King Ace

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After just getting out of a relationship Eve and her friends decide to go clubbing. She never would have thought her life would change. The moment she meets Ace she instantly feels attractive to him but would she still feel the same way after she finds out what and who he is? Ace was never planing on meeting his mate at a club on earth. He didn’t ever think he would meet her.But when he did he didn’t regret it for one second. He wants her and he can tell she wants him. But would she still want him when she finds out that he is a werewolf from another realm?

Romance / Fantasy
I. M. I. Doe
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Today was the day. The day ace was to be king. The day which he had been longing for since he knew the meaning of it. Today was His coronation day. His father was the king but today he was to take over the throne.

It has been about a hundred and twenty years since he turned of age to meet his mate but stil hasn’t. It was one of the reasons why he couldn’t be king yet, he felt he had to meet his mate before he became King. But it seemed like he would never find her. Ace felt like a part of him was missing and he knew it was due to him not meeting his soulmate, but he didn’t care anymore. At least that is what he told himself to stay sane. He didn’t want to start thinking about all the reason why he didn’t have a mate. The only thing that mattered to him was to be king. He thought if he became king, maybe the empty part of him will be filled.

He stood infront of the huge silver doors that lead to a room full of aristocrats that were here to watch his coranation. He didn’t care for any of them. He only cared about being king. Deep down he knew being king won’t make him whole, but that realization was very deep inside him. Plus he was desperate to make the pain of not been whole gone. Ace tried everything to convince himself that been king was all he need. So he trained.

He has been training his whole life for this. With or without mate he was to be king. Even if the throne is hereditary, it didn’t mean people will not constantly try to challenge him no matter how dominant his wolf was. So he got strong.

He was dressed in gold armor as tradition required. And once he heard his name been announced he straighten himself and waited for the big silver doors to open.

Once they did he made his way down the aisle and stopped and took a knee in front of the Twin throne. They symbolize equality between mates. Whether one is strong than the other they rule together equality. He didn’t think he would need it much having not mate and all.

His father king Augustus read the kieona. Which was a set of example the king had to follow. It what made when the realm of werewolves were created.

Ace had zoned out because he knew what the speeches said but it was required to listen to it. He just calmly waited for the golden question. The question right before he is named king.

After what felt like forever he heard his father asked. “Son do you you swear to protect this all werewolves and guide this kingdom it until your dying breath?”

“I swear” ace answered.

“Do you swear to rule with fairness?”

“I swear”

“Do you swear to care for all werewolves as they were your family?”

“I swear”

“I king Augustus son of pericile name you Ace Darius son of Augustus king of all werewolves.” his father said then placed the gold crown with diamonds around it on his head.

Ace stood up and walked to the balcony to face his people. The crowd roared with applause and cheers. And yet he felt nothing. No emotion whatsoever just emptiness. He thought once he became king he will feel whole but he was wrong.

He became lost in his thoughts until he felt two particular pair of eyes staring from below. He met the person eyes and she only one emotion in them, malice. she wasn’t cheering like everyone she just stood there and looked at him with a smirk that said I lie something you don’t. She had red hair, with green eyes, who looked to be in her mid-20s. He couldn’t tell her height but she seemed tall. Once he blinked she disappeared.

His instincts told him something was wrong but he was too far gone in thoughts to listen to them.


It was now night time and almost al if not all the guest had left. And Ace was on the roof of the castle staring at the sky like it had the answers to his questions. From the smell he knew it was his beta and best friend Adrian.

“Since when do you look at stars” Adrian asked, but he was met with silence.

“What is up with you you are gloomier than usual. what is been king is not enough. If it is you can just you know past it on to me I won’t complain.” Adrian said in an attempt to lighten the mood but failed miserably. He had an idea as to why his friend was like this. Even though Ace had no never really shown an interest in his mate, he knew he wanted to find her.

“Nothing has changed” Ace said after a long moment of silence.

“Maybe you just need to go to Earth and look for her there.” Adrian proposed.

“You know I have went on Earth several times and still haven’t found her. Maybe there is no shewolf out there for me” Ace responded.

“Who said she had to be a shewolf maybe she’s human. Maybe you haven’t been looking in the right places” Adrian said.

