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Adrien Maxwell finished his sentence in jail for the murder of his own father. Returning to high school, he has to try and live through the rumors, frightened looks, and harsh words. Everyone is scared except one person; Janick. Janick moved to live with his father after a fight with his mum about his sexuality. His father is a police officer and he warned Janick to stay away. Although, he might feel a bit curious about this 'Adrien Maxwell'.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

There’s many rules that Janick lives by. He is the type of person who takes chances, that lives life to the highest and tries not to let others run his life. He takes control over who he is and what he does, and the main rule Janick lives by is not to judge others.

He always says you shouldn’t criticize what you can’t understand. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, because you might miss out on a nice story. Inside the book, there’s a lot to discover, and you may have missed a world of chances, just because you didn’t risk a glance inside.

So, when Janick looked at his father’s home, tall with rusted windows and a warming outer appearance, he didn’t expect what most people would have by the looks, he imagined a house full of fancy furniture, due to the fact that his father is a person who enjoys leather and fancy designs.

He was right.

The living room was full of leather and glass. A nice, clear coffee table and a grey rug. There was a dog laying on the rub. It was an Akita with dark blue eyes and he was very big, making Janick wonder if it was a guard dog or simply a pet.

“His name is Hachi,” His father said, seeing Janick was staring at the animal who was looking up in confusion when his name was called. He placed a box down of Janick’s items then stretched slightly, back cracking as he asked, “Was that all? Or was there more in the car?”

He shook his head, looking around at the pictures hung up on the wall. He saw one when he was a child and smiled,“I think that was it. How long have you had Hachi? I don’t remember hearing about him.”

“Since he was a pup, I always forget to mention him since I figured I always told you about him before,” He chuckled in response, pointing to the picture of Hachi as a puppy, playing in the snow with his bright blue eyes that somewhat resembled a grey color.

He nodded, grabbing the boxes and told him, “I’ll just start unpacking I guess.”

“Alright, my shift starts soon, but I’ll start dinner, okay?” Janick just nodded and gave his dad a small smile. It was weird, since he’s only ever seen his dad during Christmas and his birthday, and now he’ll be seeing him everyday. Hopefully it can work out.

The reason he even had to move with his dad all of a sudden was due to his mum being unaccepted of his sexuality. He’s bisexual and she wasn’t happy at all about it. It was causing a strain on their relationship, so he moved in with his dad since there’s only a year of school left for him.

His dad accepted him, thankfully.

Surely they never talked about it thoroughly, however he didn’t show any signs of homophobia when he picked up Janick from his mum’s or discomfort about it. Also, she promised that she still loved him, it was just going to take some getting used to and that she will call and visit him when she can.


That was the only response he had to that. Because, it’s been months and she’s still ‘getting used to it’. He knew she would visit, but it won’t be a lot. But, she’d never accept him and that’s fine, cause he still has his father and he would make sure to see his sisters as much as he can.

When he got upstairs, he glanced around his room. It was empty and bare, much like his life at the moment after losing his old friends and home. The bed was stripped of a blanket and sheets. The boxes and bags of his old clothes were scattered and Janick sighed.


The first day of school is always the most nerve-wracking. Janick generally stayed in the same school most of his life aside from moving from elementary to middle. So, starting in a whole new school in the middle of the year was both awkward and uncomfortable. Especially since he didn’t know anyone and was all alone.

He groaned, and after maybe five minutes he finally found his locker by the lunch room. It was relieving that he got to school early to find his locker and rooms, or else he would have gotten lost throughout the day and embarrassed himself by walking into his class late.

Suddenly, something smacked him in the back of his head and he winced, rubbing the sore spot and a voice said sheepishly, “Sorry mate, are you alright?”

He turned and was met with soft, brown eyes. He was pretty buff, having short brown hair along with being a couple inches taller, not too much. He told the guy, “I’m fine, it’s all good.”

The guy sighed in relief, picking up the ball that was tossed and threw it back at the guys who were throwing it. He turned back to Janick and said while examining him curiously, “I’m Luke by the way, you new?”

