Love Born Within Two Days

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Life With My Love(II)

During Paeng Won Ho’s interview, the principal was happy with his performance and how he taught the class he would be teaching a math lesson.

Arriving back at the office, Won Ho told the principal, “I am grateful that you allowed me to enter your school and teach a lesson, as much as I would love to work here, I think you should reconsider. I really need this job but I also do not want any of your employees, your pupils to feel uncomfortable. Although I need this job, I need to put my own emotions and safety first. On the application I have stated that I am in a relationship, I want to tell you now, here that I am in a relationship with a man and I love my lover with all my heart. This may come to you as an inconvenience but I do not want to work in an environment where I have to hide who I am and pretend. I want to come to work knowing that I am accepted here, so please Mr Park, I wish that you reconsider your offer to hire me.”

This was a blow to Mr Parks face because he did not expect this. He courteously greeted Won Ho as he left but suddenly had this dark cloud hanging over his head.

Calling for a meeting with all his teachers he informed them about the new math teacher he was planning to hire. Their school was desperate and good math teachers were hard to come by, him personally witnessing how the students understood what he was teaching but did not understand that same lesson when two others tried teaching them.

Mr Park’s first impression of Paeng Won Ho was good but he himself knew that he did not like the idea of two men being together.

Most of the teachers voiced opinions against it especially the older ones and men. Left with a tough decision Mr Park left it for another day to deal with it.

Two weeks went by and the result from the maths tests was not good but the one thing in common in the one class was the question similar to what Paeng Won Ho taught that day. This was noticed by the other teachers then told him.

Still contemplating the thought, he asked his secretary who was also his wife to arrange for the pupils to meet up at the hall during the last period of the day.

He announced that they would be getting a new math teacher and that he was gay - this surprised them all. He also stated the points that if he ever made them uncomfortable that they were free to visit his office and let him know. He informed them that Paeng Won Ho was a very capable man and that with him they had the possibility to get good grades with him. He also states that they and all the teachers have to deal with his decision whether they like it or not.

The next day there were parents waiting for him but he refused them all. He had his secretary type out a letter of appointment and email it to Paeng Won Ho and also he called ahead of time, letting Won Ho know that he got the job.

Another letter was sent out that day that Paeng Won Ho would start teaching the very next day at the school and if the parents have a problem with it then they were welcomed to make an appointment with him and he’d answer all their questions.
In the meantime, while all this was going down.

Won Ho just returned home from the interview but seemed upset. Undressing he laid on the bed and fell asleep. Last night he was so excited and nervous that he just couldn’t sleep and seeing Mr Parks forced smile after he told him that he was gay made him lose hope of the job being his.

It was still early in the morning and Alchoen left the same time as him. His loved one would only return after three in the afternoon and he must still get up later to pick him up.

The time passed by and Won Ho woke up just in time to shower and get ready to fetch Alchoen. Arriving at the college he waited in the car for him to arrive thinking of a way to save up more money and also take Alchoen out to eat dinner on Saturday but where? All the high-class restaurants know his face so they are out of the question.

Knocking on the window, Alchoen puffed his cheeks. He’d been standing there for over a minute but the car door was locked and he couldn’t see through the tinted window. Won Ho who had been daydreaming caught a fright and opened the door after seeing who it was.

He could help but chuckle at the adorable Alchoen who refused to give him a kiss. Leaning over Won Ho pulled Alchoen into his embrace and bit his shoulder making him scream.

Alchoen glared at Won Ho while rubbing his. “Why’d you take so long to open the door?”

Pulling him over again and giving him a hug, he said, “My love, I’m having an off day don’t be angry at me and comfort me instead.

Linking it with the interview, Alchoen hugged him back and asked, “Don’t they like you?”

“He was impressed but after I told him I was gay and in a relationship he looked sour,” he complained. Pulling away, Alchoen frowned. Sitting on the seat next to him he asked, “Why would you tell them that? And also, you aren’t gay you just happened to fall for a guy.”

Smiling at Alchoen, Won Ho pulled him over again. Touching their noses together he looked into Alchoens eyes and said, “Being in a relationship with you makes me gay whether I like it or not. You have my love and my heart is filled with you and only you. I will never deny that I am yours and I am hoping that when you are done with college you will marry me.”

Alchoen looked at him slightly pained, pulling away to look at him properly he asked, “Won Ho, you want to marry me?”

“Yes I do, I will propose after I get your fathers permission but I certainly do hope that we can marry when you are done, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He answered honestly.

Alchoen looked at him for a moment, looking into his eyes to see if what he was saying was a lie but he couldn’t find it. Blinking back his tears he asked, “Why couldn’t I have met you years ago?”

Shrugging Won Ho couldn’t answer and wiped away the tears falling, with a whisper he added, “I can’t get you pregnant because I am incompetent as a man, so I do hope that you accept when I ask you to marry me.

With his nose, all stuffy Alchoen puffed his cheeks, looked away saying, “I’ll think about it!”
An hour after arriving home.

“Ahhh nugh”

Seated on a chair in the living room naked, Won Ho was thrusting his member hard up into Alchoen.

Ignoring all of Alchoen’s cries to stop he continued doing what he wanted.

Squishing sounds came from where the two were connected adding to their arousal.

“I’!!!” Alchoen yelled, releasing his cum all over Won ho’s stomach. Slowing down his pace, he kissed Alchoens lips exploring every part of his mouth.

Kissing down his neck, he kissed his shoulder then biting down on it locking his jaw. Suddenly thrusting harder and deeper into the path that was marked by his scent.

Harder and harder biting down onto that shoulder and pounding into that hole. Growing wider with his deep thrusts he pushed harder feeling his release nearing.

Letting go of his chewing toy, he looked into Alchoens eyes then kissed his lips, ”mnhm, moaning into their kiss while letting out his release into his love, thrusting slower and slower while intaking the pleasure of cuming inside his love.

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