My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Eight

So Young, “Mr Kang didn’t say anything, he took the bottle of wine and went back upstairs... but he ended up asking about her finding out that it was his friends’ mistress...”

Haeil, “Then What?”

So Young, “Jinha said that Seung Joon heard from his father that Mr Kang used to go into her room some nights and watch her as she slept. Their mother didn’t know this till she woke up one night because he was running his fingers through her hair.”

Haeil, “Woooow, where was his wife and children?”

So Young, “He and his wife had issues because she couldn’t bear him a child.”

Haeil, “Well this is making things complicated.”

So Young, “I know right? And if I were to place myself in his shoes with Kang Jin Hee’s beauty, I’d fall for her too especially after knowing that she might be able to give me a child, but then again, I am glad I am not Mr Kang.”

Haeil, “No shit, then you’d be your ex’s father...”

I ended up bursting out into laughter at the thought of this, in a way it made sense although it was bullshit.

So Young, “So Mr Kang never laid his hands on her until she gave consent.”

“Huh???” He questioned while seating up and giving me a dumbfounded look, “How could she give him her consent?”

So Young, “I don’t know, so it ended up with her giving birth to Seung Joon and Seung Joong.”

Haeil, “And Mrs Kang?”

So Young, “When she found out, she couldn’t do anything because their mother was already pregnant but when they came out she tried killing her.”

Haeil, “I would too.”

So Young, “Don’t be rude?”

Haeil, “Why not? If some bitch was giving my man what I couldn’t I would also want to kill her just to spite him for cheating on me.”

Poking his head out by the door Kyung Wan spoke out, “I would never cheat on you just to have children, I don’t like those small humans!”

I could only shake my head the two of them really suit each other well. Ignoring Kyung I continued. “Their mother was beaten up whenever Mr Kang wasn’t around and eventually Mr Kang divorced her not given her a cent of his money... Their mother gave birth two more times, the triplets and Jinha and his twin sister.”

Haeil, “So he is also a twin? Why is that woman just giving birth to so many children at once?”

So Young, “Genetics I guess, but anyways, their sister was sent to Japan and she has her own story that he didn’t tell me but she returned pregnant at fifteen and was also in an arranged marriage that was supposed to happen when she turned eighteen.”

Haeil, “Ah.a I don’t want to listen anymore.”

So Young, “No man wait, I am almost done.”

Haeil, “...”

So Young, “Their mother became unstable again and ditched them all, she booked herself in by a mental hospital and just left her kids, because their father was always working, Seung Joon and his twin decided to leave and take their siblings with them then I met them. After that whole incident, they moved into a better neighbourhood and home then lived on their own until today.”

Haeil, “”

So Young, “Well Jinha told me that Seung Joon got married and had kids.”

Shocked. Haeil was truly shocked after I said it.

I have to admit that hearing myself say this makes me sad, this is something that I never expected would happen.

Haeil got up and sat beside me, pulling me in for a hug, “So Young my love, are you okay?”

I wanted to say I am okay but I am not, I know this because the tears started falling from my eyes, it feels like I have been betrayed by the one I love and I hate it.

So Young, “I feel hurt. I didn’t expect him to get married and I can’t imagine it.”

Haeil, “Its okay love, we’ll find you someone perfect for you.”

I pulled away from him, holding hands with him I said, “Seung Joon divorced his wife two years ago.”

I looked at Haeil for an answer or even a reaction but there was none so I continued, “Jinha said that there is a chance for the two of us to get back together and maybe continue from where we left off.”

I could see that he wasn’t happy about this after hearing me say it.

Haeil, “So Young, love, are you sure about this? I mean he did leave you for an unknown reason and he got married because he was most probably thinking about himself and his own happiness, for him to get divorced, I have no answer for that but I don’t want you getting involved with him if it’s going to hurt you in the end.”

After digesting Hae-il’s words, I wiped my tears away saying, “I know, I have always been living life hoping that Seung Joon and I could get back together and the opportunity is here. Even if we don’t get back together, I want to apologise for my past behaviour. I want to say sorry... I want to see him again Haeil.”

I didn’t hear an answer from him but he pulled me in and hugged me, I started crying again because my emotions got the better of me. I at least did not cry too long and calmed down.

Kyung Wan came outside with a bowl of fruit and tissues. Sitting down on Hae-il’s chair, he handed me the tissues and shoved the fruit in his mouth. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with you trying to work things out with your ex and if according to what I know of the whole story, that guy, well it seems that he gave up being gay to protect his family then moving on and divorcing his wife after sixteen years is a sign that he has been struggling to cope with living as a straight man when he is actually gay. Come to think of it, he managed to live that life long, I would have given up after a few months.”

I looked over at Kyung Wan because it seems as though he had been listening in on us this whole time, I haven’t even told the full story yet and he has already figured it all out.

Smirking, he looked at me and said, “Give it a try, communicating with him is the only way you will know if you have a shot and if there is no chance for the two of you then so be it. You can always be my second wife!”

“You’re lucky I love So Young too,” Haeil complained.

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