Ceiling Gazing

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"A number, Of Things"

"Hey," She's thrown off that someone is actually starting the conversation."I work in there," I jerk my thumb back towards the door "I was wondering what it is that you're out here for?"

"Shit, I knew I should have asked if it was cool that I stood out here, I'll go."

"No,no, no!" I quickly blurt out "it's nothing like that," fumbling with my hands to try and pick a gesture that will make up for the words that can't seem to pass my tonsils, "Me and that gentleman next to the counter were guessing at it, it's fine you're here. People aren't going to lug their laundry all the way back home cause of a girl and her clip board, hopefully that is." A smile comes to her face as well as slight blush, or maybe I'm just projecting.

"Oh thanks, and I'm trying to collect signatures for a city wide hour of power, what was your guess?"

"Mine, something environmental. Terry was stuck on pressing social issues, and to tell you the truth I'm not sure who was right!"

"I'm not so certain myself!" she giggles as her smile grows a little wider, "normally one of these is done so for a little while they can cut back the power production for the grid, I like it for that reason. But I also have," a pause while she darts he eyes back and forth, leans a little closer and over dramatically states, "ulterior motives--"

I match her tone, " ooooh, should I be on the look out for any death ray beams or perhaps reanimated dinosaurs that escaped from your evil lab? I mean, gotta be doing something with a lot of power if you want the city dark, right?"

Another giggle. Man, I could get used to that, " Nothing like that, unfortunately, it's about how much light pollution there in this city for me."

"That's the thing with the maps that look like someone drunkenly put Christmas lights everywhere right?" I'm laying it on a little thick, I know, but she is damn adorable. She's about five foot tall, pretty face with a septum ring, pale complexion, shoulder length blue kinky hair, and a plump little body. I'd be lying if I said I've never noticed her out front before. She's hard not to notice. Definitely one of those hipster,eccentric, thrift-shop-for-a-closet types, with a dash towards the punky-er side of the spectrum.

Now, I'm a guy who like's my dames to be a little more out there. So she is right up my alley, I got a sneaking suspicion that she has some ink somewhere. I am dreading that fall is starting soon and she'll probably stop wearing the cute, short dresses she usually comes around with. I catch myself before I really start to space out and bring my focus back to now and her.

"Yep! That's the one! Pretty solid metaphor, I'm betting your the creative type," I shrug my shoulders and scratch the back of my head, feeling suddenly a little to crowded."and I'd have to say you and your friend are both right, I can offer you a tie breaker though."

"Okay," I say. Unsure of where this is going. "What would that be?"

"Gimme your number." She smiles.

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