Love Born Within Two Days

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Life With My Love(I)

Because he was smacked by his father Lee Won Ho suffered a bit of trauma. This was the first time in his entire life that his father laid a hand on him. He felt so embarrassed and humiliated.

His phone had been ringing for the past three hours nonstop, receiving calls from his brother, mother, friends and his commander. Alchoen became agitated and ended up switching the phone off because Lee Won Ho didn’t bother to answer it, so in the end, it just ended up irritating both of them.

A few more hours went by and he finally had it. He and Alchoen packed his things in bags and took everything he owned leaving behind an empty apartment.

Before he was reluctant but because he trusted and loved Alchoen, he opened up about what happened. Alchoen too couldn’t fathom what Mr Lee was thinking but he knew that it must be because if the marriage falls out then those who would have benefitted lost out.

Because he felt slightly guilty, Alchoen took Lee Won Ho to his brother’s spare apartment after asking for permission to use it.

A few days passed and using Alchoens phone, he emailed his resignation form and letter to his commander then removed his email account from the phone and handed it back to his beloved.

Lee Won Ho had decided to give up his life to be with the one he loved called Kang Alchoen. Alchoen was stuck with a dilemma and felt so guilty for what happened to Lee Won Ho.

He informed his parents and brother about the conflict between Lee Won Ho and his family asking for advice from them since he did not know what to do or how to handle this situation. To his surprise, they weren’t helpful at all especially that dreaded brother of his.

The two of them became close often engaging in sexual activities and eating lovely cooking that Alchoen made.

Although they were now living together happily, Alchoen still had to attend college and Lee Won Ho’s accounts were frozen. This made him feel horrible but not to a bad state. Roundabout six years ago he opened up a bank account under the name he planned to give his son one day - who knew that it would come in handy now.

Arriving at the bank he went to change the account from fixed to now accessible. This account had all his investments and money he transferred from his family name account to this with also no one knowing of its existence.

This account before was for when he died and felt bad for just leaving nothing behind. In his will, he left all his things to his wife to be and their child, but now, fortunately, all that money is his to use due to unforeseen means.

Looking down at the name on the bank card, “Lee Jeonghan,” he smiled - how fun would it be to raise a child with Alchoen but his love was very young and still studying so this will have to wait.

Lee Won Ho was blessed to have a friend like Kang Jinha who allowed him to date his younger brother, not killing him and not reporting him to the commander and most importantly allowed them to stay together in his apartment. Kang Jinha mostly did this for his younger brothers sake because now that he was with Lee Won Ho, it seemed as though something about him changed.

Kang Jinha also gave Lee Won Ho one of his Audi A5′s to use with the intention of driving Alchoen all over and leaving him the fuck alone.
Their relationship developed at a steady pace with all the sex in between. The two of them became a couple and often visited Mr Kang and Miss Jiang because Miss Jiang complained about the house being too quiet now that Alchoen was no longer living with them.

Mr Kang still held a grudge against Alchoens ex so he was reluctant on letting Lee Won Ho do whatever he wanted in his presence.
Arriving back at the apartment, Alchoen was in the kitchen while Lee Won Ho was looking through the newspaper at the job advertisements. Before Lee Won Ho spoke to Alchoen about getting a job because he did not want to run out of money even though he had money coming in every day from his investments and apartments he hired out.

He did not have many qualifications because he was lept in the army and could only study part-time. Before he planned to be a business owner but now it was too late so he opted for his second choice - math or English teacher.

He felt that it would be best if he was a primary school teacher more than a high school teacher because he’d just end up killing the kids of nowadays.

The one thing he wanted was to not get noticed by his father’s connections and thanks to having a wonderful brother-in-law, he was able to change his surname from Lee to Paeng, a very uncommon surname.

It took Alchoen about a month to get used to this damn surname but it suited his lover well, Paeng Won Ho. Because of his part-time studies as a math teacher for the past five years, he accumulated enough qualifications through the armies private studies program. Won Ho didn’t know how, but this brother-in-law of his managed to duplicate all the things under his name Lee Won Ho to Paeng Won Ho.

He asked Alchoen a couple of times about what his brother does apart from being a charted accountant, Alchoen said that there were many people in this world that wanted to ride his dick because of what he can do, what he meant by this, he didn’t really know, all he knew was that he loved Alchoen and he loved the family who raised him.
As Won Ho was browsing through the newspaper, his new phone rang. Answering it, it was a call from one of the school principals that he applied at. He wanted to know if he was free for an interview two days from now. The position was for a math teacher for the school’s seventh grade.

Placing the phone down, his eyes widened with excitement and rushed to hug Alchoen from behind. Placing a gentle kiss on his cheek he said, “Baby, the was the principal from H primary school, he asked me to meet with him two days from now.”

Alchoen smiled from ear to ear. Turning around he hugged Won Ho and said, “Love, you better hope that they take you because you are starting to work on my last nerve.”

Won Ho placed his head down onto Alchoens shoulder, “Why are you so mean, I want a refund, give me my heart back.”

Alchoen, “I ate it!”

A chuckle came from under his neck. Won Ho raised his head, looking into Alchoen’s eyes he said, “Kang Alchoen, do you know how much I love you?”

Placing his arms around his neck, he pulled Won Ho down for a kiss, parting he said, “Paeng Won Ho, I know, your love for me is so intoxicating that I Kang Alchoen have fallen for you too.”

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