Love Born Within Two Days

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I Love You

Alchoen who was laying on the three-seater couch in the lounge with his on top of his father’s legs.

On Alchoen’s legs was a bowl of grapes that his father and mother were eating from, occasionally feeding a few grapes to Alchoen.

The three of them were watching a historical series on the t.v.

Alchoens phone vibrated on the table. Reaching for it he saw that it was a message from Lee Won Ho,

Clicking on the message it said, “I want your body, even your heart that reveals the hidden me, I want to explore your love...This feeling that you give me when I am with you. Very slowly with great detail, I’ll make you Kang Alchoen love me and want me as much as I love and want you.”

Alchoen’s heart started trembling. He clicked on the call button. When the other answered he said into the phone, “Come here.”

Lee Won Ho, “I’m coming.”

Alchoen looked at his father and said, “Your son-in-law is coming.”

Mr Kang looked at Alchoen listless and asked, “Why?”

Alchoen, “Didn’t you hear me tell him to come here?”

Mr Kang, “...”

Alchoen, “...”

Mrs Kang, “Is he handsome?”

Alchoen, “Your husband is handsome.”

Mrs Kang, “My husband is old.”

Mr Kang, “...”


An hour passed then Alchoens phone lit up, “I’m here,” popped up on the screen. Alchoen jumped up and ran to the door. Opening the door he went to the gate and opened it.

Lee Won Ho looked down at Alchoen then walked past him through the gate. The two of them walked in through the door of the house which Alchoen closed behind him.

Lee Won Ho stood in place looking at the elderly couple who was sitting on the couch staring at him.

Before Lee Won Ho and Alchoen entered the house Mr Kang switched off the t.v and sat up straight with the newspaper in his hand.

Mrs Kang sat beside her husband with the bowl of grapes in her arm, throwing one after the other in while looking Lee Won Ho over.

Alchoen stood beside Lee Won Ho and looked at his parents that were acting as if they weren’t watching a drama a few seconds ago.

Rolling his eyes he put his right hand on Lee Won Ho’s left arm and introduced them, “Mommy, daddy, this is Lee Won Ho, the one who I went out with this morning… Won Ho, this is my father Kang Jin Young and my mother Jiang Yueguang.”

Lee Won Ho bowed slightly and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr and Mrs Kang.”

Mrs Kang, “Mn, I finally get to meet my son’s handsome stalker.”

Lee Won Ho was caught off guard by the “stalker” comment. Smiling wearily he said nervously, “Sorry about that.”

Mr Kang looked at Lee Won Ho from top to bottom then asked, “Why are you here?”

Not knowing how to answer Mr Kang, Lee Won Ho looked at Alchoen but Alchoen just smiled saying nothing.

Taking a deep breath in he put on a serious face and said, “Mr Kang, I am here to ask you if I can marry your son.”

The smile on Alchoens face turned to a frown. Mr Kang looked at Lee Won Ho as if he was looking at an idiot and Mrs Kang continued to stuff grapes in her mouth with a grin on her face looking from Lee Won Ho’s face to Alchoens confused frown than to her husband’s handsome face.

Mr Kang turned to his wife and handed her the newspaper while he took the grapes from her. Placing one in his mouth he said, “You not taking my child from me.”

Lee Won Ho, “You will still get to see him.”

Mr Kang, “No.”

Lee Won Ho, “I will stay here with you three then.”

Mr Kang, “This house doesn’t need a third male in it.”

Lee Won Ho, “Then all three of you can live with me.”

Mr Kang, “Negative.”

Lee Won Ho, “I’m still marrying him.”

The grape that was about to be devoured by Mr Kang paused between his teeth. Mr Kang looked up at Lee Won Ho who still had a serious expression on his face. Sighing he pointed to the two-seater adjacent him.

Lee Won Ho took a seat while Alchoen went to the kitchen to pour for him a glass of mango juice. He returned to the lounge and handed Lee Won Ho the glass then sat down beside him.

Lee Won Ho was acting weird and Alchoen wanted to get to the bottom of it and didn’t know how to ask him but his father was the best at cross-questioning someone so he opted to listen in.

Lee Won Ho looked at Alchoen from top to bottom noticing that he still had the same clothes on it’s just that he no longer had the black tank top under his hoodie crop top.

Looking at Alchoen he asked, “Why are you walking around with your stomach showing?”

Alchoen looked down at his stomach and said, “I was getting hot…”

Lee Won Ho sat back on the couch and shook his head. Gulping down the glass of mango juice.

Mr Kang, “Is something troubling you?”

Lee Won Ho looked at Mr Kang then looked at Alchoen. Looking back at Mr Kang he said, “Yesterday I met your son for the first time. Even before I had a conversation with him I realised that I had fallen in love with him… after I dropped Alchoen off I realized that I don’t want to be without him, I… have never felt like this before.”

Mr Kang, “Don’t worry, you will get over it.”

Lee Won Ho, “Huh?”

Mr Kang, “You will get over these feelings, throw my son away and go back to who you were before you met him.”

Lee Won Ho looked at Mr Kang confused, “Why do you say that?”

Mr Kang, “I won’t allow my son to get hurt again all because someone fell in love with him.”

Lee Won Ho, “Mr Kang, I won’t abandon Alchoen.”

Mr Kang, “How do you know?”

Lee Won Ho, “I know it, I know how my heart feels.”

Mr Kang, “I know how my heart feels too. I don’t know if you know this but my son loved and was abused by the person who said he loved him. Do you honestly think that I would be so dumb to allow my son to go through such humiliation again all because of some impulse?”

Lee Won Ho looked at Mr Kang who seemed as though he was suppressing his anger. He kept quiet not wanting to anger Mr Kang. He had some idea of what Mr Kang was talking about but chose to not say anything.

Mrs Kang who was sitting on the side observing things, sat up and helped calm her husband down, she said to him, “Don’t you remember that you fell in love with me at first glance and if it wasn’t for me agreeing then you and I wouldn’t have grown old together? We have nine beautiful children after so many years. Do you not think that maybe Lee Won Ho is the right person for of baby?”

Mr Kang looked at his wife. What she said made sense but he couldn’t get over what happened to Alchoen last year.

He looked over at Alchoen who looked as if he was deeply thinking about something. He looked over at Lee Won Ho who was looking down at the ground while biting his lip.

Mr Kang, “Alchoen, do you like this person?”

Alchoen looked at Lee Won Ho and said, “I do like him but not as much as he likes me, from what I can see, even though it’s been two days, he likes me more than Park Ji Soo ever did.”

Mr Kang stood up and pointed his finger at Lee Won Ho while saying, “If you hurt my son, I am coming after you and your family.”

After saying this Mr Kang helped his wife up and the two of them went to their room.

Lee Won Ho turned his trembling body to face Alchoen. Seeing that Lee Won Ho’s eyes were turning red and tears were welling up in his eyes Alchoen began to panic.

He sat up and wiped away Lee Won Ho’s tears before they fell.

Alchoen, “Won Ho?”

Hearing the other call him by his name Lee Won Ho smiled, he reached for Alchoen’s hands and kissed the inside of his palms.

With his face in Alchoens palms, he said with closed eyes, “I love you, I love you, I love you but because I love you my life has been made a mess of.”

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