Janick groaned and asked sheepishly,“Is it that obvious?”

“No, I can just see your schedule sticking out of your binder. And no one walks around with a schedule three months into school,” Luke laughed, taking the paper from Janick without permission and saw the boy’s name. “Ah, so your Jinack? Sorry, people have been talking about you, being new and all.”

“Janick,” He replied before taking the paperback and the bell rang signalling class was starting soon. He sighed, placing his books in his locker and was glad it didn’t take ages to actually open it. Luke was waiting for some reason and Janick questioned shyly, “Do you know where room 304?”

Luke nodded eagerly, motioning the shorter boy to follow and he said, “I hope you don’t mind if my friend walks with us.” Janick shrugged and Luke then added,“By the way, don’t feel intimidated by him. He looks like a bad guy, but I promise he’s the sweetest person ever when you get to know him.”

“I don’t judge,” Janick shrugged and saw the lad sigh in relief.

They turned the corner and he saw Luke walking toward a guy with a brown quiff and pale skin. He was good looking and Janick could tell just from behind. When he turned once noticing the two, he had piercing green eyes and a vibe that said he was probably a secluded person. But, he can tell the guy was probably talkative when you get to know him.

Once they were close by, Luke motioned between the two, “Chandler this is Janick, he’s new. Janick, this is my friend Chandler.”

“Hey,” Chandler said casually, eyeing Janick in suspicion. Almost like everyone does when there’s a new guy.

He nodded at him, “Hey.”

An awkward silence fell, causing Luke to announce that they should get to class. On the way, Janick could hear conversation growing and the name Adrien being tossed around like a ball. The voices showed anxiousness and excitement but mostly fear.

Suddenly a guy said, “He’s a freaking psycho, I heard he cut off a man’s ear and ate it!”

“Aye, shut up!” An Irish accent shouted, standing out from the group. The kid had red hair, Janick noticed, and glaring at the guy who spoke before that was gathered with some girls. The redhead had a scowl on his face and stood in a sweater and jeans, books held to his chest.

“Janick, C’mon,” Luke said, noticing he stopped walking with them.

Janick snapped out of his gaze, meeting the boy’s eyes that had a hazel color. Before one of them could speak, he rushed to Luke and Chandler, following them down the hall. When he got to his class, they said goodbye and Luke invited him to meet up at lunch. Thus his first day of school began.


You could say his first day was like a lot of new people. There was the fact that everyone would stare at him, probably starting rumors about why he moved in the middle of the year and where he came from, as if he was some alien that they never met.

Then the teachers would act nice, but then give him tons of work that he has no idea how to do along with a packet of everything he missed. It sucked, since he already started what they’re learning, meaning he now had to repeat a lot of it as if he never did it before.

Thankfully, lunch rolled around, so he made his way to the cafeteria where the noise was booming in the small room and the teens were chatting about nothing and everything. He got his lunch, hearing the people whisper about him. Then he searched the room for his friends, or so he assumed.

They were seated at a table alone in a corner and he hesitated before walking over. When he reached them, he also saw the same Irish kid from the hallway sitting alone in the other corner. He frowned, but slowly sat across from Chandler and Luke, causing them to look up and acknowledge him.

“Hey, how’s the first day, newbie?” Chandler snickered, seeing his exhausted expression when he was seated.

Janick scoffed, “Fabulous.”

Luke shook his head in amusement, and all the boys chatted a bit. They got to know each other somewhat, Luke mentioned his girlfriend while Chandler admitted to being single. Janick casually mentioned being a loner as well and they all chuckled some before eating once again.

Suddenly, Janick once again overheard people when they walked by and the name Adrien Maxwell was mentioned like always. He frowned, eyebrows furrowing in confusion as he asked the two,“Who’s Adrien Maxwell?”

Luke immediately said with a warning, “Don’t talk to him, he’s dangerous.”

“How?” Janick snorted, raising his eyebrow.

And then the words Janick never suspected were said;

“He killed his father.

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