Love Born Within Two Days

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Lee Won Ho’s POV

Lee Won Ho arrived home at his father’s place. Driving through the gate that opened wide, safeguarded by to buff security guards wearing earpieces and dark shades dressed in black suits. They bow deeply when Lee Won Ho arrived.

Driving up a long driveway then driving around a water fountain in the middle before reaching the main house, he pulled up in front of the stairs.

Climbing out the car he threw the car keys to the valet then jogged up the stone steps.

The doors opened from the inside before he reached it then he was greeted with bows from the servants of the household down the emerald green carpet.

At the end of the carpet stood an elderly man dressed in a suit who looked ever so graceful. Lee Won Ho’s large strides stopped in front of him, with a smiled on his face, Lee Won Ho greeted the man, “Butler Kim, you’re looking younger every time I see you.”

Butler Kim smiled back greeting, “Welcome back young master. How was your mission to the North?”

Lee Won Ho, “There was only a minor set back but everything proceeded with ease.”

Butler Kim, “Young master must stay alert at all times.”

Lee Won Ho looked at the elder in front of him and smiled gently, this elder was the one who raised him and always asked him if he was doing well, sometimes he wished…

Lee Won Ho, “Butler Kim, my father phoned?”

Butler Kim, “Yes, he is waiting for you in his study.”

Patting butler Kim on his shoulder he side-stepped then walked down a corridor and up a staircase.

Arriving at the door at the end of the hallway, Lee Won Ho stood looking at the door without moving. His mind wandered off to Alchoen making his desires kick in slowly…

Placing his hand on the doorknob, he knocked with his other hand then he turned it and pushed the door open.

Lee Won Ho, “Father, I’m here.”

Looking into the room, Lee Won Ho halted his steps. His body froze for a few seconds but it wasn’t caught by the people in the room.

Inside his fathers’ study sat four other people. His future father-in-law, his future brother-in-law, his squad commander and his elder brother.

A smile appeared on his face, he bowed slightly and said, “Greetings commander, father-in-law, brother-in-law and Hyung-nim.”

The men in the room smiled and stood up. Lee Won Ho walked over to them all one by one and shook their hands and hugging them.

He greeted his father with a handshake and a hug…

Sitting down on an open chair in the room, his brother-in-law poured for him, a shot of aged whiskey.

Taking a sip from it he looked at his father and asked, “Father, is there something you need from me?”

His father looked at him with a bewildered gaze and said, “Won Ho, did you forget?”

Furrowing his brows, Lee Won Ho tried thinking about what his father was talking about but couldn’t remember.

Seeing that his son was struggling to remember what he was referring to, he spoke, “Before you left for the north, we spoke about the wedding arrangements but we were interrupted by your mission and couldn’t finish, so we said we’d meet up after you returned from the north to continue.”

Lee Won Ho looked at his father with a smile on his face but inside he felt nauseous. He listened on as they all were speaking and felt bitter. He had completely forgotten about this and his arranged marriage.

Before, after they returned from the north he couldn’t wait to get back to his fiance’s side but then he met Alchoen and a desire to be with him overpowered him making him forget about his finance and family.

Sitting here made him feel shit. Now it just seemed as if he was playing around with Alchoen.

His mind started drifting off to the first time he laid eyes on Alchoen, his body slouched back into the chair as he continued to pretend that he was paying attention to what the men in the room were discussing.

His eyes moved down to the glass of whiskey in his left hand. His past and the day he laid his eyes on Alchoen arrived in his mind.


The five of them included Park Sang Chul, Kim Hee Chul, Kim Hyung Soo, Moon Han Eul and him Lee Won Ho.

The five of them entered the army together to complete their mandatory military service all coming from different backgrounds wanting to get their service over with and return to working and attending university.

All five of them were nineteen years old when they entered the army. Placed in the same squad. The same room to share and trained together.

Although they weren’t alone and there were forty-five other men in their squad, the five of them were the most outstanding of their year.

Soon they became came friends… During their training one day, an unknown man came to observe their training and stood beside there squad leader.

When training was over the five of them were called over by their squad leader and told to follow the man. Doing as they were told they were lead to a room that looked like a basement - dark and cold.

