Sabotage: Savage Crows MC Book II

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Two years ago, I called the police for help and ran for my life. When I woke up after passing out, the president of the Savage Crows MC was sitting beside the bed I was laying on. Now, two years later, my life was about as normal as it could be working as a bartender and sometimes housekeeper for the Savage Crows. But now he's out of prison on good behavior, and the only person I know to turn to is Sabotage - the president of the Savage Crows.

Romance / Action
T.O. Smith
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1: Izzy



I twisted my fingers in my lap as I drew in a deep breath, getting ready to tell someone the deepest secrets of mine.

And that someone happened to be the fucking finest piece of man I'd ever laid my eyes on.

Fuck, how many times had I got myself off thinking of him touching me, thinking of what it would feel like to have his face between my legs, that beard of his moving over my skin?

Sabotage was the last person I wanted to tell this to - didn't want him to think I was so fucked up, but I knew I needed to tell him everything so he knew the whole picture. Sabotage didn't work with half-truths.

"I met Rodney on my twenty first birthday." I started. "I was out at a club with some of my friends from work. Rodney bought me a drink, and we just kind of hit it off from there. We were dating for a few months when I told him one of my biggest secrets." I admitted.

Sabotage stayed silent, letting me talk. I kept my gaze trained on my lap. I couldn't believe I was about to tell this man the most fucked up part of me.

"I had a thing for being controlled and dominated in the bedroom. Regular sex just doesn't do it for me. And I admitted this to Rodney when I rejected sex for the umpteenth time." I swallowed thickly. "I didn't realize he had a fetish for being in control until it was too fucking late."

"What happened, Izzy?" Sabotage demanded quietly.

"We moved in together, and he locked me in that fucking room." I informed him, feeling sick to my stomach. "He was a fucking sadist. He didn't get off of just being in control - he got off on hurting me, making me bleed, listening to me scream at him to stop fucking hurting me."

"Fucking Christ." Sabotage snarled. I looked up at him in alarm. Sabotage's jaw was clenched so tightly the muscle in his jaw was ticking. His eyes were flashing with barely controlled rage, his nostrils flared in anger. "Is he the fucking reason you passed out in front of my goddamn gates?" He demanded.

I nodded weakly. "I managed to escape the room. I stabbed him when he chased me, and I called the police as I was running out of the door."

"Fucking hell." Sabotage snapped as he jumped up from his chair and thrust his hands through his hair. I stood up as well, swallowing thickly.

"Sabotage, please, I just need protection." I begged him.

"You'll always have fucking protection with this club, Izzy, and for you to fucking feel otherwise pisses me off. You never have to fucking ask me for protection - you're a part of this club whether you wear a fucking patch or not, you got that?"

I nodded, tears threatening to choke me at Sabotage's words. I'd been alone for most of my life, and for Sabotage to make it to clear that I have a fucking family here just about fucking undid me.

He suddenly stormed over to me. I sucked in a sharp breath of air in alarm as I stumbled backwards until my back hit the table. Sabotage gripped my chin gently between his thumb and forefinger, forcing my head back so I was looking up at him. "You ever been truly dominated by a man, darlin'?" He asked me huskily.

I swallowed thickly, my nipples instantly getting hard as I felt myself become wet. "No, not really." I admitted.

"When a man dominates a woman, he has a duty to take care of her as well. It's not just about pleasing him, darlin'. Did you know that?"

I shook my head. "I can show you." He whispered in my ear, making chills run down my spine in anticipation.

I wanted Sabotage. Fuck, I had always wanted Sabotage from the moment I met him. He was a fucking wet dream walking.

"Please." I begged softly.

He leaned back a bit, running his thumb over my bottom lip. "Go lock the door." He commanded gently.

He stepped back from me, his eyes following me with a hungry gaze as I walked over and locked the Church doors. I turned to face him after I slid the dead bolt into place. He strode over to me, and I licked my lips in anticipation.

Sabotage was a huge man - both in height and muscle. I knew he could easily hurt me, but I knew Sabotage - he would never intentionally hurt me. I trusted him with my life. There was a reason the men here easily called him their president and their leader.

"Strip." He commanded quietly.

I nodded and began to pull my shirt over my head before someone banged on the Church doors. Sabotage cursed and reached into his jeans, readjusting his cock. He clenched his jaw as he looked down at me. "Fuck me." He grumbled as the person knocked again.

Sabotage strode over to me. He wrapped my hair around his hand and yanked my head back gently, his lips meeting mine in an aggressive kiss. He gripped my ass in his other hand, yanking me up hard against him. I moaned softly when I felt how hard he was for me.

"Sabotage!" Blink roared from the other side of the door. "Get your dick out of your hand and unlock this goddamn door."

Sabotage muttered something under his breath that I didn't quite catch as he released me and threw open the doors, revealing both he and I. Blink grinned. "If I'd known she was in here with you, I would have just solved the problem myself."

"Watch it." Sabotage snarled as he yanked me behind him possessively, turning me on even more.

Man, I really needed to get a hang on my damn hormones.

"Alright, I got it." Blink commented as he put his hands up in a surrendering gesture. "No one can get in touch with Volt - he's disappeared off the face of the Earth, brother."

"Mother fuck." Sabotage snarled. "Round up everyone. I want Church in five."

Sabotage led me past Blink and over into the kitchen. He turned to face me once we had some privacy. "I'll talk to everyone about what's going on while I'm dealing with the Volt issue. You will have your protection, Izzy."

"Thank you, Sabotage." I told him honestly.

He stepped towards me. "You can thank me later once I fuck you into exhaustion." My breath hitched at his words. "I've wanted you for two fucking years, Izzy. As long as you let me, I'll give you what you want."

That was another thing about Sabotage. He went after what he wanted. And if he wanted me, he would definitely have me - not that I was complaining.

He pressed a kiss to my forehead and stepped around me, heading towards Church. I sagged against the kitchen counter, staring after him.

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