Love Born Within Two Days

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Walking behind Alchoen, he noticed that he started attracting the attention of the passing females… this was one of the things Lee Won Ho hated most, wherever he went, he’d attract the attention of unwanted females.

While he was thinking and cursing in his heart, he stopped in his tracks and looked around, Alchoen had suddenly disappeared.

He turned around and started looking into each store while panicking. As he walked past one of the stores he saw something from the corner of his eyes and looked over.

Sighing in relief he found Alchoen standing at the counter of that store with his back facing the door.

He stood by the door of the store and noticed that inside, they sold cosmetics and jewellery. The lady behind the counter saw him standing there and was stunned for a moment.

Lee Won Ho rolled his eyes and looked away. Alchoen turned around to see what she was looking at and couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Lee Won Ho saw this and smiled.

He walked into the store, greeted the lady, put his arms around Alchoen’s waist and rested his chin on Alchoen’s head.

Alchoen looked down at the hands around his waist and felt as if his legs were going to turn to jelly.

Lee Won Ho could feel how Alchoen’s body was trembling in his embrace and couldn’t help but smile.

The lady at the counter began smiling and with a teasing tone she said, “Heh, Alchoen-aa, who’s this?”

He took a deep breath in and tilted his head up making their noses touch. Lee Won Ho looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shaking his head, Alchoen looked back at the lady and said, “Ji Eun-aa, I picked this person up at the cafe and he has been following me ever since.”

Hearing this, Lee Won Ho wasn’t happy. He loosened his grip slightly, bent down and bit the back of Alchoen’s neck gently.

The lady was first surprised when she saw them look into each other’s eyes and their noses kiss. Then to see Lee Won Ho bite down on to Alchoen in public? This can’t be true, can it?

These two made her feel embarrassed. She almost lost her balance after seeing this.

Looking at Alchoen’s flustered expression she asked curiously, “Alchoen, are the two of you dating?”

Alchoen, “...”

Seeing that Alchoen still hadn’t answered her, Lee Won Ho looked at the lady and smiled, extending his hand forth and introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Lee Won Ho, Alchoen’s boyfriend.”

The lady looked at him with widened eyes and said, “Really?” in a shocked tone.

She looked at Alchoen who was still trapped in Lee Won Ho’s embrace and said to him, “Well I take it that you are over Park Ji Soo.”

Hearing this name, Alchoen wanted to throw up. He glared at the lady named Ji Eun and said with a harsh tone, “What did I tell you about mentioning his name?”

The lady named Ji Eun looked at Alchoen then lowered her head, “Sorry,” she muttered.

Lee Won Ho, “Who is Park Ji Soo?”

Alchoen, “No one!!”

He glared once more at Ji Eun then grabbed Lee Won Ho by the hand and left the store with a frown on his face.

Lee Won Ho who was being pulled by this human that half his size and could fit perfectly within his arms was gripping his wrist tightly and although it didn’t hurt him, he could feel the anger seep off Alchoen’s body.

He was pulled by Alchoen all the way to the cinema but they couldn’t go in yet because they had an item with them that wasn’t allowed into the cinema.

Lee Won Ho took the packet from Alchoen and took it to the car. When he returned, they stood in line for snacks ordering a large box of popcorn, a large cherry slush puppy with a slab of fruit and nut chocolate, a packet of malts, a box of Astros and a packet of wine gums.

Lee Won Ho, “Will you be able to eat all of this?”

Looking up at him Alchoen answered, “I can always take the rest home.”

Lee Won Ho, “Will you have space for brunch?”

Alchoen, “Depends.”

Lee Won Ho, “Depends on what?”

Alchoen, “If I am hungry.”

Lee Won Ho could only shake his head with a smile on his face.

The lights were still on inside of the cinema and their seats were right in the middle. There were other people already waiting and chatting about while waiting.

When a group of girls saw Lee Won Ho they started whispering. Sitting down Alchoen asked, “Is it always like this?”

Lee Won Ho looked over at him confused and asked, “What?”

Alchoen, “Do you always attract the gazes of women?”

Lee Won Ho, “Unfortunately yes, but luckily I am always around men so it’s not as annoying as it used to be in high school.”

Alchoen, “Poor you.”

Lee Won Ho’s mouth twitched when he saw Alchoen’s unfazed expression already munching down on the popcorn.

Lee Won Ho, “So if you don’t want a woman stealing me, you should hurry up and claim me.”

The hand that was about to throw popcorn in his mouth stopped. Turning his head to look at Lee Won Ho he said, “If you can be easily taken away by a woman, you aren’t serious about us.”

Turning back to look at the blank screen, he threw popcorn in his mouth and placed his feet on the seat in front of them.

Lee Won Ho’s mouth twitched when he heard Alchoen’s response. Thinking that his joke was taken seriously he wanted to clarify things saying, “I am serious about us, that was a joke.”

Alchoen didn’t answer him. Taking his phone out, he unlocked it and put his phone on silent. Alchoen was about to place his phone in his pocket but pulled it back out quickly, going to his recent calls.

The first number wasn’t saved. Clicking on the number, he pressed on it then click on ‘save number’. He added the name “Lee Won Ho” then pressed save.

Shoving the phone into his pocket then stuffed popcorn in his mouth.

Lee Won Ho’s head was resting on the seat while looking at Alchoen who was ignoring him. Sighing inwardly he said in a low tone, “Kang Alchoen.”

Alchoen froze, he didn’t know why but the tone in Lee Won Ho’s voice sounded so sad. Slowly turning his head, their eyes met.

Alchoen swallowed hard answering, “Mn?”

Lee Won Ho, “Will you be mine?”

Alchoen, “You don’t even know…”

Cutting him off he asked again, “Will you be mine?”

Alchoen, “You sound so desperate.”

Lee Won Ho, “I am.”

Alchoen, “Why?”

Lee Won Ho, “Because I think you are worth me being desperate for your love.”

Alchoen couldn’t help but chuckle and spitting out the word, “Idiot” at Lee Won Ho.

The cinema’s lights dimmed as the movie started.

The movie they watched was an action movie with loads and loads of death and some comedy.

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