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"don't come near me!" "Or else?" "Or else I'll - " "You don't even know me" "That's the problem just - just don't come near" I gasped when I felt something hard against my stomach and jumped a little bit when he blocked me in his cage. His hot breath was like fire on my skin. "You are mine and I'll prove it to you" a chill ran down my spine when he said those words but - "I don't care if you are committed or not because I'm going to make you mine Maddie" Another chill but this time it was something else. "RONAN" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's where it started it all.

Romance / Humor
your petal
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Chapter 1

"you are so beautiful Maddie"
This made me blush , I'm beautiful , finally i have a boyfriend...
"Yeah , i know"
He chuckled lightly
"I meant to say you are sexy , wouldn't mind tasting you , afterall i just want to taste girls, like you"
"Maddie! Maddie!?"
"Ouch , argh! Ye - yeah mommy!"
"Are you coming downstairs or not!?"
"Yeah mommy! I'm shifting my lazy ass just waitup mom!"
I was dreaming such a good dream , why do mom's have to be so angry about not being able to get up early.
"Yeah, coming!"
I yelled from my bedroom hope she'll get it,
So hey my readers , this is Maddie Smith , you can also call me Maddie, or a perfect single girl , thank you so much for interfering in my life , sure you like to see what's happening around , but don't worry you'll not get bored , i promise, my life is a living hell-
"Maddie , oñe last time and then I'm coming with a broom"
Oh godd! I'm sorry let's take a quick peek , thank you.

I jumped out of my bed, glancing over my clock.
"Shit! I just have 20 minutes , fuck it ahh! My leg , shit , move your lazy ass Maddie!"

I literally ran towards my bathroom, but guess god is not helping me today, the wheather was so cold , i was barely able to step inside my bathroom , but forgiving my body i went inside , brushed my teeth , emptied my stomach and took a shower ..
When i cane outside i was shivering..
"What to wear"
I decided to wear something good because it was our graduation day and i seriously don't wanna be that simple Maddie today.
I was ready , i applied a little bit of mascara and foundation.
" I don't need much make-up , cmon' no one will get intrested in me , ha!"
I cursed myself for not having a boyfriend , why??? My best friend had 3 exes and is currently dating another guy and look at me ,0, always!
I ran outside my room, towards the stairs, jumping on each steps.

"Woah, Supergirl calm down, you'll hurt yourself!"
"Good morning mom! I won't and you know my day always starts like this"
"Yeah like yesterday you tripped over one of the steps their and went to Emma crying" she said laughing at me.
"Mom , I'm not a baby anymore " i made my pouty face , so that she can stop.
"Yes you are our baby" dad said , he is also laughing.
"Argh! Dad, sorry okay , goodmorning!"

"Mom, please do me a favor"
"Yes, say it ?"
"Feed your baby , because she is getting late"
"Coming , one bottle warm milk , right?"
"Mom, please" i groaned so that she can just stop.
"And also , give that bottle to me , I'll feed her okay honey" dad said.
"I'm not gonna talk to you guys "
"Then don't" both said at the same time.
"Mom, dad!"
"Okay ,okay , girl , calm your nerves , here take it and eat it"mom said
"Thanks mom!"
"Okay , girl's I'm going outside to clean the car, and honey can you do me a favour, today in the afternoon pick Caleb up, because i will be going directly to my office after attending Maddie's graduation , he is coming today , you remember?"
"Yeah I'll do,now go clean the car"
Then mom and dad kissed each other and dad went .
"What mom! Caleb is coming!"
"Yep! He is "
"Oh goddd no!"
"Why? Don't you love your brother"
"I do but he always irritates me"
"Okay , calm down , he is your brother and you have to love him"
"Okay fine , i do love him "
Ugh! He is just irritating , when he was in highschool , girls would always be there in my house , guess we both got looks but the difference is just that he was the Jock and I'm a nerd. That's why i never was interested in relationship but now I'm ...and i have to ask him how to be in a relationship, wait but he never was in relationship things ...fuck this shit man.
"Bye, mom! Breakfast was delicious"
"Bye , hun , but wait don't forget, me and your father will come and your father will go directly and-"
"I know mom! I was there when he said that"
"Uh, well sorry"
I literally jumped inside my car and drove it to the school like a maniac ..
My family is just great , i know.

Hello! So what do you guys think about Maddie's family , great i know , well let's just think what will happen next right? She is going to be a big girl and not a baby , but think what would be Caleb's reaction when his baby girl will ask him about relationship advice , i know stop that grin on your face ... Now that you guessed what is going to happen next , till then waitup! Hehe.
I'll update this soon.
This is my second novel , hope you guys will like it..
Be happy.
Xx :)
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