They were told to wait in the room and after waiting for what seemed like five hours a man dressed in the code of arms uniform stood before them… seeing this uniform they immediately knew who he was… The general of South Korea’s army - General Park.

After saluting him they were told that the five of them were being transferred to the specialist squad for further training. Not even having a chance to pack their belongings they were put into the back of a truck and taken to a location that took them several days to arrive there.

The five of them were asleep when they arrived and were woken up by a loud bang against the truck. Waking up with aching bodies they were met with the dark and cold outside.

The driver drove off after telling them to head inside through the door up ahead.

Doing as they were told although scared and confused, they pushed forward and arrived at the door. Knocking once they were greeted with a glare from a soldier who looked at them as if they were beneath him.

After passing the soldier who seemed like a guard they were met with the stench of sweat and testosterone.

Greeting them were men training who were wearing the same clothes as them… Still standing around and gawking at the sight before them a lady walked up to them, greeting with a smile she told them to follow her.

She led them to a new room and told them their belongings will arrive soon but they needed to start training effectively immediately. Kim Hee Chul asked her why they were here and what this place was.

She answered their questions saying that they were now part of the specialist squad and this squad was in charge of handling wars, helping other countries and if needed, they would be escorting the president.

None of them could sleep that night and were exhausted the next morning but pulled through during training.

Their training was harsher than completing their mandatory military service but even so… the five of them managed to pull through and outshined their seniors who looked at them with pity.

They learned how to shoot rifles and fight in close combat to learn how to disable bombs and CPR.

They had to train for three years straight without outside contact, without notifying their family - this was done by the army on their behalf.

Notifying their families that they would now be working for the country, the most honourable titles.

Not knowing that their children might never come home again.

But the five of them pulled through, completing their first mission, second, third and so forth, until today.

After completing their escort mission they arrived at the specialist base then went to the cafe.

Lee Won Ho was the one who drove them here with the state vehicle. He parked the vehicle in front of the cafe’s window.

As he climbed out of the car his eyes landed on the person sitting by the wall not too far from the window who was biting on his bottom lip while writing something down on paper.

As they passed the window he looked inside and saw that the young man was sitting with his books thinking to himself that he must be doing homework or studying for an exam.

When they walked in he and Kim Hyung Soo went to the counter and ordered coffee for all three of them.

Sitting opposite Moon Han Eul whose back was facing the young man who was studying he looked over and indeed, it was as he guessed. He was doing work.

Although he wanted to listen to his friend’s conversation, he couldn’t help but look over at the young man. As he looked more and more at the young man, his features became delicate to him almost making him seem innocent and fragile.

Lee Won Ho chirped into the conversation now and then but his attention was one hundred per cent on the young man.

The longer he looked the greater his urge was to go over and introduce himself to the young man, this too made his heartbeat fast almost as if he was falling in love with this young man.

Suddenly realising this, Lee Won Ho stared at the young man with a frown on his face. Thinking “How can this be love...he is a man, is he not?” he thought this even though he came to this conclusion himself.

His friends who saw him stare at the young man and turned around to see that he was dipping his fries and his milkshake… following the rest of the sequence of events.

The young man got up to go to the restroom.

Drumming his fingers nervously against the table he got up after a few seconds and headed to the restroom.

Lee Won Ho practically rushed in but when he arrived he saw that the young man hadn’t noticed him come in. feeling a little nervous he decided to urinate first while gathering his thoughts.

When he saw the young man look down at his d*ck he gained a baseless amount of courage and made his move even though he was nervous.

When he saw the young man head over to him… to the sink to wash his hands, he couldn’t keep his thoughts and actions in check. Before he realised it the two of them were up against the wall making out.

Not even an ounce of repulsion appeared in his body at the fact that he was making out with another man.

Kissing this young man made his heart race and the blood inside his body boil with excitement, greed and hunger - this feeling was new to him.

Leaving the young man behind in the restroom he walked out and saw a familiar face who was with them and rejected an invitation to be a part of the specialist squad.

This person also looked like the fellow in the restroom…

Sitting down and acting as if nothing happened. Alchoen came out of the restroom and started bickering with his elder brother.

They soon left the cafe and Lee Won Ho wanted to yell out to him even scream out his name to release the urge from his heart.

The five of them stayed for thirty more minutes before they returned to the base then went their separate ways.

