Love Born Within Two Days

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Alchoen’s Advance

[Should I tell him or not? Our date has been going rather well so far but what if I tell him and he is disgusted with me? What if he just leaves me here? I should probably wait till we are done with eating then I can maybe tell him tonight over the phone? Well… I should just tell him later and see if he is serious about us.]

He looked over at Lee Won Ho who from time to time looked through the rearview mirror to see him.

Lee Won Ho was worried that maybe something bad happened or Alchoen just didn’t seem like he wasn’t willing to share. Maybe he shouldn’t pry any further.

They reached the restaurant and Alchoen was impressed. They were led to a private room just for the two of them. The menu items had ridiculous prices for the simplest of dishes.

Alchoen started smiling while thinking this making Lee Won Ho who was looking at him feel at ease, knowing that the situation wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

Lee Won Ho, “Why are you smiling alone… tell me the joke too.”

Alchoen looked up at him and said, “Your friend’s restaurant is ridiculously expensive.”

Lee Won Ho looked down at the menu in his hands and said, “Mn, it is, it’s a good thing I can afford it.”

Rolling his eyes Alchoen chuckled and said, “I can make all these dishes with my eyes closed and your friend will lose his business if I open up my own.”

With a smirk, Lee Won Ho asked, “Is that so?”

Nodding his head slowly, Alchoen confirmed.

“If I knew, then I would have asked you to cook a dish for me,” he said.

Alchoen looked at him and shrugged, “I can always but you need to provide me with the ingredients.”

Closing the menu, Lee Won Ho rested his arms on the table and said, “I’ll hold you to that.”

Alchoen smiled as a response and froze after hearing, “Then maybe I’ll have you for dessert.”

Seeing his flushed and frozen expression, Lee Won Ho couldn’t help but chuckle.

Alchoen ordered the cheapest dish, a chicken salad, while Lee Won Ho order Wagu steak. Seeing that the one opposite him ordered such a cheap dish, he wanted to scold Alchoen but then remembered that he shouldn’t pry… maybe this was what Alchoen wished to eat.

If Alchoen could hear what Lee Won Ho was thinking he’d laugh. Although it seemed like Lee Won Ho was rich, he didn’t want to eat his money just in case he has to pay it back with his body.

The two finished their food, Lee Won Ho paid and they left. Lee Won Ho offered to take him to other places but Alchoen refused. Although it was early, it would be better to get home early than a minute later.

Sitting outside his home in Lee Won Ho’s car, the two sat silently.

Alchoen looked at Lee Won Ho who seemed to be in a world of his own and didn’t want to bother him but still wished that their “almost kiss” was never interrupted earlier on.

The longer he looked at Lee Won Ho’s lips, the hungrier he got wanting to kiss him, bite his lips and suck on his tongue.

Sitting with his head against the headrest of the car, looking at Lee Won Ho. His breathing became heavy and his chest started rising up and down.

Lee Won Ho’s sharp hearing brought him back to reality. He turned to see a heavily breathing Alchoen who was looking at him with hazy eyes and a red face.

At first, he thought that there must be something wrong with him but as he was going to open up his mouth and speak he saw Alchoen bite down on his bottom lip and looking at his lips.

An electric shock went through his body. He couldn’t stand the urge any longer and reached over to pull Alchoen on his lap.

He plopped Alchoen onto his lap but after he did this, he didn’t expect Alchoen to initiate their kiss first.

Alchoen wrapped his arms around Lee Won Ho’s neck and bit down onto his top lip, pulling back then started sucking on it.

Lee Won Ho was caught completely off guard but soon closed his eyes and enjoyed the intense kiss from Alchoen.

Alchoen forced his tongue in between Lee Won Ho’s teeth. When their tongues met Alchoen’s body started shuddering.

Lee Won Ho’s hands were moving about squeezing Alchoen’s buttocks. As he rubbed and squeezed Alchoen’s butt, Alchoen’s hips were moving.

This movement stimulated the shock waves going through both of their bodies and made the thing between Lee Won Ho’s legs was starting to increase in size.

