My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Five

After walking So Young home that day, everything was normal except for the part where they knew Jin Ha saw what they were doing.

Kang Seung Joon said goodbye to So Young but stood outside his house alone thinking about what he was going to do about the incident that happened at their home, not about Jinha witnessing him and So Young having sex, but the incident before they arrived there.

The man trespassing into their home and Jinha wetting himself; the thought of this infuriated him, the more he thought about it, the more he grew angry at Jinha for being so weak.

He walked home with a dark expression and a heavy heart, the following day he took So Young out for lunch and then they went to a park near So Young’s home after that.

“Listen So Young we need to talk.”

So Young looked at Seung Joon and grinned, “You’re not going to ask me to marry you, are you?”

Seung Joon looked over at him and smiled, “It’s not that and even if I was going to propose, it’s not legal in our country.”

So Young moved closer to Seung Joon and wrapped his arms around Seung Joons waist and hugged him, “Then what is it?”

“Let go of me first.”

So Young loosened his grip and moved to the side and looked at Seung Joon, raising his left eyebrow, “What is it? Did you cheat on me?”

“Huh? How come that’s the first thing you think of, do you really think so little of me?”

So Young grinned and sat between Seung Joon’s legs with his back against his chest on the grass and looked up then placed his hands on Seung Joons cheeks and said, “Well it’s not you that I don’t trust, a lot of women have their eyes on you so of cause that will be the first thing I will think of.”

Seung Joon chuckled and placed his hands on So Youngs that were pulling his cheeks and moved So Young’s hands to his mouth and kissed them then looked down at him sighing.

So Young quickly got up and turned around to face Seung Joon with widened eyes, “Joon, what’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry So Young.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“You and I can no longer be together.”

“What are you saying? How can you suddenly say so? What makes you say that we can’t be together?”

“After today I won’t bother you again.”

So Youngs eyes widened and his chest started rising up and down, he gritted his teeth and spoke while holding his breath, “Bother me? Bother me? Kang Seung Joon are you fuckin serious?”

“I’m dead serious,” answered Seung Joon as he looked at So Young.

So Young couldn’t believe what he was hearing and got up from sitting between Seung Joons legs, walked a few steps away from him then turned back around.

“When did it start?”

“When what started?”

“Since you stopped loving me?”

“I still love you.”

“Then why do you want to break up? Didn’t you say you were going to spoil me when you became financially stable? Didn’t you say that we were always going to be together?”

“I did.”

“Now then WHY???”

So Young’s sudden outburst gave Seung Joon a slight headache but he didn’t say anything, he took a deep breath in and exhaled, he stopped looking at So Young and looked at the grass between his legs.

As So Young continued to yell at him and swear him he zoned out and started thinking about when they first met, it’s true, So Young was his best friends younger brother, they’ve been in a relationship for 4 years and his best friend and So Youngs parents didn’t know about their relationship.

It’s not that Seung Joon didn’t want to tell anyone about their relationship, it’s just that So Young comes from a rich family that hated gays, typical right? But true, so Seung Joon agreed to So Young’s request to keep their relationship under a stone and not say anything about it.

They were questioned here and there but his parents didn’t complain when So Young said that Seung Joon was helping him with his studies, that wasn’t a lie, So Young came home with the best marks and his parents were happy.

Seung Joon hated keeping quiet but what could he do, he loved So Young and didn’t want to ruin the relationship that So Young had with his parents so he dropped the topic and they moved on.

But you must understand Seung Joon did not only like and love So Young, but he also disliked him almost hating him, their relationship was something that shouldn’t exist but did and Seung Joon was tired of not having things his way.

Thinking about all this Seung Joon looked up at So Young and smiled, he really did love this person but he already made up his mind and he wasn’t going to change it.

He stood up and said, “Enough!! Stop acting as if you give a shit about me, we’re breaking up!”

So Young smacked Seung Joon across the face and grabbed him by his shirt and said, “What? Do you really think you can just leave me after taking my body and having your way with me! I’ll tell my brother and parents that you forced me to sleep with you and threatened me to stay quiet. I’ll ruin you and your poor family, till you come back crawling to me so you better rethink those words of yours and take them back!”

Seung Joon couldn’t believe the words coming out of So Young’s mouth, [Wasn’t it him that asked me out? How can he say stuff like this? I thought he loved me] - Kang Seung Joon was disappointed.

“I thought you loved me so how can you threaten me like this? Do I mean nothing to you?”

So Young paused before he answered Seung Joon and his body started trembling, he just realised what he had said and he regretted it, “Joon, I didn’t mean it.”

“You didn’t mean it?”

So Young nodded his head and tears started to form in his eyes, “I really didn’t mean it, you know I love you, you know that I would never do something like that, I was really angry just now, please believe me.”

Seung Joon didn’t know what to say, things weren’t going the way he wanted it to and what his lover just said truly hurt him but what could he do?

He looked at So Young and took his right hand and dragged him home.

“Seung Joon, don’t take me home, I’m sorry.”

“Seung Joon, answer me please.”

“Joon, tell me what I should do to make it up to you.”

They arrived outside So Young’s home and he tried fighting Seung Joon’s grip but he couldn’t, So Young’s brother was standing outside his car when he heard his brother call Seung Joon’s name a couple of times and went to greet them.

When he opened the gate for them he was greeted with a face of Seung Joon’s that he never saw before and his younger brother who had tears falling from his eyes.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

He was ignored by the two and So Young carried on calling Seung Joon’s name.

Seung Joon’s heart was hurt by what So Young said before and along the way, he tried to keep his emotions in check but he couldn’t, the tears would fall every now and then but he would quickly rub them away, making his eyes turn a slight red.

When he saw So Young’s brother at the gate he didn’t know whether or not he should greet him. Standing there quiet he was hesitating, he wanted to leave, but at the same time, he didn’t.

So Young saw that he was being ignored by Seung Joon and turned to his brother, “Hyung, please talk some sense into Joon, he is angry at me and wants to leave me.”

“What did you do, and even if he wants to leave you can’t make him stay, this stubborn fool will leave anyway.”

“No Hyung, he wants to break up with me, make him change his mind!!”

“Huh,” he looked at the two of them and asked, “Are the two of you dating?”

“No!” answered Seung Joon and he grabbed on to So Youngs brothers hand and pulled So Young over and pushed the two of them together and said, “I’m leaving now, the two of you won’t see me again and don’t come looking for me.”

And this is how Kang Seung Joon and Moon So Young’s relationship ended… On a bad note.

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