Betrayed to be Loved

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To have found the one she thought who truly loved her, Arabella could not ask for more. Not realizing she was just another step in his ladder towards success, money and power. Arabella gave her hundred percent to their relationship. Being oblivious to his intentions she finally tasted betrayal. With a broken heart and shattered hopes she loses her faith in love and marriage. Will she take revenge or will someone else vow in silence to avenge her broken heart.

Romance / Drama
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Arabella Grace Adams lost her mother the moment she was born. Her mother was suffering from high blood pressure and due to other pregnancy complications she could not survive the delivery of her first and only child. Joana Grace Adams was just 20 years old when she passed away, her husband and Arabella’s father Jay Adams lost his interest in life after his loving wife passed away. Even his daughter could not give him enough reason to live. He drowned himself in alcohol and finally committed suicide when Arabella was just one year old. Jay’s younger sister Daisy was just 17 years old at that time, she was the only family left for Arabella. Unfortunately she could not claim Arabella’s custody at that time being a minor herself with no financial support.

Arabella was a beautiful person inside out, she was gorgeous since birth hence the name. With her emerald green eyes and beautiful gold locks she was always attractive and beautiful. And the best thing was that her beauty was far beyond her looks, she was a compassionate, honest, loving and helpful person. Something everyone was attracted to. She found the love of her life at a very young age but also tasted betrayal in the cruelest ways. Arabella learnt that beauty is not what the eyes can always see but what the soul truly reflects.

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