Love Born Within Two Days

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Ah… So Be It

Time passed slowly and still, Mr Lee and his wife couldn’t change their son’s mind. Lee Won Ho was dead set on not listening to his parents.

The Lee’s even looked to their eldest son for help but he wanted nothing to do with this conversation. Lee Won Ho’s fiance and her father’s moods were off and it seemed as though they just wanted to leave.

In his heart Lee Won Ho felt bad, it was never his intention to make his fiance sad and upset nor make her cry, they were somewhat something like, childhood sweethearts although their marriage was arranged for the benefit of their families.

As much as he thought he loved her, that love can’t even compare to the love he has for Alchoen.

Feeling sick to his stomach at thinking all of this he raised his head, looked at everyone and said, “Before I thought that I loved Myung Hee but that was a lie. My feelings for her was just a way of me comforting myself because I am constantly worried about my own life. On the battlefiled, I never knew if I’d ever return home, so when I did get home, it felt good knowing that I would be welcomed by her, but that is just a safe illusion I created for myself, I was never happy... I realised this after falling in love with someone else and I genuinely have feelings for this person and even if you wish hard for it, my feelings won’t change!”

Lee Won Ho’s brother chocked on his whiskey. Mrs Lee fainted after he spoke from the shock. Mr Park was fuming while his daughter started crying again.

Mr Lee walked up to his son, grabbing him by the collar, he pulled him up and smacked him. Pointing his finger at him, the word “You” repeatedly echoed from his mouth as he couldn’t say anything else because of his anger. Before he could do any more damage his eldest son pulled him away from Lee Won Ho, urging him to calm down and be rational. Mr Lee pushed him aside and before he could hit his son again Mr Park stopped him, “enough!” he yelled.

Lee Won Ho dropped down onto the couch looking dazed because he couldn’t believe his father.

He sat there quietly in a stunned state even after they all left.

An hour passed and Alchoen came out of the room, feeling better from his rest. When he came out from the room he saw that Lee Won Ho was seated with his back facing him, he looked around and saw that there wasn’t anyone around.

He snuck up to Lee Won Ho from behind and jumped on him falling over the couch, he planted a kiss on Lee Won Ho’s right cheek.

Alchoen paused because Lee Won Ho’s cheek felt wet. Pulling away he saw that Lee Won Ho’s eyes were red and tears were falling from them, he called out to him, “Won Ho?”

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