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This is bad.. I know I shouldn’t want to, but he’s so cunning. I can’t take my mind off of him it’s like he is a drug and I’m the addicted. It’s like I’ll never get enough of him and I don’t know if I ever want to. Kyle is like my muse. He turned my world upside down and changed it. Is this a good thing? All I know is that I want him bad , but my mind and my heart are tugging in different directions which path should I follow?

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Chapter 1

Have you ever wondered, why me?

How of all things that had to happen is the one and only thing that you feared the most? Falling in love isn’t easy to me, I don’t want to open myself to any heart breaks or headaches and I’ve successfully done so for the past 17 years.

I like to think I’m a very charismatic person at times but I’m also very dull most of the time. I have pale white skin with boring green eyes that seem like the walking dead. Well, at least most of the time. I have a curvy and slim figure. The only thing that I take pride in is my wavy jet black hair that’s just above my waist.

I’m currently laying in my bed staring up at the glow in the dark stars planted on my ceiling, absorbing the absolute silence that’s pouring around the room and the beauty of peace and quietness. At moments like these is when I feel free and not caged by certain limitations that might effect my life. I get to contemplate on reality and search the unknown with questions that might never get answered. I never want to break out of this trance, but good things must come to an end and it did just that when Rose barged into my room standing in a yellow crop top with blue jeans and yellow shoes to match. She started screaming “ Olive! Get your lazy butt up we can’t be late for our first day of school!”

(Rose is the opposite of me. Although we both have the same parents I took after our mom with one exception that I have green eyes and Rose looked exactly like our dad with tan skin along with golden hair but her eyes were brown like my moms. She had an outgoing personality and was more of a party girl — I guess you could call her the popular type — and she was a year older than me, not like she acts like it).

I groaned and rolled around the side of my bed to look at the alarm on the night stand. Once I saw the time my eyes grew wide. I jumped off my bed and dashed for the closet helplessly. I threw on the first clothing that I could find. I then went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth; I looked in the mirror and decided to leave my hair down because who cares, I don’t have to look good for no one. After finishing up I walked out of the bathroom to see Rose plastered with a huge smirk on her face.

I rolled my eyes and said “Could’ve woken me up sooner”. She then began to laugh “And what’s the fun in that, kiddo”. I cringed “Don’t call me kiddo”. She finally stopped laughing and stared at my outfit. “If we weren’t about to be late I would’ve made you change, but since that’s the case I’m going to let you off the hook. You look like a mess”. I just shrugged. “Whatever, let’s go”. While walking past her to go down the stairs, I was greeted by our mom.

“You’re going to be late if you don’t hurry’” she stated as I walked to grab and apple. “Also we are having our new neighbors over for dinner tonight so be back after school to get ready”. “Yeah got it”, I said as I pecked her on the check and made my way to the front door “Tell dad I said bye” Rose said as we exited to the porch.

I made my way to the passenger side of Rose’s car when I noticed a moving truck. I guess mom wasn’t playing when she said we had neighbors coming for dinner. I was about to say something when Rose blurted out “You know you should start paying me gas money for driving your tail around since you apparently can't drive to save your life”. I smirked and said “Sure. And you can start paying me for tutoring you on all subjects since you apparently can’t get your priorities straight”. She clenched her teeth and whispered bitch while starting the engine. “I heard that”, I said. “I did that on purpose kiddo”, she said with a fake smile. I just sighed and looked out the window.

Rose is the type that doesnt back down from a fight, which is why we argue a lot! Although at the end of the day she is family, I still wish I could get away with murder.

The drive to school wasn’t long, maybe about 7 or so minutes which is a advantage since we left pretty late. Rose drove into the parking lot and found a spot somewhat near the entrance to the school. She then put the car in park and we got out and started walking to the entrance of the school.

Then suddenly I hit a massive wall. I stumbled backwards and landed on the ground. I noticed papers start to fly around. “Great, a magical wall with papers flying out of it” I murmured and started picking up the papers. I heared a chuckle coming from the direction of where I had fallen.

To say I was frustrated was an overstatement; I was livid and ready to give this over grown brute a piece of my mind, but right when I looked up I was met with the most gorgeous eyes. They were captivating. Hazel, with a hint of green on the inside, mesmerizing mr as I looked down further and noticed a quirky smile that had fooled no one because I sensed the hidden desires beneath it and the thought thrilled me.

Gaining a little bit of confidence I look up further and saw that his hair was brown with streaks of blond. I could get lost staring at him for days....wait a minute Olivia Parks. You just met the guy! No goggle eyes at a stranger. Finding my composure, I handed him his papers, but he had other plans. He grabbed my wrists and hoisted me up to hit his chest, and I blushed even more. He was built firm, anyone could tell from a mile away that he worked out.

Realizing that I was on him too long, I squealed and backed away, still holding out the papers so he could grab them.“ Are you okay?”, he asked as he grabbed the papers from my hand, even his voice is alluring “ I..I..I..I am fine thanks and sorry for bumping into you” I stuttered while looking away from his burning gaze. He grinned “So your a student too, huh”. “Ahh yes I am” I managed to say still looking away from his piercing eyes.

He studied me for a moment before saying “Why do you hide it?” Bewildered by the statement I questioned “Hide what?” His grin only grew wider and he took a step closer just enough for his lips to touch my ear and I shivered at this closeness. “If you don’t know, then I won’t tell you”. He then backed up and started walking away. I stood there shocked at his boldness, a mixture of anger and rage, but most of all lust. Right then and there I knew that I had to stay away from him.

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