My Entitled Family

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Love knows no boundaries. My names Verity and this is my story of love, lost, pain and happiness. It started with Rose, beautiful Rose. But nothing was as it seemed and I ran away with the intention of killing myself. But then I met him, my beautiful savior. And that is where it all starts. Heartache, happiness and tears.

Romance / Erotica
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They weren't blood sisters but were born and raised together by their mothers who were married to one another.

Verity was a popular girl at school, a Sophomore in high-school. Friendly and bubbly, all loved her. Athletic and in any sports team who would let her join, she was sweet and often watched the neighborhoods children while their parents were at work.

But her mothers hated her doing it. Unlike their youngest daughter, they were anything but kind.

Entitled snobs, they expected everyone to do anything they asked, or more likely, told them to do. They also had aspirations that their daughters would both marry rich old men just like they had.

That's right, both women had married elderly rich men, each had a child by them before the men died.

They had gotten a share of the inheritance but not enough to fund their life styles.

Two years older than Verity, Roseline - aka Rose - was kind and loving in private with her younger sister. But in public she was both their mothers clone.

With blonde hair and a perfect figure, she dressed like a Barbie doll and wore too much make up. Not to mention, the pink. So much pink. It was nauseating.

Verity always thought she looked slutty but she never dated to her know.

At night Rose often stayed up late speaking to her sister. They were best friends and closer than anyone.

So it wasn't unusually for Rose to lay kissing her.

It started as 'practice' but soon they were doing it just because...

Hands started to wander and soon Rose had Verity's nightgown up and her mouth between her legs.

She expertly brought her to orgasm and Verity happily returned the favor.

They did this every night for months.

Verity had crushes on guys, but was in love with Rose and Rose had lead her to believe she felt the same.

One day Verity was at the neighbors house to bring back a toy up they had forgotten.

The man was a kind widower in his late twenties, not a million, but well off with his own business. He was always so kind with her and his son, but cold to everyone else. She had a crush on him and thought he felt something for her. OK, so she could dream. But she'd never do anything but she was with Rose.

They loved one another. Or so she thought.

Ringing the bell, she heard him call to someone, "Can you answer that, my love?" She was a little disappointed, but he was too old for her anyway.

But then the door opened.

It was Rose in a man's shirt and messy hair. There was no mistaking what happened.

"R...Rose?" Her voice broke and tears welled in her eyes.

"Don't think about telling anyone. They'll just think your jealous," Rose told her lowly with a evil smile. She had never spoken to her like that before.

Dropping the toy on the ground she bolted home. At home she spoke to her mother who took Rose's side.

She shouldn't have been surprised Rose was always the favorite because she did as told. She was the perfect drone to lure men into giving them money.

"She was just experimenting with you and Mr Ludlow. She is already seeing another, better man."

Verity was speechless. But the shocks just keep coming.

"She is your sister, so you can't be together anyway."

"Not by blood."

"No, you have the same father," Her mother let it slip accidentally but then the truth all came out.


Turns out one of their husbands was infertile and when the died they did a test, both women had slept with the same man for his birthday. It had left her pregnant with Verity.

Meaning she never got any money from her husband, which is why they didn't have enough money.

"So you see you have been having sex with your real sister." Her mother and her wife was so smug about it, neither sorry. They found it funny.

From then on Rose was only ever cruel. She took to calling Verity ugly, fat and a whore.

She was short and curvy, but was very athletic. She had always considered herself pretty until then.

But then every night she still came for sex and be cruel to her afterwards.

For an hour Verity was happy but for the rest of the day depressed. She started having suicidal thoughts.

It all came to a head when Rose accidentally left her messages to her mother open on her phone after a night of fun. She had left the room tired and forgetting her open phone in her tired daze.

Verity couldn't help it, she started reading.

'Enough is enough no more seeing Mr Ludlow. He is a good for nothing...' Messages of Beth - Rose's mother - berating the man. It all came down to he didn't have enough money, had a young son and didn't pander to their every whim.

Rose agreed, telling her she had broke it off.

Then the subject of Verity.

'She's a good for nothing too, what use is she if she's a lesbian.' Note, both Beth and Nancy - Verity's mother - are lesbians. They only had sex with men for financial gain.

'I wish she would just go away.' Rose made out that she was pestering her, when it was Rose who was pestering her. Bullying her, then coming for sex.

'She was a mistake,' Nancy had messaged and Verity realized it was a group chat going back months.

They often ridiculed her and spoke about trying to make her more like them.

Then one of the last message sent by Nancy, 'I wish she was never born.' And the other two agreed she'd be better dead.

On autopilot she made a copy of the messages, wanting to protect Mr Ludlow. He had been heartbroken after his wife died, she didn't what it to happen again.

'Don't let her hurt you too,' She sent a time delayed message from her phone with a copy of the messages. All of the ones about Rose using him and seeing a different man, everything.

And another message to Rose and the mothers. 'Wish granted,' With it a screen shot of them wishing her dead. They would all be sent in a few hours, when it would too late.

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