Love Born Within Two Days

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Didn’t you tell me to wash?

One week later...

Alchoen and Lee Won Ho were sitting on the single couch in Lee Won Ho’s apartment making out.

Ever since their first time together, Lee Won Ho refused to leave Alchoen’s side; not returning home and not contacting his family whereas Alchoen did.

Their tongues locking, leading to passionate kissing while Alchoen ground on him, heating their bodies.

“Knock, knock,” came from the front door.

The two stopped kissing. Lee Won Ho let out a growl of dissatisfaction. Lifting Alchoen off him, he got up, pulled his pants up.

Looking at Alchoen who had an exhausted look on his face. Chuckling lightly, he flicked Alchoens nose then pecked him on the cheek. “Don’t look so sad my love, I’ll be back soon to eat you up.”

Pushing Lee Won Ho’s hand away, he glared at him, “Just leave, let me sleep.” Lee Won Ho’s mouth twitched at being rejected. He stood there looking at Alchoen, Thinking of all the ways he could feast on Alchoens body.

“Bang, bang.”

Two bangs echoed from the door sounding aggressive.

“Fuck! I’m coming,” yelled Lee Won Ho.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Lee Won Ho kicked the door with his right foot, grabbing at the door handle, he entered the password and yanked the door open!

Anger all over his face, Lee Won Ho yelled, “What the fuck do you want!”

After yelling, he ran his gaze over the people standing outside.

Reality slapped him in the face. He shut the door close in their face, turning around. Alchoen got up and looked at him, “What’s wrong?”

Lee Won Ho’s eyes darted as he panicked. His mouth was moving as though he was speaking but nothing was coming out.

Alchoen himself started panicking, he got up and rushed to Lee Won Ho’s side. He smacked him then grabbed his face, “Won Ho look at me and tell me what’s wrong.”

Looking down at him Lee Won Ho mumbled, barely audible, “My father, mother, hyung, father-in-law and fiance is here.”

Alchoen’s eyes widened for a second but calmed down soon enough. He stood on his toes and pulled Lee Won Ho down, forcing a kiss.

Parting their lips, Lee Won Ho seemed to calm down. Alchoen smiled at him, “Is that a problem?”

Lee Won Ho, “Not really.”

Alchoen, “Now get dressed and say sorry for swearing at them.”

Lee Won Ho looked at Alchoen with concern. Caressing his cheeks he asked, “What will you do?”

Swatting his hand away, “My ass is going to violate your bed.”

They kissed once more. Lee Won Ho slapped Alchoen’s butt as he walked away. Lee Won Ho took in a few breaths.

Entering the password, he opened the door and greeted them, “Ma, pa, hyung, father-in-law, what brings you all here?”

His father was as red as a tomato, pointing his finger at his nose, Mr Lee said, “You ill-mannered child! Who taught you to curse like that? And to make it worse, you curse all of us!”

Stepping aside, he held the door open for them to pass through. Kissing his mother on her cheek and hugging her. He looked over at his fiance, smiled awkwardly and hugged her.

He shook his hyungs hand and fathers-in-law while just looking at his father emotionally.

He excused himself, making his way to his room to take a shower. When he got to his room, Alchoen was staring at him.

Alchoen, “What are you doing here?”

Lee Won Ho, “Didn’t you tell me to wash?”

Alchoen, “Yeah, you smell like sweat and my cum.”

Lee Won Ho threw Alchoen with his shirt that laid on the floor from the previous night.

Chuckling, Alchoen threw the shirt to the ground and closed his head with the duvet pretending to sleep.

Mr Lee, “Lee Won Ho, what nonsense are you saying?”

Lee Won Ho, “I no longer want to get married.”

Mr Lee was fuming at his son’s unfazed expression. He felt as though he could throw his son across the room.

Myung Hee was in tears as her father and Mrs Lee tried calming her down whereas Lee Won Ho’s Hyung-nim Lee Won Hyun, sat on a chair against the sliding door looking at everyone with a shot of whisky in his hand.

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