Love Born Within Two Days

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Exchanged Pleasantries

Alchoen’s legs became weak almost slipping down but with the man’s quick reflexes he quickly slid his hands down grabbing onto Alchoen’s soft buttocks.

This action only made his body become mushy, with his eyes closed he could feel the intense heat and lust coming from the other man.

Their kissing didn’t last long, the man moved his lips. Alchoen who was still in a trance slowly opened his watery eyes and looked up at him.

“What’s your name,” he asked with a gentle yet husky voice.

“Alchoen...Kang Alchoen,” he answered looking into the man’s eyes.

Squeezing onto Alchoen’s buttocks once more he asked, “Do you want another kiss?”

Alchoen looked up then looked at his lips he asked back, “Don’t you want to kiss me again?”

The man squinted as he looked at him narrowing down his vision on Alchoen’s plump lips, moving down slowly he bit down on Alchoen’s top lip and hummed “mn.”

The two were kissing passionately once again in the men’s bathroom. The man turned the two of them around and slowly walked to the wall.

He slid his right leg between Alchoen’s forcing his legs open and slid him up and held onto him while he fondled him excessively.

Alchoen’s body became warmer with each touch and everywhere the man touched him it would burn, making him want more.

Their kiss got so heated but it stopped. The man looked at him lovingly, he combed his right hand through Alchoen’s hair.

He put their noses together, pecked Alchoen’s lips once then walked away.


Alchoen watched the mans residing back and wanted to reach for him but it was already too late.

Finally catching his breath he turned to look at himself in the mirror and saw that his face was flushed pink. Shaking his head wildly to get out of the trance that he was in.

He bent down over the sink after opening the tap and splashed water on his face.

He exited the toilet and looked at the watch on the wall. It was almost 2:30 pm.

Walking back to his place he found that there was a familiar body sitting in his seat speaking to the five men who kept laughing loudly. Smiling with them and laughing too.

The moment he drew nearer he realised that this person was his brother.

Alchoen’s vision drifted to the figure who ravaged his lips in the toilet but the figure didn’t pay him any attention, [It feels like a dream], he thought.

Sighing inwardly he walked up to his brother and glared at him.

Alchoens elder brother and the five males stopped speaking, turning their gazes towards him. With gritted teeth, Alchoen said, “Hyung-nim, you finally decided to show your face!”

Alchoen’s elder brother glared back at him and said, “I have been here for the past eight minutes, where the fuck, were you?”

Alchoen rolled his eyes at him and mumbled, “I was dying in the fuckin toilet.” “Dead people don’t speak back to their elders,” his brother retorted.

Alchoen who was busy packing up heard this and stopped, he straightened his gaze onto his brother and said with a smile, “I said! I was dying, WAS!!! Don’t you understand the human language?”

“This little…” Alchoen’s brother trailed as he saw that his younger brother was no longer paying attention to him.

He kicked at Alchoen’s butt grabbing his attention and said, “Let me introduce you to these gu…”

“I don’t want to, you made me wait long in enough and abused my ass, go pay my bill and let’s go home,” he interjected.

His brother’s mouth twitched. Shaking his head he handed Alchoen his bag, greeted his friends then went to the counter to pay Alchoens bill.

When he came back he looked at the table where Alchoen sat and asked him, “Hey you, did you dip your fries in the milkshake again?”

“What’s it to you?” Alchoen shot him a glance.

“That shit tastes salty when I drank it,” he answered.

Alchoen glanced at the empty glass on the table then looked over at those five men. Although they said their goodbyes they still listened to the sibling’s banter.

Sweeping his gaze over the five, he caught the guy who exchanged pleasantries with him in the toilet looking at him but his gaze didn’t stay on him for long. Moving his gaze back to his brother with a cheeky smile on his face he said, “Who told you, you are allowed to eat my leftovers?”

“Listen here, you are sleeping at your mother’s place tonight,” Alchoen’s brother changed the topic. Waving goodbye to the five men as he left.

Alchoen stood in his steps, with a frown on his face...he slowly walked after his brother.

His brother continued speaking nonsense all the way to their mother’s place, then left Alchoen there with a headache.

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