Ceiling Gazing

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"Before the Fall"

"Sure, do you need my email address too? And probably my name to, it seems like they add more fields to these things every time I sign one." as I reach for the clip board in her hand she smoothly tucks it under her arm and takes my hand into hers.

"No, I don't want it for that," my heart skips a beat as I feel the warmth coming from her hand, "I want your number, just for me and me alone. I have ulterior motives." along with a a smile comes a subtle wink and finally a name,"I'm Kim."

Flustered,"Yeah yeah! of course! I'm- I'm Nick! Yep, that's my name, the old Nickster!" I immediately want to put the words back into my mouth along with a hearty dose of buck shot.

"Well, 'Nickster', it's a pleasure to finally meet you after seeing you stare at me for so long." Another wink and a smile. That two bit combo would make any boxer jealous and sends my head spinning the same as if I'd been in the ring with one of them.

"I- I don't stare at you, I just stare... around... ya'know? There's only so many hours you can do this job and pay attention." I awkwardly start to chuckle and she joins in with much more conviction to it.

"In any case Nick, I am really glad you came out." she hands me a pen.

I write down my name and number, "I better get back to work... plus I gotta tell Terry I won."

"Yeah I guess you better but I never said you won!"

"You kidding!? You asked me for my number. Of course I won!"

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