Ceiling Gazing

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"Save The Date"

Shit!Shit,shit,shit,shit,shit! Do I look okay? Are my pants doing that thing where the bunch up at the zipper and make it look like you have a boner? Do I have a boner? Shouldn't I? No, wait, no I shouldn't. Not even a pants one. fuuuuuuuck me I'm nervous. Is that her? No, that's a homeless man. what the hell am I thinkin...

"Nick?" she chimes out as sweet as bells. The warm breeze of the last few nights of summer caries the scent her scent, floral notes and patchouli, along with her greeting.

"Hi Kim," I can feel my face going red as she snaps me out of the spiral. I offer my arm to her "shall we venture forth into the breach M'lady?" shit. Now I'm from the eighteenth century?

She giggles and loops her arm through mine. "Sure, my night in flannel armor? you know it's summer right?"

"Well yeah, but the end of summer, it can get chilly by a lake too! I thought it was good planning in case you got cold..."

This brought forth a bout of laughter from her,"Dummy, Lost Lake is a indie bar, you've lived her how long and don't know that? I've been here for six months and I know more than the hometown boy. Whodda thunk?"

Kim continued her ribbing as we walked and I muttered non-committal answers, first date off to a swimming start. She looked amazing tonight.

Her hair was tamed back into a bun that showed her freshly buzzed sides. A expertly over sized band merch t-shirt with sides cut into showed off her curves and the floral patterned bikini halter top under it. A pair of well worn black cut off jean short, black and white striped knee highs and totally black Vans completed the look. I had my hair slicked back with some good ole pomade, retro wayfarer sunglasses pushed to the top of my head, a white crew neck t-shirt, red linnen flannel, blue jeans with rolled cuffs and my ever trusty docs. She looked stunningly shabby-chic I was pretty sure I just looked shabby.

But being with her, I didn't feel shabby at all. With her, I had the world sitting in my lap. The first date and I was pretty sure, as she held my hand dragging me through the crowd to the front of the stage, that I was falling in love with her.

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