Love Is Orange: Stoking The Fire

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Intertwined by the serendipity of summertime, Jonathan Harris and Melissa Berry’s tale of unending affection serenades the recklessness that comes with teenage romance. Their chemistry began to unfold with an orange experience on Laguna Beach and became even brighter as days turned into weeks, then weeks into months. Challenged with forceful opposition from home and school, Melissa and Jonathan constantly proved that nothing would change their minds. Their love eventually led them into a place with untold power. An ancient forest with reportings of dark and mysterious accidents. It was terrifying, unimaginable, and it had only just begun…

Romance / Fantasy
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News Report


Two teenagers, Jonathan Harris and Melissa Berry, who were declared missing on the 27th of March, 2016, are still nowhere to be found. All searches aimed at finding their whereabouts have been fruitless to this point, and the state police department is still working tirelessly to make sure these missing teenagers are found.

According to the report given by Max Harris, Jonathan’s uncle and guardian, he said that Jonathan left home about 6.30 in the evening to pick up his prom date, Melissa from her home in a cab, and till now, he still doesn’t know how they went missing. When asked if such had happened before, he reported that none of such situation had ever happened on any occasion. “Jonathan is a pretty reasonable kid”, he said.

Melissa Berry’s mother was also interrogated, and she reported about the same thing Jonathan’s uncle and guardian had. That Jonathan got to her home at about 6.50 in the evening to pick up Melissa in a cab and that was the last time she saw them.

Some of their mates at the prom party were also interrogated, and they all reported that they saw Jonathan and Melissa together. One of them, named Jessica Hampton explicitly stated that she was standing right next to them when they stepped out for their dance.

Searches are still ongoing for these two teenagers, and we do hope that they are found soon.

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