Love Born Within Two Days

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Facing The Truth (I)

Alchoen continued providing a baking service expanding his client list and getting special orders. Won Ho was hired by the school but faced difficulties with the parents and some pupils. It was tough working in that environment for the first month but because he had someone motivating him at home he pushed through and ignored the disdained gazes he received.

The results from the first test he set, results were what Mr Park expected of him. The pupils passed and the parents were happy and finally decided to let Won Ho work in peace.

Alchoen hired two more people to help him and added more items onto the list. Brownies, blondies, cake pops, fudge, mini cakes and speciality cakes along with macarons that were only made once a month because they were so fuckin expensive to make.

Three months down the line, Won Ho bought rented a townhouse for the two of them that had a huge kitchen for Alchoen to use, a back yard for a small dog to run around in, a garage, lounge, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

They were living happily together when one day after college a black car was waiting outside. As Alchoen was crossing the road he was stopped by a man that looked exactly like Won Ho but a little older than him.

Because he looked like Won Ho, Alchoen felt slightly uncomfortable. Just as he was thinking of running away the man grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into the car.

Inside the car sat to other men who had similar features as Won Ho but you could see that they were not directly related. Struggling for a bit the man who got forced him into the car told the driver to go.

Afraid that something bad might happen, he pulled out his phone but it was taken away from him. Alchoen threw his bag at the guy who took his phone hit him with his elbow.

“Give me my fucking phone back!” he demanded. The one who forced Alchoen into the car spoke up, “Please calm down, we have no intention of hurting you but we will if you continue being so rowdy.”

Glaring at him, Alchoen stopped and sat back on the seat. “So what the fuck do you want, you and I don’t know each other so why are you kidnapping me?”

Fixing his blazer he said, “Although you do not know who I am, I know who you are. I am Lee Won Hyun, Lee Won Ho’s brother.”

Alchoen’s body shuddered but he did not make it obvious. “Who?” he faked knowing who was being mentioned.

Sighing Lee Won Hyun said, “Ah yes, that little brother of mine decided to change his surname, let me say it again, I am Paeng Won Ho’s brother.”

Unable to refute him Alchoen remained silent just looking at his so-called brother-in-law. “Why are you suddenly tightlipped? Didn’t your parents teach you manners?”

Rolling his eyes Alchoen ignored him, remaining silent. After about five minutes Lee Won Hyun spoke again, “The reason why you are here is that we can’t get hold of Won Ho, we need you as insurance against my brother.”

Side-eyeing him Alchoen remained silent. “What I mean by not being able to get hold of him is that he refuses to answer our calls, remains silent when I stand in front of him and acts like we don’t exist.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“Nothing, you are my hostage now so he’ll come running, I have already notified him that we have you so he can’t ignore me now.”

“You’re a shitty hyung-nim you know that?”

Smiling at him he answered, “Of cause I know that, but because Won Ho is doing what he wants I can no longer baby him and protect him against our father.”


“For him to give up everything for you, I wonder why...”
Arriving at the Lee estate.

Alchoen was escorted by the three guys inside the estate. Walking upstairs then down a corridor, the people working in this estate stopped, bowed and greeted Lee Won Hyun then glanced at Alchoen with pity gazes.

Stopping at a door, Lee Won Hyun knocked on the door and a voice from the other side said, “Come in.”
When Alchoen arrived at the Lee estate, Lee Won Hyun phoned Won Ho using Alchoens phone, “I have your boyfriend with me, if you don’t want anything happening to him, you know where to find me.”

The lady who Won Ho was with saw him freeze and asked, “What’s wrong?” Not answering her he turned around walking slowly back to his classroom packing his things up and went to excuse himself from the meeting he was supposed to attend. Mr Park allowed it but told him that this couldn’t happen often.

Getting in his car he drove off to the Lee estate.
Seated in the room across Mr Lee with a desk separating them, Alchoen looked at the older man who had a head of silver hair and wrinkles around his eyes and on his forehead. He admired and appreciated this older man’s good looks thinking that thanks to him he was able to have a handsome man as his partner.

The door opened and Mr Lee looked up from the paperwork he was doing. In walked Mrs Lee, she walked past Alchoen not even giving him a side glance. She was short in height, she looked prim and proper with her bob that had silver strands here and there. She had on a black skirt with a floral blouse.

She leaned down and kissed her husband gently on the lips. Mr Lee said, “You’re finally back?”

“Yes, I just returned from the office, you can expect great results from the company after its expansion.”

“Mn, that is to be expected. Later on, for lunch, the Jeon family will be coming over, so rest easy till then.”

“Should I prepare a list of dishes for you to choose from?”

“No need, Mrs Kim has already sorted that out, all you need to do is rest.”

“Will you be joining me?”

“Maybe later, I still have to deal with our son.”

Mrs Lee looked over at Alchoen then asked, “What about him?”

Mr Lee sat back into the chair and looked at Alchoen with a gaze that told him he was beneath them and didn’t belong here. An electric current went through Alchoens heart and lingered there, he wished for Won Ho to hurry and arrive so that he could take him home. He wished to be in Won Ho’s arms at that moment.
Outside the Lee estate, a red Audi A5 stopped. The guards stopped the car and froze when they saw who it was after the window wound down. Quickly composing themselves they greeted, “Welcome back young master.”

Waving them off with his right hand he wound the window back up and the gate opened. driving up the driveway he thought of all the possible outcomes of what was going to happen in that house he grew up in.

After he drove off the guards notified the guards in the estate that the young master has returned...

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