My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Six

After Seung Joon left, my brother forced me into the car and drove off. I could swear that we were being chased by someone at the speed of which my brother was driving.

He finally stopped the car but we were in the middle of nowhere. He turned to look at me, “Get out!” he ordered me.

I got out of the car but didn’t want to in case he would just drive off and abandon me here. I was relieved when I saw him get out too but the look on his face made me scared for my life.

I walked around the car and put his hands on me, shoving me against the car, hurting me in the process. “So Young, you better tell me what the fuck is going on.”

I looked at him with tears in my eyes; after a moment passed I couldn’t keep it in any longer and balled my eyes out.

My crying became hysterical and the hiccups got me during that and made my crying worse. My heart was broken, I couldn’t believe that Seung Joon just left me. I loved him and I know for a fact that he loved me too and would never have done this if he didn’t have a good reason.

He told me in the beginning that we can’t be in a relationship if I wasn’t serious about him and if our relationship wasn’t worth the time and effort - in the beginning, I just wanted to be with him because of his looks but as time passed, I know that I fell for him hard, what am I going to do without him?

My brother looks like he is speaking to me but I can’t hear him, the only thing going through my mind is what did I do wrong in order for him to suddenly just leave me like this.

What I can’t believe as well is what I said to him. I never thought that my anger would control me into spouting such nonsense actually hurting him, - I don’t even deserve his love after saying all that.
I calmed down a little while later but I’m still in a mess. My brother gave up talking to me when he saw that I wasn’t listening. He handed me his handkerchief to wipe my tears and blow my nose earlier and it’s all soggy now - I will have to ask the maid to wash it later.

“Are you ready to speak?”

I didn’t bother looking at him, I am not in the mood for anything right now.

“Tell me about you and Seung Joon.”

So Young, “...”

“How long have the two of you been going out behind my back?”

So Young, “...”

“So Young?”

So Young, “...”

“Moon So Young!!”


An hour later...

So Young, “Seung Joon and I have been dating for the past four years.”

My brother’s eyes widen while his mouth gaped, I could see that he wanted to say something but I’m not going to listen, I’ll speak, he can wait.

So Young, “I don’t know why, but he broke up with me. Hyung, I said something that I shouldn’t have and I think he hates me now.”
After speaking to my brother, I began to feel a little better but he told me to keep quiet about being gay.

For a while after that, I tried my hardest not to think about Seung Joon but it did not help and at a party the one time, I sat there just thinking about my whole life and burst everyone’s bubble by coming out.

My parents didn’t take it well and my brother was furious at me.
After the day we broke up, my brother told me that he went back to their home but it was empty, they just packed up and left, leaving school and everything behind... we couldn’t find them all until today after meeting Kang Jinha.

I’m relieved that they are all alright but it wouldn’t have hurt to stay in contact. Not to mention the fact that Seung Joon got married, my brother did mention it but I never asked how he found out.

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