Love Born Within Two Days

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Facing the Truth(II) | End

Lee Won Hyun along with his two cousins and the bodyguards stood at the entrance of the estate waiting for Won Ho. Seeing the car drive around the fountain, heading their way Lee Won Hyun said, “Get ready to escort him into the house if he resists.”

“Yes!” They answered in unison.

Stopping the car in front of them, he took his time getting out of the car. Walking to the back and opening the trunk he took off his blazer and folded it neatly, placing it inside then closing the trunk.

He raised his head to look at them as the servants greeted with a bow, “Welcome home young master.”

Walking up the stairs he raised his hand and gently waved. Stopping in front of his brother, he looked at the space between his eyebrows and asked, “Why are you blocking my way?”

Surprised at his obedient behaviour Lee Won Hyun stepped to the side saying with a grin, “By all means, don’t mind me.”
Knocking on the door he stood there worried. “Who is it?” His father’s voice came from the other side. Gripping on the handle he turned it and pushed the door open.

Looking around the room he saw his mother and father standing by the window behind his desk and Alchoen sitting on the chair closest to him.

Closing the door behind him he walked up to Alchoen, half knelt beside him. Caressing the side of his cheek with his thumb asking, “Did they do anything to you?”

Shaking his head, Alchoen assured him that he was fine. Turning his attention to his father, he said, “If you want me to stay here and listen to your bullshit, get him something to eat and drink.”

Mr Lee’s eyes widened, shocked at the informal and vulgar language his son used while speaking to with him. He was about to stand up and scold Won Ho but felt his wife’s hand gently tap him on the shoulder.

Looking at her son she asked, “Did I not teach you manners, why do you speak so vulgarly now?” She looked at Alchoen then said, “I see that leaving you to do what you want has changed you, its best that we correct this.”

Taking a deep breath in, Won Ho held onto Alchoens hand and took him out of the room. Heading downstairs his brother and the guards walked towards him trying to block his way but the two of them turned by the end of the staircase walking towards the kitchen.

Mrs Kim and Butler Kim were standing in the kitchen organizing the dishes for lunch. Stopping in the kitchen, Won Ho looked at the elderly couple.

When they saw him they were stunned because their young master was holding hands with the male beside him. “Mrs Kim, do you know that the Lee estate has been hosting a guest for the last half an hour and still he wasn’t offered something to drink or to eat!”

Being caught off guard she was at a loss for words. She knew that there was a guest but because the master of the house said she must not bother giving him anything she thought that he did not need it. Now that the young master was confronting her she felt guilty but couldn’t put the blame on his father now could she, she was the head maid and this was her duty.

Lee Won Hyun followed them to the kitchen and heard this, from behind he said, “Father told her that she shouldn’t give Alchoen anything, don’t blame her.” Closing his eyes he took in a deep breath trying to calm down his anger. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he squeezing on Alchoens hand tightly.

“Don’t worry about it Won Ho, go speak with your father then we can go home,” he coaxed him. Opening his eyes, he looked down at Alchoen with a tender gaze and shook his head, “No we’re leaving.”

Sighing Alchoen nodded his head giving up, he knew how stubborn Won Ho was and didn’t want to cause trouble for him. Turning around they walked into his brother, “Move!” he demanded.

Holding his hands to block them he said, “Just hold up for a second, Mrs Kim will get something for Alchoen to eat and drink and make him feel at home.”

For some reason, Won Ho’s last straw snapped. He grabbed his brother by his collar and punched him in the face. His brother looked at him with disbelief. Alchoen tried pulling Won Ho away but it didn’t work. Punching his brother again.

Blood trickled down Lee Won Hyun’s nose and the side of his mouth while he covered them with his hands. Butler Kim and one of the staff members rushed to pull Won Ho away while the female staff members were screaming.

Mr Lee and Mrs Lee came down the stairs while Mr Lee yelled loudly, “What’s with all the noise?” Mrs Lee was the first to see Won Hyun’s appearance and she was also frightened to the point where she screamed. Rushing to his side she held him up asking, “Won Hyun-ah what happened?”

Lee Won Hyun was still in a daze and couldn’t believe what his little brother had just done. Mr Lee saw this bloody scene and could hear how Won Ho was yelling in the kitchen fighting against butler Kim and the other man.
An hour passed and Won Ho finally calmed down... Because of what happened Alchoen wasn’t really surprised, he knew that Won Ho valued him more over his family and that Won Ho had long since made it clear that if no one treated him right then he’d show them what he was made of.

His anger didn’t subside but he was rational enough to listen to what others said. When Mrs Lee was given the “okay” by Butler Kim, she went over to her son. She looked at Won Ho as if he was a monster and asked, “How could you hit your own brother, did you really change so much after being away from home for almost a year?”

