Love Born Within Two Days

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First Date

Resting his head against the car seat he turned his head to the right and watched the door of the house he stood in front.


Alchoen put the phone down then, walked to the bathroom nervously. Brushing his teeth he couldn’t stop thinking about how scared he was at the fact that he was so easily found by Lee Won Ho.

After taking a shower he walked into his room and went to his closet. There were all sorts of clothes he could wear but Alchoen opted to put on a tracksuit.

The one he chose had loose fitted maroon pants that had elastic around the inside of the ankle that could be pulled up along the leg. He put on a body chain that tied at his waist which was a perfect fit that matched the diamond belly button piercing he had.

The body chain also had a neck piece and a chain going down his stomach connecting the two pieces together. He then put on a black tank top and over that, a maroon, long-sleeved crop top, that had a hoodie attached to it. He combed his hair then covered it with the hoodie.

Looking through his sock drawer he pulled out a pair of black ankle socks then put on a pair of black Adidas sneaker.

Picking up his phone, he looked through his bag for his wallet then headed to his father in the study.

Alchoen, “Daddy, I’m going out with my friend.”

His father looked up from reading the newspaper and said, “Where are you going?”

Alchoen, “To the movies then we will eat out and go shopping.”

“Make sure you come home in time for dinner.”

Alchoen, “Yes sir.”


Alchoen, “Yes?”

“Don’t go to Jin Ha’s house, come straight home.”

Alchoen, “Y-y-yes sir.”

He turned around and went to tell his mother that he was leaving.

“Okay baby, just remember to be safe and come home alright.”

Alchoen, “Mn.”

Walking out of the front door, he closed it behind him and stopped while looking at the door. His body slouched. Turning his head to face the sky, he placed his hands on his face. Taking a few deep breaths in he took his hands down and turned around.

Walking to the gate he opened it and looked ahead.

Outside across the road stood a handsome man dressed in blue denim jeans with a poison green shirt and jacket to match it. This handsome man stood leaning against his black Audi with one leg up against the car.

Alchoen recognized him this time as Lee Won Ho and no longer a stranger.

He closed the gate behind him and walked across the road. He stopped in front of Lee Won Ho and looked up at him. Not saying a word, the two stared into each other’s eyes.

Lee Won Ho was the first to speak, he smiled at Alchoen and asked, “Am I that captivating that you must stare at me for such a long time?”

Alchoen lowered his head and said, “I-i-i a-alrea-dy g-greeted yo-u-u o-o-over t-t-he p-phone.”

Lee Won Ho chuckled. He placed his right and behind Alchoens back and opened the car door for him. After he helped Alchoen get into his car he jogged to the other side and got in.

Alchoen was struggling with the seat belt because he was way too nervous. When Lee Won Ho got into the car and by instinct, he leaned over and pulled the seat belt then clipped it in. When he was done he was about to put on his seat belt but before he could move, his eyes locked onto Alchoens and the two of them stared deeply into the other’s eyes.

Alchoen’s breathing became heavy as he saw that Lee Won Ho was inching closer and closer.

Before Lee Won Ho even knew it, the two of them were locking tongues. Lee Won Ho was gentler this time but Alchoen could feel that this man wanted to devour him.

Lee Won Ho cupped Alchoen’s face in his right hand as he moved his tongue deeper and deeper into his mouth while soft muffled sounds came from Alchoen. Lee Won Ho finally moved his head back and unlocked their passionate kiss.

With a hazy gaze, he looked at Alchoen and lightly smiled. He could see that Alchoen was out of breath and deeply gasping for air.

He slowly pecked him on the lips three times, then moved to kiss Alchoen’s nose, cheek and neck.

Lee Won Ho placed his nose against the left side of Alchoen’s nose placing their foreheads together.

He could feel the warm air coming from inside Alchoen’s mouth. He opened his eyes and looked at the flustered gaze Alchoen was giving him.

With a chuckle, he asked, “Aren’t you glad you agreed to go out with me?”

Alchoen averted his eyes to look down at their nose and didn’t answer him. Lee Won Ho smiled then pressed his lips once again onto Alchoens but didn’t continue.

He sat back in his seat after kissing Alchoen then fastened his seat belt and started the car, driving off to the cinema.


Arriving at the mall, Lee Won Ho was the first to get out. Alchoen looked at him through the windshield. Lee Won Ho opened the door beside him and looked down at Alchoen with a smile on his face.

Slowly getting out he stood beside Lee Won Ho and watched him close the door. Locking the car and they were off.

Since it was still early in the morning, there wasn’t a lot of people around, so Alchoen felt relaxed.

They headed to the cinema area and found out that the movie would only start half an hour later.

Looking at the time on his wristwatch, Lee Won Ho looked down at Alchoen who was staring into the distance.

Lee Won Ho, “Want to go shopping for the time being?”

Looking up at him he slowly nodded.

Alchoen walked in front while Lee Won Ho followed from behind.

Alchoen directly walked to the store he had his eyes on.

When he arrived he stopped in front of the window and looked at the boxes on display.

Each box was different and was selling for less than their original price. Walking in he went to the table that displayed the various boxes and picked up one.

Holding it in his hands he examined it and looked at the price. Inside the box were four mini cookie cutters and a cookie recipe book.

Looking at the second box, it had a heart-cutting set, a mini rolling pin and a different cookie recipe book.

The third box had a plastic piping bag in it with four nozzle tips, six silicone cupcake liners and a cupcake recipe book.

The fourth box had a cupcake stand in with a recipe book and the fifth box had stuff that could be used for a high tea party that included a recipe book with many snacks in it.

Lee Won Ho stood outside the store and looked at Alchoen with enthusiasm. Looking at the boxes Alchoen piled up he wondered if Alchoen was interested in purchasing them.

Walking into the shop, he bent over Alchoen’s shoulder and said next to his ear, “Are you going to purchase these boxes?”

Alchoen answered while sighing, “Not all, just the one.”

Soon he realized that he was speaking to someone and turned his head only to meet with Lee Won Ho’s eyes.

His heart trembled quickly turning his head to look away.

Lee Won Ho smirked and moved away, “Why only the one?”

Alchoen, “It’s expensive.”

Looking at the prices Lee Won Ho frowned, these prices weren’t expensive to him but at the same time, he didn’t want to offer to buy it, just in case he upsets Alchoen.

He walked around the shop to look at all the different books and puzzles. After a while, Alchoen pulled on the side of his shirt.

Feeling the sudden tug at his shirt, Lee Won Ho looked to the side with a listless gaze but it instantly shined when he saw that it was Alchoen.

Alchoen, “I’ve paid, we can leave now.”

With a smile on his face, Lee Won Ho nodded and the two of them left the store. Strolling along with the windows Lee Won Ho asked, “Is there anywhere else you want to go before we head back to the cinema, there are still 45 minutes left.?”

Alchoen looked up at him and asked, “Is there anywhere you want to go?”

Lee Won Ho, “No...I will take you out to eat later so besides there then there is particularly nowhere that I want to go but I will follow you to the places you want to go too.”

Alchoen looked to the front and nodded his head.

Squinting his eyes, Lee Won Ho looked at Alchoen and said to himself, “He isn’t stuttering anymore.”

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