When he got into his car he immediately phoned one of his contacts, “Hello?”

Lee Won Ho, “Hey it’s me… I need your help with finding someone.”

“Ho Ho, young master, how can I help you?”

Lee Won Ho, “The person I want you to find his name Kang Alchoen, he has an elder brother named Kang Jin Ha. He is about ten inches shorter than me, studying most probably a chefs course at one of the universities or colleges.”

“Alright, give me a few hours.”

Lee Won Ho, “I want all his information within the next twenty minutes.”


He switched the phone off and drove back to his apartment. It took him exactly eighteen minutes to arrive at his place and two minutes to walk up a set of stairs, take the elevator to his penthouse apartment and undress.

When twenty minutes passed his phone rang.

Lee Won Ho, “Are you done?”

“Yes but there’s something about this person that is concerning.”

Lee Won Ho, “Is there anything wrong?”


Lee Won Ho, “Why are you stalling?”

“AH!!!! It’s not that I am stalling it’s just that, this person is involved in something messy and its just weird that young master Lee wants information about this person.”

Lee Won Ho, “Involved in what?”

“No no no, see for yourself, I can’t speak about such things over the phone.”

Lee Won Ho, “...”

The phone went dead and his laptop shined. He walked over to his desk and moved the mouse making the screen shine brighter than before.

Opening his emails, he looked at the most recent one from the person who was on the phone with him a minute ago.

The file was huge so it took some time to download.

Finally, when it was done, Lee Won Ho opened it to see why it was so big and to his surprise, there were three videos.

Deciding on watching the videos last he went through the pdf files first.

A picture popped up of Alchoen who was sitting on a chair leaning against a teddy bear two sizes bigger than himself.

Lee Won Ho smiled then downloaded the image and set it as his desktop wallpaper.

More and more pictures of Alchoen showed up, continuously making Lee Won Ho download and save them.

Coming to the second folder in the email, the folder was named “Don’t look, young master”

Rolling his eyes he thought, “How bad could it be unless they were naked pictures of Alchoen.”

Opening the folder Lee Won Ho’s eyes opened wide.

The picture he was looking at was of Alchoen sitting in front of the mirror with his hair grown out hanging down his shoulders. His legs were crossed and the hair hanging down his shoulders were covering his chest.

Alchoen had nothing on. He only had a black thigh high stockings on. Alchoen was biting onto his thumb in the picture making it look alluring and very sexy.

Lee Won Ho swallowed hard, the photo was taken by himself.

Scrolling down the next picture was of Alchoen wearing a black and white striped pair of thigh high socks but this time with his hair tied up in a ponytail and with a long shirt on and shorts.

Lee Won Ho’s heart calmed down but he grew excited.

Scrolling to the next picture he saw more provocative pictures of Alchoen that he took self and these pictures made the thing between Lee Won Ho’s legs stand up.

Continuing to scroll down and look at the images with one eye open and the other closed, Lee Won Ho jumped up from his seat at the picture he saw next.

The picture he was looking at frightened him.

This one...was a close up of Alchoen’s face that showed him crying with a gag in his mouth.

Lee Won Ho sat back down and looked into Alchoens eyes in the picture. Zooming in he could make out the silhouette of the person who Alchoen was looking at.

Feeling that something was off he scrolled down to the next picture. In this one Alchoen was tied up against the bed with his hands above his head and his naked body showing.

Lee Won Ho was no longer excited between his legs and the look on his face showed more of a frown and somewhat angry.

The next picture was of Alchoen’s legs raised high, his head tilted back and eyes closed.

The following picture was of Alchoen lower body being penetrated by someone else.

Lee Won Ho’s hand froze. Looking at the picture he couldn’t see anything else but someone’s d*ck inside another’s a*shole.

Anyone would know from looking at the pictures before this one what was happening.

Feeling sick he picked up his phone and dialled the number who he last called.

“Young master?”

Lee Won Ho, “...”

“I take it that young master has seen everything.”

Lee Won Ho, “I haven’t watched the videos.”

“Young master, how do you know this person?”

Lee Won Ho, “A mutual friend.”


Lee Won Ho, “What’s in the videos you sent?”

“’s the scenes of the last few pictures.”

Lee Won Ho switched the phone off and clicked on the first video.