Glaring at his mother he said, “This wouldn’t have happened if you all treated Alchoen better... Did you really think that forcing me home would be without consequences? If you had shown him an ounce of kindness then all of you would have had a chance with whatever bullshit you were going to spout.”

Looking at her son in horror she couldn’t believe that this was the same person that she suffered giving birth to and who used to greet her with a smile and kiss whenever he saw her. Mr Lee who was standing behind them around the corner heard this and too couldn’t believe that his son could change this much and to him, it seemed more like his son hated them.

Was it because Won Ho was constantly out of the country experiencing the harsh world, violence and killing people even though it was his job? Did all this make him change or was it the person whom his child decided to place on a silver platter and leave his family and all that he had worked to accomplish? Was this person called Alchoen the reason for the change in his son and was this a good or bad change?

Because Won Ho was dragged off to the back sitting in the garden. Mrs Kim pulled Alchoen too the kitchen regretting her decision to listen to the master of the house, thinking maybe if she had shown the hospitality worthy of the Lee household she could have prevented the young master’s outburst.

Mr Lee walked into the kitchen and looked at Alchoen. Alchoen who was drinking lemonade from a glass saw Mr Lee walk in and choked on the liquid. This caused a coughing fit while he tried hitting it out of his chest. Mrs Kim came over to assist him but he stopped her, soon stopping the fit from continuing.

Alchoen awkwardly looked at Mr Lee then continued eating... seeing as how he was being ignored Mr Lee asked, “What did my son see in you to make him so disrespectful towards his own family?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

Mr Lee, “How can you not know?”

“I just don’t.”

Mr Lee, “You must really be something for him to change like that.”

Looking at Mr Lee he said, “I don’t think he changed after meeting me, what you are seeing is the real Lee Won Ho, the real face of your son. He was always like this with me.”

Furrowing his brows Mr Lee thought for a moment, “So what you are saying is that he has always been like this and was lying to me the entire time?”

He nodded his head but didn’t look at him.
Lunchtime was half an hour away and the Jeon family arrived. Mr and Mrs Jeon were seated at the table outside in the garden with their daughter and Mr and Mrs Lee. Lee Won Hyun was supposed to join them too but he wasn’t present and this lunch was mostly for the two families to get together since Lee Won Hyun and Jeon Taemi were going to be married in a few months.

The three of them sensed that the atmosphere in the Lee Estate was somewhat awkward and stressed. Although they spoke at the table and it seemed as though nothing was wrong the atmosphere was definitely off.

Mrs Kim served lunch and all seemed well but inside the Lee Estates kitchen sat a frowning Alchoen, irritated Won Ho and a bruised Lee Won Hyun glaring at his younger brother.

Pinching his nose Won Ho asked, “Is your jaw okay?”

Won Hyun, “It hurts but I am okay.”


Won Hyun, “You don’t seem sorry.”

“How the fuck am I supposed to seem?”

Won Hyun, “Cry for me.”

“Fuck you!”

Won Hyun, “Fuck me?”

“Fuck you...”

Won Hyun, “Where’d your manners go.”

He rolled his eyes, “Why am I here?”

Won Hyun, “Besides getting me out of this lunch, father wanted to ask you to come back into the family.”

“Then why did he treat Alchoen like shit?”

Won Hyun, “What do I know.”

“No shit you know nothing. Tell him he must not even think of finding me again, I don’t plan in coming back to the family to do his work for him so that he can retire without a care and pull strings from the shadows, I’m no more his lap dog and he should have realized this when I got rid of his godforsaken surname...”

Won Hyun, “Won Ho don’t be like this.”

“No hyung, I know you are as fed up as I am or else why would you ask me to hit you when you know I would never? I’m tired of being his pawn. Alchoen and I are leaving now, you tell him that if he wants our relationship to improve then he should forget about being Lee Kwang Soo the businessman and just be my father!”

Leaving the estate, the car was quiet until they arrived at home.

Lee Won Hyun got married three months later. Won Ho and Alchoen received an invitation but did not attend the wedding but sent their best wishes along with a wedding gift. When Lee Won Hyun’s daughter was born a year later Won Ho was asked to be her godfather and he agreed.

Mr Lee and his wife did not try correcting things between them and their youngest son because of their pride and stubbornness. Lee Won Hyun and his wife maintained a good relationship with Alchoen and Won Ho.

Because they spent too much time with Lee Won Hyun’s daughter, the two of them longed for a child too but Won Ho told Alchoen that they should rather wait until he was done with college...

Two years later they welcomed a baby boy into their little family named Lee Jeonghan. Alchoen worked from home with his baking business and looked after their bundle of joy while Won Ho continued as a Mathematical teacher. The two of them couldn’t get married in the country because gay marriage isn’t legal yet but they were happy and welcomed a baby girl when Jeonghan turned five.

Their happily ever after wasn’t easy but because they persisted and stuck together they grew strong as a couple living happily. Watching their children grow and becoming grandparents too.

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