Love Born Within Two Days

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Love Born Within Two Days enunciates the story of two men, one college student aspiring to open his own cake business but still studying and a soldier who just returned after a mission, meeting in a cafe, exchanging a kiss. ~~~ Lee Won Ho who is rich and handsome has been engaged to his fiance since the age of eight. Lee Won Ho never married her because of his occupation as a soldier for the Korean military working in the special forces unit. During one of his breaks, he and his colleagues go out to a cafe in the afternoon. Out of nowhere the sight of a young college student attracts him, instantly falling in love. With a little encounter, he desperately tries his best to get this young man to be his but the young man's past holds him back. In the end, does Lee Won Ho manage to get the young man to be his? Fighting bloody battles, protecting the president, hiding his occupation along with the secret of him being engaged - will it work out for him? This is a bl, with loads of bed scenes... you have been warned. Cover done by: the_nerd.artist

Romance / Erotica
Vanessa Nicole
Age Rating:


Sitting in cafe Neo against the wall at a single table, sat a young college student biting on his bottom lip.

Looking at the clock on the wall opposite him he sighed.

“It’s already 12:06 pm, why hasn’t hyung-nim arrived yet?” he muttered to himself.

He knew that relying on his elder brother was useless but what else could he do? He couldn’t walk home because it was too far and taking a taxi was expensive.

Rolling his eyes he decided to take out his textbook from his bag.

Pulling out the book and placing it on the table he sighed, taking out his writing book and pencil case.

The book was the size of a rim of computer paper and was unnecessarily heavy.

Flipping through the book he stopped at page 204 and lifted his hand up to call one of the waitresses over.

When the waitress came over he ordered a large plate of fries and a strawberry milkshake and asked if she could bring over a glass of water with no ice in it.

Taking his order she went and placed it.

The young man was quite handsome but more on the pretty side. He had a white tank top on that fitted him well not daring to show his muscles under and he hand on army pants.

On his feet, he had a pair of white Adidas sneaker and a plain string tied around his left ankle.

Around his neck was a plain necklace string that had nothing on it. His left ear had five piercings going up from his earlobe and on his nose, he had a piercing too that held a diamond stud.

With his bangs continuously falling forward but not covering his face, Kang Alchoen began going through his textbook taking down notes after each page.

Energetically pressuring the tip of his foot with agitation he studied with a rhythm.


Moments later the waitress came over with his order and placed it on the edge of the table where his books did not occupy.

Smiling and thanking the waitress, his eyes returned to his book while biting onto the back of his blue pen.

After a while of reading he scrunched his face and rubbed his eyes, sighing inwardly he looked over at the glass of water and reached for it gulping down every last drop of water.

The minute he placed the glass down and took a stray fry from his plate, loud laughter came from the entrance of the cafe’s door that opened from a strong push.

Alchoen looked in the direction of the laughter and raised a brow. A group of five strongly built men came walking in.

Alchoen noticed that they all had neatly cut hair, a strong build and all five of them had a dog tag hanging around their neck.

Two of the men headed to the counter while the other three sat down at the table beside him that could seat about seven to eight.

Alchoen closed his eyes and started praying, “Please don’t make a noise.”

Grabbing another fry, his eyes returned to his books and he started writing again.

Not long then the other two came over and after a moment of just speaking, they started laughing again.

This sudden laughter pulled Alchoen out of his concentration making him growl.

Alchoen sighed heavily and looked at the clock on the wall, only an hour passed and his brother still hasn’t arrived.

He sat back against the wall and took the plate of fries in his hand and started nibbling on the cold fries.

After a while, he got bored and pulled his milkshake over then started dipping his fries in it.

From the table where the five men were sitting, one of them was looking over at Alcheon every now and again.

In the beginning, he saw Alchoen from outside the window of the cafe and when they came in he could see Alchoen clearly.

Just now when they burst out laughing he noticed the slight frown on his face thinking maybe they were the cause of his frown.

Then he frowned when he saw Alchoen put his fries inside his pink milkshake which made him utterly displeased.

Seeing their companion frowning they turned to look at Alchoen, they too could not fathom what this boy was doing.

Alchoen who was minding his business while dripping his fries felt uncomfortable.

Looking to his side from where this feeling came he saw the five piercing gazes.

His body involuntarily shuddered but this didn’t show on his face. He smiled at them then turned his eyes back to his textbook and started reading once more.

The men turned back and started speaking again with laughter mixed in.

Alchoen felt slightly uncomfortable and got up to relieve himself.

His mind drifted off while urinating but it returned after he heard this loud sound of water going down a drain.

Looking to his left he was faced with a huge d*ck in someone’s grip.

His heart started beating rapidly not realizing that he had been staring for some time now only to hear, “The longer you stare, the more it turns me on.”

An electric-like shock passed through his heart making it shudder.

He looked up at the man who spoke, taking note that he was the one who glared at him first.

Feeling embarrassed for staring he turned away saying softly, “sorry.”

The man smiled because he could see that Alchoen’s ears had turned red from being flustered.

Zipping his pants up, he headed over to the sink and washed his hands. Alchoen also finished and was about to wash his hands but was obstructed by the man’s broad body.

The man purposely stood in his way. When he looked up at the man he saw that he had a gentle smile on his face and vicious look in his eyes.

Alchoen was about to say something as he opened his mouth but it was instantly enclosed by the other’s mouth.

Alchoen was taken aback but the moment their tongues touched he could feel the heat of the other and the saliva in their mouths continued to intertwine.

The man wrapped his arms around Alchoen″s waist pulling him closer.

Alchoen’s legs became weak almost slipping down but with the man’s quick reflexes he quickly slid his hands down grabbing onto Alchoen’s soft buttocks.

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