Love Born Within Two Days

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Old Fool

Mr Kang and Ms Jiang laid on the bed panting. Ms Jiang rested her head on her husband’s shoulder while her right hand rubbing Mr Kang’s stomach in circular motions.

Wiping the sweat off of his forehead with his other hand he rubbed it against Ms Jiang’s stretch marks on her butt.

Ms Jiang, “Our son found himself a handsome boy to sleep with.”

Growling, Mr Kang answered, “That boy shouldn’t even think of violating my son, I will kill him.”

Ms Jiang, “Yes, yes Mr Kang, let’s kill them all.”

Looking down at his wife, “You gave me so many sons when will you give me more daughters?”

Ms Jiang, “My eggs are old and you will run out of money eventually.”

Mr Kang, “Woman, I ran out of money years ago and we still survived, adding more children to our family won’t bankrupt me.”

Ms Jiang, “Okay, okay, but I’ll just end up giving you another son, you should go somewhere else and find another factory to produce your children.”

Smacking her butt, he growled, “You and I will die together.”

Kissing her husband and sitting up she asked him, “Have you heard from Park Ji Soo and his family?”

Mr Kang, “Mn, his father keeps sending me emails asking not to sue them.”

Ms Jiang, “Well, their son is refusing to apologize to Alchoen, he is lucky that he only got away with a black eye, I would have preferred it if Bidum broke his limbs.”

Mr Kang, “He should say thank you that the older children didn’t get to him first.”

Ms Jiang’s eyes turned a light red, thinking back to what happened to Alchoen. Mr Kang could hear his wife sniffing and sat up beside her, pulling her in he held her while stroking her back.

Mr Kang, “Don’t worry, I will make sure we get justice for our son and if I die before then, one of the eldest children will pick up from where I left off.”

Ms Jiang, “Mn.”


I have never accepted that my son is gay but I also can’t accept that he was taken advantage off, abused and humiliated by someone who he loved.

Alchoen used to cry and have sleepless nights because of this Park Ji Soo, making me finally accept him.

He used to come over, help Alchoen with his homework and other stuff, it seemed as though that was just a cover-up. Eventually, after the incident, my son told me everything and how he had been suffering at this boys hands but still loved him.

I have had ups and downs with my wife but we stuck together and are happy.

This Lee Won Ho boy might hurt my son and I don’t want that. His family is well off like ours but they flaunt their money and I highly think an aristocratic family like there will accept their son with another man.

But I understand, I too won’t accept it. I still don’t accept it but what can I do, did I not make him? To be honest, I don’t accept it, if my son listened to me before and stopped with this, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt; now we have to deal with the results of their relationship.

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