Love Born Within Two Days

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A slight pain rushed to Lee Won Ho’s mind which made him stop speaking. Rubbing his temples, he tried keeping his tears in place.

He didn’t know why but this was the first time he felt this way and the feelings that were flooding in throughout his entire body was frustrating him.

Alchoen looked at Lee Won Ho who was hiding his emotions that could be seen clearly on his face.

Shaking his head, he thought back to when he was in the same state as Lee Won Ho.

A bitter smile played on his lips thinking about how terrible the person was that he fell in love with.

Thinking this far he looked at Lee Won Ho who was now resting his head back with his eyes closed.

He looked down at the place where he was resting and saw something he was very familiar with.

Moving his hand he rubbed the place he was eyeing. Lee Won Ho’s body shuddered.

He opened his eyes and looked at Alchoen. Seeing that the person before him was looking at him questioningly, he smiled.

Lee Won Ho grabbed Alchoen’s hand in his, frowning, he asked, “What are you doing?”

Alchoen squeezed hard which made Lee Won Ho frown deeper. Smiling at the frowning Lee Won Ho, he let go of his crotch and got up onto his knees.

He put his hands on each side of Lee Won Ho’s shoulders and closed in for a kiss while looking at Lee Won Ho with need.

Lee Won Ho’s heart shuddered to see the longing look in Alchoens eyes. Raising his right hand, he slid it up Alchoens back, reaching the back of his head and pulled him closer.

The two of them locked lips. Neither moved whether it was sucking on the other’s lips or forcing their tongues in.

This kiss was paused; long and just to taste the lips of the other - Lee Won Ho’s mind went blank.

Alchoen was the first to pull away. When he opened his eyes he saw the dazed look Lee Won Ho was giving him although his eyes were closed.

Gripping onto his shoulders tightly, Alchoen pulled himself closer, raising his left leg, shifting it over to the right side of the one in front of him.

Alchoen was now sitting on top of Lee Won Ho in a straddle position. Feeling the weight of the other, he opened his eyes slowly.

What entered his view was a smiling Alchoen whose head was tilted to his right.

Alchoen sat up on his knees making him taller than Lee Won Ho.

Looking down at the other beneath him, he lowered his head making their noses kiss.

Lee Won Ho closed his eyes thinking that Alchoen was about to kiss him.

To his surprise, nothing happened. He opened his eyes to a grinning Alchoen.

Alchoen opened his mouth, lowered his eyes to look at Lee Won Ho’s lips, he exhaled gently making the airbrush past Lee Won Ho’s skin.

Lee Won Ho could feel warm air brush against his mouth and right cheek.

Looking at the other’s lips, he bit down on his own. He moved up slightly to bite down on those tempting lips but the other moved his head to the left just missing it.

He moved his head to the left trying to catch Alchoen’s lips but failed yet again. He looked up at Alchoen with a frustrated gaze.

A chuckle left Alchoens mouth. He lifts his left hand and cupped Lee Won Ho’s chin in his hand.

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