Love Born Within Two Days

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Love at First Sight

Lee Won Ho and his elder brother walked to the back yard garden away from the eyes and ears of others.

The two of them sat down on the wall of the fountain in the middle of a maze in their garden.

His brother didn’t speak, only waiting for his younger sibling to speak first.

Lee Won Ho, “Yesterday I met someone and I think it is love at first, today I spent my day with him and it confirmed my feelings for him. It was he who I spoke to over the phone and I miss him, even right now, I want to be with him and not hear.”

Finished speaking, Lee Won Ho raised his lowered head to look at his brother. His brother was looking at him with his eye almost bulging out.

Lee Won Ho, “Hyung what’s wrong?”

“You are in love with a man?”

Lee Won Ho, “Uhh…”

Brushing his hands through his hair, Lee Won Ho’s brother didn’t know what to say. His younger siblings answer of confirmation hit the nail.

“Do you know what will happen to you if you tell our father that you like another man?”

Lee Won Ho, “No.”

“Of cause not, but let me tell you, it won’t be fun and games.”

Lee Won Ho sighed, “I know, but what can I do… I haven’t felt like this before and even though I have been with Myung Hee for this long, there was never a physical attraction nor emotional attraction. You can’t blame me for knowing the differences in emotion between what I feel for Myung Hee against what I feel for Alchoen.”

“I admit that in the beginning, I agreed to marry her because it was something I must do and I didn’t mind it back then but now, after being with Alchoen… I don’t want to marry someone that I don’t love.”

“So will you be able to marry this Alchoen person?”

Lee Won Ho glared at his brother and said, “How can you ask me that, you know that same-sex marriage isn’t legal in our country.”

“I know that. This marriage between you and Myung Hee was arranged when you were younger and the two of you need to get married now that’s why the elders are rushing the arrangements.”

Lee Won Ho, “Is there a way to stop it?”

“I don’t know. Our family benefits from this marriage so do the Kim family and your commander. Do you think that any of those three men will allow this marriage to end?”

Just thinking about the complications of this was making Lee Won Ho’s head spin. His brother saw that his eyes were turning red and asked, “Are you going to cry?”

Lee Won Ho, “No but I don’t know what to do.”

“Listen, I don’t care whether you like men or women, that has nothing to do with me but you are my brother and I don’t like the Kim family also that Myung Hee is not suited for you.”

Lee Won Ho looked at his brother with a bitter smile playing on his face. He knew that his brother and Myung Hee didn’t get along and there was really no way of him getting out of this arranged marriage.

The marriage alone isn’t bad but the one he wanted to marry is most likely Alchoen but Alchoen wouldn’t agree to it because they only went on one date even though the two of them were so close to sleeping together - he wanted to take things slow.

To make Alchoen fall for him and love him.

Taking a deep breath in he looked at his brother who was walking in circles trying to think of something.

Taking out his phone he clicked on Alchoens name in his contacts list and clicked “Send message,” Lee Won Ho started typing something and clicked send.

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