. Grinning the little boy said, “So Young hyung, you’re late!”

Looking at him apologetically So Young bent down and kissed the boy on his lips gently then saying, “Mn, hyungs’ sorry. The stupid lady at school kept me back... did you miss me?”


Biting the boy’s cheek and lifting him up, Soyoung hugged him saying, “That’s why I love Jinha most!”

Tickling Jinha till his body went limp from exhaustion, Soyoung carried him home. Arriving there, Jinha’s sister jumped down from the neighbour’s roof startling both So Young and Jinha; holding onto Jinha tightly So young said slightly out of breath, “Kang Jin Hee you bitch!

Are you trying to kill the two of us?”

“Nope, just you!” she answered nonchalantly while gently taking Jinha from his arms. Rubbing her nose against Jinha’s she carried him into the small broken down shack they called home.

Before, I was disgusted to be in such a place because I come from a nice home well a miniature palace designed by one of the best architects of South Korea, Joeng Shen Joon. Born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I Moon So Young am actually embarrassed that the guy I love, stays in a garbage dump and actually calls it home - I don’t show it on my face and I am so glad he can’t read my mind.

What I don’t understand is where the fuck his parents are because they are so many, six children to be exact and children don’t pop up out of nowhere!! So where the hell is Mr and Mrs Kang?

I’ve asked Seung Joon about his parents but he keeps changing the topic and I don’t really care as long as I have him by my side. My brother also says that he tried looking into finding the so-called Mr and Mrs Kang but there are many Kang’s and none that seem to be related to the Kang siblings.

I sat down on the mat as I watched Kang Jin Hee make tea. She placed one cup on the table in front of us with one teaspoon of sugar and a slice of butter bread. Jinha sat in between her thighs pulling apart the bread into strips getting his hands full of butter - disgusting but adorable and he looks like he is enjoying himself... One day, hopefully, I can have a child as adorable as him.

My gaze shifted to Kang Jin Hee, man you know why, I’m almost certain that she hates me, the look in her eyes says it all and she has this hostility towards me whenever I am around them.

I stop by here every day to visit Jinha and but mostly to see Seung Joon. Before when we started dating I asked him to keep us a secret from my family and my brother. The two of them are something like best friends and I fell in love at first sight when Seung Joon came over to visit us that one time.

I was prepared to keep my feelings hidden from him but then because I was doing so badly in school and Seung Joon was and still is at the top of his grade with his twin brother coming in second place and my brother placed third - my father asked him to be my personal tutor. I thought he wouldn’t agree but he did and I am glad he did.

In the beginning, I was very shy to the point where I was stuttering but it went away after I got to know him a little. During one of my private lessons with him at our place, we were left alone and I stared at him too long that must have made him feel uncomfortable because he got up and left.

He returned three days later and instead of helping me with my homework he molested me and I enjoyed it. After that day, the two of us started dating behind closed doors and that’s when he decided to show me where they stay so that someday we could be alone and wouldn’t have to worry about a servant coming in and catching us doing who knew what.

Seung Joon and I were really close and I wanted him all too myself leading me to ask him to sleep with me. Although he refused to, in the beginning, we ended up going all the way - sleeping together every chance we got.

Seung Joon and my brother arrived after the kettle boiled and Jin Hee made the tea for Jinha only. Hyung and I used to this, Seung Joon said that they only had enough to feed Jinha and not even enough to feed the rest of them which is kinda sad - I offered to help buy food and other stuff but he just smiled it off as if being poor is normal.

Jin Hee’s attitude just gets worse once her siblings step into this dump of a home and who wouldn’t having four teenagers in this small place irritates me too, though I must say, I never heard them argue before.

Leaving, I kissed Jinha goodbye while stealing glimpses of Seung Joons handsome face with my puppy eyes.

My brother stepped out with Jin Hee and Jinha distracting him for a bit so that Seung Joon and I can share a kiss before parting... err, I hate this part of every day; not being able to kiss my man enough is worse than not getting kissed at all.

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