“There is no way she’s human. I am the king of all werewolves why will my mate be human it simply makes no sense. Even so I have been almost everywhere on earth throughout the century if she existed there I would have known about it” Ace said

Adrian knew his friend and his mindset. He also knew Ace meant well, he simply thought that his mate is a strong werewolf. Otherwise she wouldn’t be fit to be queen. And a human female did not cross his mind. He didn’t have anything against humans, he just knew werewolves were stronger which is without doubt true.

“What were you to do if she ends up been human” Adrian asked.

“Nothing because she is not. it wouldn’t make sense. If she even exists” said Ace mumbling the last part.

“Come on she does exist I thought my mate didn’t existed until I met her a couple years ago. I know she’s out there”

Before Ace could respond they both smelt fire. Without even a second thought the both off the roof top and into the castle. The only word to discribe it was chaos. People were running away from the fire while he was running toward it. He told Adrian to get people to end the fire while he tried to find out how the fire was caused.

he ran down until he saw a room wherethe fire was the hottest and it turned out to be his father’s studies. Without thinking he ran into the room full of fire looking for his dad. Since him and his dad were lycans the fire wouldn’t effect them much, but he had a bad feeling. And since his father had some years on him he was worried.

Once he walked in the room he saw his father on the floor not moving. He instantly ran to him to try and wake him up, not caring about the flames. In his attempts to wake his father up he sensed someone else was in the room. Once he looked up it was the women with green eyes and red hair from the crowd. She was wearing a jet black cloak. He had a feeling she had something to do with the fire.

“Who are you” Ace asked. But all he got was the same smirk that said I know something you don’t.

“Did you cause this, if so help me goddess I will make sure you die a painful death.” He said again and making sure to give off a don’t bullshit me vibe.

“And so what if I did, what are you going to do? Kill me? Because even if you did it wouldn’t stop us from getting rid of you. You are-” before she even finished speaking he was infront of her in a second, ready to rip her head off for the insolence and threat. He wasn’t very close to his father but he will be damned to let anyone mess with him. He raised him after all.

“What? Did I say something wrong? Did I make the big bad wolf mad” she said with an amused tone.

“Who are you” Ace asked again but slower this time to make. With an expression that said choose your words carefully, because they might be your last.

“We. Are...” she said and smirked. And within a millisecond he grabbed her throat and pushed her to the wall with less flames.

“I’m going to give you one last change, because the third time is a charm. So answer very I repeat very carefully” he said in a dangerous low voice while making his grip on her throat tighter.

“It doesn’t matter who I am it only matter that you aren’t king. You are not the true king. Your pathetic. We will make sure to give you a painful death.” She answered while struggling to breath.

“You keep saying we. Who exactly is we?” He asked but all that he got as respond was her laughing like a maniac. And second later he heard Adrian and with what sounded like 3 guards.

“Since you won’t tell me who you, no wait you all are I guess you will reconsider with a little motivation.” Ace spoke and motioned for the guards to take her. “You don’t want to know what i will do to you if she gets away.” Ace spoke again.

He will have to deal with her later because his father and putting out the flames before everything burned was more important. Like it was mentioned before he doesn’t have a great relationship with his father but he was still his father. He had to fine out who she was working for.


Ace was now headed to where they kept the woman which was at the bottom of the castle in a cave turned prison. They had gotten the flames under control. And fortunately nothing happened to his father. He walked through the dark empty halls. There was barely any prisoners kept down there. People almost never broke a law so drastic that they will have to be kept down here.

The only people that were kept in the cave were traders or people that need to be interrogated. For example the woman with red hair. He got to her cell by smell but he didn’t he didn’t hear a heart beat, other than the two guards posted outside and his own.

Ace opened the doors and saw no one. Absolutely no one. He was beyond pissed. He had gave one simple order and that was to keep watch on her but she slipped through their fingers without them even noticing. How the hell is that possible.

“Where is she” Ace asked in a very low and dangerous voice. A voice that resonated anger. He walked pass the door to face the two guards. “You had one simple job to watch her. So can one of you please tell me how she got out. Because there is no way that two perfectly capable werewolves did not notice no one was in the cell for 40 minutes” Ace added. It didn’t make sense to him. “Unless one of you let her go. But then the other would have noticed. So you both let her go”

Ace felt their fear rolling off of them like waves. They knew he had figured them out. And the only thing that is certain for a a traitor is death. And once they came to that realization they looked at each other and attacked him.

Without even a second to waste he snapped both of their necks. He had to find that woman and fast.

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