My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Nine

I contacted Jinha and asked him if we could meet up. He agreed but said that it would be best if we meet up on Wednesday at the Sheng Wei restaurant in Goyang, in the Gyeonggi Province.

a/n: The name of the restaurant is made up whereas the city and province are actual places in South Korea.

Jinha is a businessman and explained to me how his company works. His company was having a meeting in one of the private rooms while I am waiting here in one for Jinha.

I swear that I am going to pull and twist Jinha’s ears when he arrives. It’s been about twenty minutes and he still hasn’t arrived. I picked up my phone and dialled his number but it went straight to voicemail.

Cursing to myself I heard the door click behind me, turning around to scold whoever it is I stood up and almost fell over. The person at the door was looking at me confused. Why? I don’t know but its Seung Joon and not Jinha.

I was backed up against the table staring at him dumbfoundedly. I did not expect him to show up nor was I expecting anything.

I don’t know how long I was staring at him. He walked towards me and cupped my face in his hands. He rubbed his thumbs against my cheeks wiping away the tears that I don’t know when it fell down my face.
Indeed, it was Seung Joon who had arrived. The minute he opened the door, he recognised who was in the room. He paused in his steps to have a good look to make sure that he wasn’t hallucinating.

He quickly got out of his daze when So Young bumped into the table. He was surprised not being able to see this happen. He too was here to meet up with his brother.

When he looked properly at So Young, he saw that tears had started streaming down his cheeks. Seung Joon started panicking and quickly made his way over to wipe away his tears.

After making sure that all the tears were gone he called out, “So Young, what are you doing here?”

So Young looked up at Seung Joon in disbelief. Lifting his hand up he touched Seung Joon’s face.

His mouth opened about to say something but nothing came out. Tracing his fingers over his eyes, nose, lips, ears, eyebrows, not believing for a second that Seung Joon was actually in front of him.

A while passed...

So Young asked, “Seung Joon, is it really you, I’m not dreaming am I?”

Shaking his head, Seung Joon leaned in and pulled So Young in, embracing him in a tight hug. A few seconds later, So Young stood on his toes, pulling Seung Joon down making their lips press together.

Seung Joon’s eyes widened but then closed, moving down so that So Young doesn’t strain his neck. Pulling him with, he walked backwards, closing the door behind him and sliding down against it making him sit down while So Young kneeled with one leg on each side of him.

The tears began to fall again from So Young’s eyes. Being held by Seung Joon turned his body limp. He slumped down and cried while his head rested on Seung Joons chest.

He stroked So Young’s back trying to comfort him while he too ended up shedding tears but did not make it that obvious but So Young knew that the one holding him was crying too.
The two of them sat there holding each other for a while until they heard a knock on the door. Seung Joon cleared his throat answering, “Who is it?”

“Mr Kang, it’s me the waiter from before, I’ve come to take your order.”

Seung Joon, “Leave, I’ll call you when we are ready to order.”


Sniffing in the mucus that was about to drip out of his nose, Seung Joon asked, “How long do you plan on sitting on me, do you know how heavy you are?”

Without looking at Kang Seung Joon, So Young got up and wiped his face off. Seung Joon looked up at him and sighed. Standing up he searched his pockets pulling out a handkerchief, handing it over to him.

So Young took the handkerchief reluctantly and wiped the tears away while walking to the table and seating down on the chair facing the window.

Not knowing what to do or how to act, he ended up crying again but this time lowing his head onto the table, crying into his folded arms.

Feeling at a loss of what to do, Seung Joon sat down beside him, about to pat him on the back but stopped his hand in mid-air realizing that he wasn’t someone who comforted others.

Thirty minutes passed and he stopped crying. He raised his head, wiped his face again and turned to face Seung Joon. Frowning slightly he asked, “Why are you here?”

Gritting his teeth, he asked back, “Why the fuck are you here?”

So Young, “Why I am here has nothing to do with you.”

[You were now crying in my arms!!] He thought. Scoffing at his response, Seung Joon stood up and walked to the door.

So Young, “Where are you going?”

He looked back, “I’m fucking off!”

So Youngs eyes widened, looking at Seung Joon turn his back to him he started panicking. Pulling on the handle the door opened but shut closed because of the force that pushed him against the door.

So Young hugged him from behind, “Joon, please don’t go.”

Seung Joon felt as though his body was giving up on him. His head drooped and while holding his tears back he asked, “Why should I stay?”

Because he was determined to set things right, So Young’s courage was building up inside his body at a fast pace, giving him the confidence to answer. “I-I-I... Please just listen to what I have to say, you can leave afterwards when I am done.”

Clenching his fists, Seung Joon asked, “And what makes you think, I want to hear what you have to say?”

“Joon please, you stopped me from seeing you in the past, why are you doing it again. I have so much to say to you, why is it that you won’t even give me the chance to speak! I haven’t seen you in so many years are you not curious as to why I am here or why I cried at the first sight of seeing you?” He said as he backed away from holding onto Seung Joon. To him, in his memories, the one he held dearest in his heart was never this cruel - this... he couldn’t believe.

Turning around, he looked at So Young. The last her remembered of his ex-lover was that he wasn’t the type to initiate a conversation nor voice out his emotions. Feeling that something must have changed about So Young he decided to give him a chance and hear him out. But what he was not expecting was to see the disappointed look on So Young’s face when he turned around.

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