Love Born Within Two Days

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Mr Kang

From behind them, a deep and commanding voice sounded, “Alchoen!!”

This frightened both of them which made them disconnect their shared kiss. Lee Won Ho turned around and saw an elderly man standing behind Alchoen. Moving quickly he lets go of Alchoen’s waist.

Alchoen turned around and looked at the man - it was his father.

Mr Kang stared at the two of them with his daggerlike eyes making the two of them uncomfortable. Alchoen took the packet from Lee Won Ho and said goodbye, bowed to his father and with a crouched back he tiptoed through the gate then into the house.

Mr Kang and Lee Won Ho watched Alchoen act like a child who was sneaking back into the house before getting caught. When Alchoen was inside Lee Won Ho looked at the back of Mr Kang’s head feeling awkward about getting caught by his father-in-law.

While he was still thinking of an opening line Mr Kang turned around to look at him. When their eyes met, Lee Won Ho’s body grew stiff.

Mr Kang looked him over once and asked, “Why are you still here?”

Without waiting for a reply he turned around, walked in slamming both the gate and door behind him. From outside the house, Lee Won Ho could hear Mr Kang yell out Alchoen’s name than hearing Alchoen’s voice say, “Kang Alchoen is dead.”

With a question mark stuck to his face, he climbed into his car and drove off home.


Alchoen who was now sitting face to face with his father was being cross-questioned.

“Why are you kissing men in front of my house?”

Alchoen, “Daddy its not my fault.”

“Now whose fault is it?”

Alchoen, “It’s his fault, he wanted a hug but kissed me instead.”


Alchoen, “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Whyyyy do you like men?”

Alchoen, “It’s because you didn’t make me right that I like men!”

“How dare you!!!!”

Alchoen, “No one told you to make me in the park instead of making me on the bed. If you made me on the bed I would have liked women instead of men.”


Mr Kang stood up from his seat and threw Alchoen with the newspaper in his hands but Alchoen quickly jumped over the couch and ran to his room while laughing, slamming the door shut behind him.

Seeing that he couldn’t catch Alchoen he turned to his wife and pointed his finger at his wife saying, “Jiang Yueguang, if you had kept your mouth shut about how he was made he wouldn’t use this against me!!”

“Oh shut up before you get a heart attack.”

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