After it buffered it started playing.

Alchoen was tied up on the bed crying while the person filming him was laughing. Alchoen was pulling his arms trying to get the rope undone but it didn’t work.

The person filming him moved closer towards Alchoen. When he reached the bed he walked over to where Alchoens head was.

In the video, Alchoen stopped moving and glared at the person in front of him. A voice that was autotuned spoke, “Who do you think you are looking at like that… struggle some more then maybe I’ll let you go.”

Alchoen sat on the bed motionless and continued to glare at the person.

The person was silent for a few seconds then the camera angle shifted lightly and switched off.

Lee Won Ho was still absorbed with what he was watching and wanted to know what happens next. He quickly played the next video.

Picking up from where it left off the camera shifted then returned to Alchoen but Alchoen’s eyes were widened as if afraid of something then a hand entered into the camera’s line of view and strikes across his face.

Alchoen’s headshot to the side and stayed that way. Seconds later a sobbing sound came from Alchoen and his body started shaking indicating that he was crying.

Lee Won Ho’s heart started aching.

The man behind the camera started laughing. He then forced Alchoen’s legs open and shoved himself up Alchoen causing him to bleed. All three videos come to an end leaving the audience staring at an unconscious Alchoen.

Lee Won Ho closed his emails and sat at his desk with his elbows on the desk and his face in his palms.

Lee Won Ho had no words for what he saw. The feelings he felt in his heart was a mixture of sadness, hate, anger and pity.

Deciding against saying anything and investigating, he looked through Alchoens info and got his Instagram tag and thanks to his noisy fiance who runs his Instagram account he logged in and changed his password then sent Alchoen a message.

It was by impulse and longing that he contacted Alchoen. He also wanted to find out who it was that hurt him so that he could beat the crap out of that person and protect Alchoen with all he had.

Thinking further to when they went to the mall, the name “Park Ji Soo” was mentioned by that girl named “Ji Eun” then there were the people who spoke rudely towards Alchoen, did they have something to do with what happened?

Sighing deeply Lee Won Ho returned his thoughts to the present. Looking around he noticed that they were all looking at him.

“Is there something wrong,” he asked them all. His father answered, “Son, you’ve been spacing out the entire time and you haven’t said anything since we started speaking. You also have this unsightly expression on your face, is there something wrong?”

Lee Won Ho smiled bitterly and said, “My heart is not here today, can we talk about the wedding arrangements some other day?”

His face turned solemn then he seemed from the view of others that he was sad…

Seeing this his brother touched him on the shoulder and said, “Let’s go for a walk.”

Looking up Lee Won Ho nodded then got up and walked behind his brother. As he was walking his phone rang, reaching into his pocket, pulling it out.

He looked at it and a smile appeared on his face. Answer it he said in a gentle voice, “Hey, I was just thinking about you.”

Hearing this, his brother stopped walking and turned to look at his brother. The other three also turned to look at him.

“Lee Won Ho!!!”

Lee Won Ho, “Don’t scream I can hear you.”

“My father says he saw you in the military, are you a soldier?”

Lee Won Ho, “Heh? Your father saw me, when and where?”

“So you not denying it?”

Lee Won Ho, “No no no no wait.”

Lee Won Ho looked panicked, he looked at his brother and said, “Hyung, I’ll phone you later.”

He rushed past his brother and yelled, “Father, uncle, commander, this is urgent.”

Walking fast down the hallway he reached the stairs then spoke into the phone, “Alchoen?”

Alchoen, “Mn?”

Lee Won Ho, “I miss you.”

Lee Won Ho was just about to go down the stairs when something from the corner of his eye flashed. He turned to see what it was and it was his brother.

The two of them were looking at each other. Lee Won Ho could see the shocked expression his brother wore. Seeing this he knew - he was overheard.

His brother originally did not intend to run after him but was told so by his father. As soon as he reached Lee Won Ho, he heard those words and stopped in his tracks.

Alchoen, “You didn’t answer me.”

Lee Won Ho, “Listen, I’ll call you back, then I’ll answer all your questions but I need to attend to something will you hold on?”

Alchoen, “S-sure.”

Ending the call Lee Won Ho looked at his elder brother and asked, “Hyung-nim, did you hear me?”

His brother slowly nodded his head.

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