Love Born Within Two Days

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Eggs Benedict (I)

Looking down at Lee Won Ho’s lips, Alchoen leaned forward and bit down as though, wanting to bite Lee Won Ho’s lips off.

Alchoen then opened his mouth and sucked in a mouth full of air.

Moving in once again to kiss Lee Won Ho, he stopped and repeated his actions.

In the beginning, Lee Won Ho found this very confusing and frustrating but after the third time, he found that these movements were as though Alchoen was sucking him in.

His body relaxed as he let Alchoen do what he wanted. When Alchoen felt the other’s body relax beneath him, he moved closer; wrapped his arms around Lee Won Ho’s neck.

The crushing weight on his crotch got him aroused because not only was Alchoen directly on his semi-hard bulge but he was also grinding against him moving his hips in slow motions.

He opened his eyes and was about to question Alchoens actions but the movement he opened his mouth. Alchoen caught his mouth in his and forced his way in.

Before he knew it, his eyes closed, his body sunk to a laying position with Alchoen still grinding against him.

When the two of them could no longer breathe, Alchoen lifted his head moving down to the left side of Lee Won Ho; kissing down his cheeks, then down to his neck, slowly while moving his lower body.

Reaching the cavity of Lee Won Ho’s collar bone, Alchoen stuck out his tongue and licked inside tracing the outline of his bones.

Every kiss that landed on his body made an electric-like current flow through his body. This feeling, he felt it before… the first time he kissed his fiance and the first time he kissed Alchoen.

Opening his eyes he tried looking at Alchoen but his chin was held firmly.

Moving down his chest, Alchoen kept kissing him gently. He lifts himself and moved down, placed his left hand on Lee Won Ho’s hardened member, gripping it tightly while massaging it.

Alchoen’s grip was firm. Biting on his molars, Lee Won Ho tried to relax but couldn’t. He lifts his hands and placed them on Alchoens shoulders.

Lee Won Ho, “A-alchoen, w-w-what are you doing?”

Pausing above Lee Won Ho’s left nipple he said in a soft voice, “It’s been years since I was fucked, why don’t we do it?”

Lee Won Ho was about to counter but paused, he opened his eyes and looked down at Alchoen, frowning he asked, “I thought you don’t like me as much as I like you so why would you sleep with someone you don’t love?”

Pausing his hand, he looked at Lee Won Ho dumbfoundedly. His head drooped down and landed on Lee Won Ho’s chest.

Saying, “But you love me, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be inside the one you love?”

Lee Won Ho countered, “Yes but only if the one I love has mutual affection towards me, otherwise all of this, would be a waste of time and effort. If we do this now, I might be the only one benefitting while your pleasure lasts only for a moment.”

For some reason, Alchoen agreed with Lee Won Ho’s words. Nodding his head he moved off of Lee Won Ho’s body and sat up with his legs crossed.

Lee Won Ho got up, looking at Alchoen’s frustrated gaze he said, “I’ll go finish up in the bathroom,” not waiting for a reply he dashed off, relieving himself from the built-up pressure in his hardened member - while thinking of Alchoen.

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