Ceiling Gazing

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"Back Down On Earth"

"So why'd you come out here?" I asked as we waited for our tea to cool down.

Her apartment was as cozy and cheery as she was. Two huge couches covered in pillows and blankets made a sitting area and an implied boundary between her kitchen/dining area and her, incredibly messy, office/work space.What was even more exciting about it than the fact that I was in it, was where it is located. Exactly six feet plus a wood floor and beat oriental rug above mine.

"It was time for me to leave Montana, I had some friends who moved here for college then stay and opened up a little business. They hooked me up with a job at their company"

"That's cool, what do they do? And, not to pry, but is there a story to hear behind needing to leave?"

"It's a little publishing company. Small batch prints of books and graphic novels and whatever. I help with the logistic side of it. Always had a knack for flo-charts!" She put two of her fingers into her mouth and pulled the trigger,"It's not exactly fun but it's steady work and can be kinda cool. The story is pretty normal, small town living get boring and the girl moves to the big city. Plus the town drug store never had my color." gesturing to her now freed hair dangling over her shoulder.

"Ah yes, a problem I can identify with," mockingly making the same gesture."How do you like it here?"

"I love it, there's people that don't know me! I can make trouble and make an ass of myself and not come home to have my parents and the preacher sitting in the living room not even an hour later!"

"Somehow I think it was more of the ass of your self and not so much trouble," I let a sly grin find its way across my lips as I take a sip of tea, Kim drops her mouth open in over dramatic shock.

"How dare you imply such things sir! I am a lady!" with this she sticks her tongue out, blows a raspberry and reaches across to slug me in the arm.

"Well...you know what they say 'Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets'" being much bolder than I would normally be, I'm flirting as much as shes been returning the whole evening. A risk I can take, make a joke out of it if need be.

A small lull as we both try to assess what the other is thinking.

One heart beat...




An eternity later...

She smiles, gets up from her couch, comes to where I am sitting and takes my hand into hers. She pulls me up to meet her. Standing on tip-toes, she kisses my neck, then pulls back to look up into my eyes. In that look was affection laid bare, there was a look of one heart opening itself to another....

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

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