Love Born Within Two Days

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Eggs Benedict (II)

Lee Won Ho returned from the toilet. Climbing into bed he pulled Alchoen into his embrace and cuddled him.

The two of them didn’t say much before they fell asleep. The next day Lee Won Ho was up early preparing breakfast.

Alchoen who was fast asleep on the bed, laid with the blanket hanging off the bed while he was uncovered with his legs stretched wide across the bed.

After preparing breakfast, Lee Won Ho placed a glass of mango juice on a tray, with the eggs benedict he prepared, a side of grapes with a small bowl of muesli topped with dried berries and strawberry yoghurt.

Carrying the tray to his room, he placed it down on the table beside the window and turned to face Alchoen.

Pausing as he was about to call out to him, he looked down at the shirt that was barely covering Alchoens stomach.

Following down the middle of Alchoens stomach, a lump formed in his throat. He did not realise this but he was slowly moving towards the bed. Looking down at the one who took over his bed, Lee Won Ho’s body started heating up.

Heating up so much to the point where something was visibly showing.

Arriving at the bed, he climbed on until he was hovering above Alchoens stomach. Moving down slowly, his lips touched the bare skin that retreated because of the sudden kiss.

Kissing Alchoens stomach only added more fuel to Lee Won Ho’s desire. Continuing his kisses till it became prolonged sucking that left behind a red mark on the skin.

Alchoen had long since woken up but couldn’t call out Lee Won Ho’s name because he too was suffering from last nights unquenched desire.

Soft muffled and kissing echoed throughout the room. Seeming to have had enough of the other persons kisses that couldn’t fulfil his needs, Alchoen lift his legs while Lee Won Ho was between them and slipped his right hand into his pants.

Rubbing at the soft pink entrance making it moist making it open and close as though breathing, he bit down onto his bottom lip and inserted his middle finger.

"Ah!" escaped his lips which then caught Lee Won Ho’s attention.

His murky gaze and desire filled thoughts followed Alchoens hand becoming furious. Squinting his eyes he sat up and watched as Alchoen pulled his legs together and arched his back - this making him moan louder.

He was furious and his judgement was being clouded by the heat from his body and the sight before him. Looking up at Alchoens face, it glowed red, his eyes were closed while biting down on his lips.

Lee Won Ho’s mind; he was mentally fighting himself. He was enjoying his view, wanting to participate but he did not know how to do it with another guy, in fact, he was still a virgin that suddenly fell for a guy who he wanted to eat up but knew nothing.

Lee Won Ho was still fighting with himself when Alchoen was already done fingering himself, licking up the translucent liquid that dripped down his fingers.

Looking up at Lee Won Ho who seemed conflicted by something, Alchoen got up and placed his hands on Lee Won Ho’s face while asking in a low tone, “What’s wrong?”

Lee Won Ho’s cloudy gaze locked onto him; pushing his ego aside he said, ”I don’t know, what to do.”

Lightly shaking his head with a chuckle, Alchoen got up onto his knees placing one knee on each side of Lee Won Ho, placing his lips against Lee Won Ho’s he bit down - Lee Won Ho’s eyes widened, while Alchoen squeezed shut.

Forcing his warm and juicy entrance over Lee Won Ho’s rock hard shaft.

"A-alchoen-n, w-when did y-you?" he managed out.

"Shu!!" Alchoen shushed him, pushing Lee Won Ho down to lay on the bed. As his body laid down, the movement only moved him deeper inside Alchoen.

"Close your eyes,” Alchoen said, as he closed his too. After a few seconds of getting used to the swollen member inside him, he opened his eyes.

Glaring down with misty eyes at the one beneath him. Slipping his underpants off, he freed his legs and relaxed his body further, sucking in the hardened member.

A strong intense burn rose up from the inside where the two joined, scorching the two making them moan although neither made a move yet.

Lee Won Ho rested his hands on Alchoen’s waist; grabbing his hands, Alchoen moved those hands to his buttocks, ”Your hands go here.”

Pressing his lower body down then gliding it up with a lot of pressure; Alchoen started rocking his hips on the hard shaft.

“mm,” escaped Alchoens mouth as he forced himself up and down.

Lee Won Ho beneath him, eyes opened wide looking up at Alchoens pained expression.

Lifting his hand, he touched the side of Alchoens face, caressing his cheek as he looked down to where they were joined. His hands slid down as he grabbed on to Alchoens waist still looking down at Alchoens entrance moving up and down on him.

Precum slowly slid out into Alchoens warm and moist entrance; with the precum and liquid inside accumulating from the up and down movements mixing making squelching sounds.

This feeling of pleasure was his first and he enjoyed it; having his mind flood with desire his grip tightened as he started moving his hips in sync with Alchoens.

"Ah,” was forced out. Opening his eyes Alchoen looked down to see that the other’s eyes were looking elsewhere.

Leaning back with his hands holding him up as support, he raised both his legs open one on either side of Lee Won Ho.

With his legs raised and his supporting him, he dropped his head back and started moving; bouncing up and down the hard shaft.


"ha haa haaa haaa"

"" the two moand in unison.

Alchoens moans became louder and Lee Won Ho’s thrusts hastened, getting faster and faster, deeper and deeper, pounding in and out with greed.

Seeming to be taken over by greed, he pushed Alchoen down, with him now on top. Placing himself between Alchoens legs, he started thrusting in and out.

Alchoens moans became screams as Lee Won Ho viciously thrust in and out of him, the force conjuring a feeling of pleasure that coursed throughout his body heating it, driving him to the point of near madness, leaving them both with a thrilling amount of pleasure.

Going at a fast speed for quite some time, Lee Won Ho felt like his body couldn’t contain his fluids anymore, he bit down on his molars, exhaling the breath he kept in; releasing his white thick load inside Alchoen.

The white, thick load inside him triggered his climax to prolong, making his body arch forward with light shocks triggering him to arch forwards and backwards for a few seconds while still sucking on Lee Won Ho’s shaft.

After his climax, Lee Won Ho looked at Alchoen. Staring into each other’s eyes for a moment. Leaning down and resting his body besides Alchoen, they kissed.

The member which was hard before, easily slipped out of Alchoens entrance as he laid down kissing him. The member slipped out of its chamber while Alchoen lifted his leg to rest it around Lee Won Ho’s waist.

Along with the softened member, spurted out the mixture of both their fluids, slowly dripping out, leaving behind a thick trail.

Alchoen rested his head on Lee Won Ho’s shoulder and closed his eyes. Lee Won Ho’s mind was still buzzing from the after-effects. Combing his hand through Alchoens hair as he stared off into space.

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