Love Born Within Two Days

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Lee Won Ho

Alchoen didn’t have classes the next day so he went to sleep the moment after he took a bath.

It was 7:22 pm when he fell asleep, waking up five hours later after 00:15 am. Looking at the time on his phone, his eyes shut quickly because the light from his phone was too bright.

After his eyes adjusted to the light, he started scrolling through his social networks after seeing that he had almost twenty notifications from Instagram, three from twitter and twelve from facebook.

First, he went through his twitter account, then Facebook and lastly Instagram but before he did, he got out of bed, switched on the light and headed to the kitchen to drink some water.

Returning to his room, he picked the phone up and threw himself on the bed.

Tapping on his phone a few times he finally managed to go through his messages. Looking closely it was all his friends commenting bullshit on one of the pictures he posted.

Going to the most recent notification he saw that it was a friend request to follow hitheSince the beginning, he made his account private so that it was only the people he knew who could follow him because he was a private person and didn’t want unwanted people harassing him after what happened in the past.

The account user name was “Lee Won Ho,” but this name he did not recognize. There were many surnamed Lee but none of them was named “Won Ho.”

Curious to see who this person was, he went into the account’s profile and was instantly stunned, “This guy… it’s him!!!”

Alchoen quickly accepted the following request and followed him back. This “Lee Won Ho” was the guy who made out with him in the toilet but, “How did he find me?” he asked himself.

Shock was written all over Alchoen’s face and before he knew it, all the places that he was touched before started heating up.

Before he could look through Won Ho’s Instagram account he was messaged.

Lee Won Ho, “Hey sexy”

“Sexy??? Fuck this guy...what’s his deal,” he questioned and although Alchoen thought this, he was excited because this was the first time a guy called him sexy and to put the cherry on the cake, this man took the initiative to kiss him first.

Alchoen, “Herro~”

Lee Won Ho, “Heh, cute.”

“Send me your phone number.”

Alchoen, “NO”

Lee Won Ho, “Why not?”

Alchoen, “I don’t know you.”

Lee Won Ho, “How will I get to know you if you don’t give me your number so I can call you?”

Alchoen, “...”

Lee Won Ho, “Give it.”

Alchoen, “How did you find my Instagram tag?”

Lee Won Ho, “Give your number, then I’ll tell you.”

Alchoen, “I don’t care anymore, time to sleep, bye.”

Lee Won Ho, “No wait!!!”

Alchoen, “What is it?”

Lee Won Ho, “Don’t be selfish.

“Don’t you want me to kiss you again?”

Alchoen, “...”

Lee Won Ho, “Don’t want to?”

Alchoen, “Why did you kiss me?”

Lee Won Ho, “Would you have let me if I asked for your permission.”

Alchoen, “No.”

Lee Won Ho, “There you have it besides, I couldn’t resist.”

Alchoen, “Bye!!”

Lee Won Ho, “...”

Alchoen sat back on the bed thinking, “Although you are fine as fuck, I’m not taking my chances with you.”


*Lee Won Ho*

Lee Won Ho sat behind a desk. He sat with his shirt opened and his dog tag resting against his chest screw because of the sweat droplets on his body.

He looked at his phone while gulping down the last of the beer inside the glass in his left hand.

He was scrolling rough all the pictures Alchoen uploaded of himself and double tapped all of them. After double tapping the pictures, he’d save them through a special app made for downloading Instagram pictures.

With a smile on his face, he placed his phone down and looked at the document that was showing on his laptop.

On it was a picture of Alchoen and all his details, his phone number included.

With his thumb placed slightly in the left side of his mouth, he closed his eyes and thought back to the seen in the bathroom...Alchoen’s watery eyes, his plump red lips, those firm and soft buttocks that he held in his hands...this made his hands itch.

He wanted to devour Alchoen but he couldn’t so that’s why he opted to make out with him and let his hands squeeze those buttocks while restraining himself.



After putting the phone down, he lazily sat up on the bed and reached for the television’s remote and switched it on.

Later he fell asleep once again while the television was on. By four in the morning, his father came into the room and switched the television off and closed Alchoen’s open body that was half off the bed.

Shaking his head, Mr Kang left the room.





Alchoen’s phone vibrated, making one hell of a noise on the desk beside him.

Lifting his heavy head up, he reached for the phone and answered, “Hello?”

“Morning, why do you sound like you just woke up?”

Alchoen, “I did.”

“Why when the sun is already shining so bright outside?”

Alchoen, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask my body, it refused to sleep last night!”

“Heh, were you playing with yourself last night?”

Alchoen, “No!”

“Then what?”

Alchoen, “I was watching horror movies.”

“Why would you do that to yourself?”

Alchoen, “Because I am an idiot.”


Alchoen, “...”

He took the phone away from his ear to see who he was talking to because he couldn’t recognize this person’s laugh.

Seeing the number that was unfamiliar to him, he raised a brow and stopped speaking.

“Hello? Are you still there?”

Alchoen, “...”

“I can hear you breathing.”

Alchoen, “...”

“Alright, alright, hurry up and get dress, let’s go to the movies.”

Alchoen, “Who’s this?”

“How can you not tell by my voice?”

Alchoen, “Answer me!”

“It’s your husband?”

Alchoen, “Husband my ass, bye!”

“No, no, wait wait wait, I’ll tell you.”

Alchoen, “Speak!”

“It’s me, Lee Won Ho.”

Hearing this name, his heart started to twinge. He remained quiet, quickly sitting up on his bed but his breathing could still be heard by Lee Won Ho.

Lee Won Ho, “Why is your breathing heavy? What did you just do?”

Alchoen, “H-h-how did you get my number?”

Lee Won Ho, “Get up, get dressed and meet me outside your home. I want to take you out on a date, if you come with me then I’ll answer all your questions.”

Alchoen, “W-w-why d-do y-y-you w-w-want t-t-to…”

Lee Won Ho, “Alchoen, don’t make me repeat myself, I don’t have much time before I have to return to work, please do as I ask.”

Alchoen whispered into the phone, “N-no”

Lee Won Ho, “Are you scared of me?”

Alchoen, “...”

Lee Won Ho, “I don’t have any bad intentions, all I want is to take you out, have fun and hold you in my arms, is that too much to ask?”

Alchoen, “B-b-but I-i-i d-don’t -k-know y-you.”

Lee Won Ho’s sigh could be heard through the phone, his voice became more gentle, “Listen I really mean no harm by stalking you like this. Yesterday when I first saw you I don’t know why but I was suddenly attracted to you.”

“I had no confidence in speaking to you in front of my colleagues so when I saw you leaving for the toilet I went after you and you know what happened next. After you left I yearned for more and couldn’t help but ask one of my friends to find you after I described how you look.”

“I am really sorry if I scared you by doing this but I want to get to know you more and maybe the two of us could become more than just friends.”

Alchoen listened to this with fear at first but as Won Ho continued on he began to feel what he was saying, “A-a-alright, g-g-give me 15 m-minutes t-to g-g-get r-r-ready.”

A smile played on Lee Won Ho’s lips while saying, “Thank you.”

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