Love Born Within Two Days

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An Audience

Leaving the cinema the two of them headed to the parking lot. Lee Won Ho had his arm over Alchoen’s shoulder and tickled him every now and again making him blush from embarrassment.

Alchoen, “Where are you taking me now?”

Lee Won Ho, “A restaurant.”

Alchoen, “Which one?”

Lee Won Ho, “The one my friend own’s.”

Alchoen, “What’s it called?”

Lee Won Ho paused then looking down at the person under his left arm. His eyes lowered to Alchoen’s lips.

Smirking he said, “Let me kiss you first then I’ll tell you.”

Alchoen looked up and thought to himself that this person is stubborn and shameless.

Tilting his head to the side for a moment he thought, “Well it shouldn’t be bad right… the inside of his mouth has a pleasant taste.”

Looking into Lee Won Ho’s eyes he said, “Fine.”

Lee Won Ho, “Are you sure?”

“Mn,” he nodded his head.

Lee Won Ho got excited, licking his lips, he leaned in forward slowly.

Lee Won Ho’s nose touched against Alchoen″s, he was about to move in to kiss him but stopped because something from the corner of his eye caught his attention.

He lifted his head to see what it was and frowned, “What the fuck are you looking at?”

Alchoen saw that Lee Won Ho’s frown and looked in that same direction.

His eyes widened but quickly turned listless, he turned back to look at Lee Won Ho and said, “I thought you wanted to kiss me, why is it taking you so long?”

Lee Won Ho raised a brow, he looked down at Alchoen and his eyes shined, “Don’t you see that we have an audience?”

Alchoen looked in their direction, then he looked behind him, to the left then right. Looking at Lee Won Ho with bewilderment he said, “Where? Why don’t I see anyone besides us.”

The people who Lee Won Ho referred to as an audience had twisted expression after hearing his words.

The person who seemed to be the leader spoke, “Kang Alchoen!! That mouth of yours is as good as ever I see.”

Alchoen faked a yawn and looked over at Lee Won Ho’s car. Walking towards it, he stopped at the passenger side door and looked over at Lee Won Ho who was still glaring at the so-called “audience.”

“Won Ho,” Alchoen yelled getting his attention. Lee Won Ho glances over.

Alchoen, “I’m hungry… let’s go.”

Lee Won Ho smiled. Taking one last look at the five who stood before him, he headed to the car and unlocked it.

Driving away Lee Won Ho had a frown on his face. Why did it seem like they were bumping into people who knew Alchoen and the things they all said.

He glanced over at Alchoen who was sitting facing the window.

Lee Won Ho said in a low and deep voice, “Kang Alchoen.”

Alchoen’s heart shuddered, his body almost turning numb at the sound of his name being called.

Looking at Lee Won Ho he answered, “Y-y-yes?”

Lee Won Ho, “Who are those people?”

Alchoen, “We attend the same college.”

Lee Won Ho, “There seems to be enmity between you and that guy.”

Alchoen, “There is.”

Lee Won Ho, “Does it have something to do with that Park Ji Soo that that girl mentioned?”

Alchoen froze, seeing that there was no answer Lee Won Ho guessed that he hit the nail.

Alchoen began to have a mental battle within his mind.

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