Lee Won Ho put his hand on the handle that lets the seat back then pushed on the handle that lays the seatback.

Alchoen was on top of him. him while moving his hips and grinding against Lee Won Ho.

Lee Won Ho gripped onto Alchoens thighs, lifting him off his crotch… This moved Alchoen’s whole body including his mouth away from their kiss.

When their eyes met, Lee Won Ho saw that Alchoen was looking away from him. He lifted his hands and cupped Alchoen’s face in his hands facing him to look into his eyes.

Lee Won Ho, “Alchoen look at me.”

Swallowing hard, Alchoen’s heart was beating very fast. He looked down at Lee Won Ho, slightly teary-eyed.

Lee Won Ho rubbed his thumbs against Alchoen’s eyes, wiping away the tears that were forming.

Lifting his head, he kissed Alchoen on the forehead, then on the bridge of his nose. Kissing him on his nose than on his left eye.

He continued kissing down to his cheek then to his neck. Opening his mouth and bearing his teeth, he bit down gently nibbling on Alchoens neck.

As he was doing this, he wrapped his arms around Alchoens waist. Holding Alchoen this way he could feel the other trembling in his embrace.

He continued to kiss down to Alchoen’s chest. Alchoen closed his eyes while an electric current travelled through his body making it tremble.

He tilted his head back taking in all the kisses he received that made his body burn.

Lee Won Ho started kissing him up against his neck slowly taking in all of Alchoens scent. He stuck his tongue out gently licking first then placing a kiss on the spot he just licked.

Kissing and licking up his neck till he reached the corner of his mouth. Sticking his tongue out he licked the corner of Alchoens mouth and forced his tongue in.

When his tongue entered Alchoen’s mouth, Alchoen felt the thing entering his mouth, this triggered him to open his eyes. He looked at Lee Won Ho who’s eyes were closed.

Closing his eyes again he opened his mouth and allowed Lee Won Ho’s tongue in and started sucking on it.

He began bobbing his head while sucking on Lee Won Ho’s tongue. Lee Won Ho’s eyes shot open thinking, “This person…”

Closing his eyes he leaned back and let Alchoen suck on his tongue…

A few seconds pass…

Lee Won Ho’s phone started ringing. Alchoen stopped sucking and opened his eyes. He looked at Lee Won Ho who had pink cheeks and a hazy look in his eyes.

Pulling back and sitting up his heavy breathing began to steady…

Alchoen, “Your phone is ringing.”

Lee Won Ho snapped out of his daze wishing that he could spend more time with Alchoen.

Lee Won Ho, “I have to go…” he trailed softly.

Alchoen looked down at him and raised a brow, “Does he seem reluctant?” he asked himself. Getting off and returning to his seat Alchoen opened the door and got out.

Sitting up and fixing the car seat Lee Won Ho sighed looking down at the bulge in his pants. Opening the door he got out and walked to the rear of the car and opened the trunk, taking out the packet that had the box in it.

Closing the trunk he saw that Alchoen was standing beside him. Before he handed over the packet he called, “Alchoen?”

Alchoen lazily looked up at the man in front of him who’s face was a dark shade of pink, “mn?” he answered.

Looking at Alchoen, Lee Won Ho realised that he didn’t want to just leave him, even if it was a moment or a few seconds longer, he still wanted to be with him.

Lee Won Ho, “Can I hug you?”

A naughty smile crept up on Alchoen’s face, “Why...didn’t you get enough...want more?”

Lee Won Ho felt slightly relieved hearing this. Clamping on his molars he turned his body to face Alchoen and pinched Alchoens nose between his index and middle finger.

Lee Won Ho, “I see you have gained courage.”

Alchoen was scrunching his face while looking at the person in front of him… The smirk he had on his face was no longer there. Trying to pull Lee Won Ho’s hand away that stuck firmly to his face.

Seeing that it was useless he looked at Lee Won Ho and said with a stuffy voice, “Alright you can hug me but take your hand away from my face, it hurts.”

“Hahaha,” Lee Won Ho laughed. He pulled Alchoen close and planted a kiss on his lips while hugging him tightly.

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