Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter- 8 Destined


The next morning I woke up when my alarm went crazy like anything. Putting it on snooze I pulled back my quilt and closed my eyes once again. I know I still have time as I set my alarm at 6.30 and finally wake up by 7. But just as I tried to snuggle in my bed once again my mobile started ringing and I got up worried as to who could be calling me this early. Looking at the caller ID I immediately answered the call as it was Jason…

J: Bella I have awesome news…

A: Good morning Jason

J: Ethan has approved you to be his new personal accountant. He said he is ready to give you a chance, though you still need some grooming and no one could do that job better than Ethan himself. I am really glad you made it.

I was quiet for a while…to be honest I did not know how to react…I was feeling a mixture of emotions right now….I was happy that I didn’t let Jason down…I was nervous and scared as well…to be in front of the big boss everyday was surely not an easy job…I was snapped out of my thoughts by Jason calling my name…

J: Arabella??? You there???Hello??

A: Oh yes…I am still here…frankly I just don’t know how to react.

J: Don’t worry little girl, I have full faith in you and I am sure very soon you will prove yourself. Now just don’t waste any time and quickly get ready for your first day as the CEO’s personal accountant.

A: You make it all sound so easy Jason…thank you so much for believing in me, I won’t let you down. See you soon.

J: Bye

Aunt Daisy was so happy to know that I made it through the interview. She was the second person I informed about my new designation. After the call with Jason the first person I wanted to inform about my promotion was Victor. I called him and was about to disconnect after the fourth ring thinking he might be asleep when he finally answered my call. He was so happy when I told him that I have been promoted as Mr. Ethan’s personal accountant. Victor again reminded me that this is indeed a big step in my career. Over the breakfast I told my aunt about how happy Victor and Jason are with my new position. In fact I doubt they are happier than me. As for my dear aunt she is just trying to spoil me more with the delicious grilled cheese sandwiches she made for today’s breakfast. She said it’s a treat from her. The woman knows how much I love her special grilled sandwiches. She packed the same for my lunch. Just at the thought of lunch I remembered the one thing which I am definitely going to hate after being the personal accountant to the CEO and that is the mere fact that his office is at the 56th floor. I know for sure that not many people are allowed on his floor apart from his personal assistant and personal accountant; only a handful of the managers of different departments occasionally make their way to the top floor. In that situation I won’t find many people to accompany me, I really hope I will not make a fool of myself in front of Mr. Ethan. Trying to motivate myself for a fresh and good beginning I gather my things and walk out of the house fifteen minutes earlier than my usual time. I don’t want to be late at any cost, not today, not ever. I have tried to dress up in my best official wear…a simple grey pencil skirt with a light pink shirt. Rest I am my usual self without any make up and in my black color flat sandals. It’s more important for me to be comfortable; I wonder how much will be my workload from now onwards. Not that I am scared of the work but yes I get nervous when anyone tries to breathe down my spine. Jason has been a very easy going boss; he is the same with everyone who does their work efficiently. Otherwise if you want to curse someone you can curse them to be on Jason’s bad side. Where will be my cabin? Oh God there are so many questions floating in my mind!

I reached office around twenty minutes earlier today and parked my car at my usual spot. I waited near the lift and entered with three people two of who had to go to the 55th floor. I was glad that I had to go just one floor alone. That will not be difficult Arabella…be strong…you can do it…I tried to give myself a pep talk just when the lift door was stopped by a hand and it was none other than Mr. Ethan. Everyone in the lift wished him good morning and I did the same, he just nodded his head once. I felt so relieved that finally I won’t be alone in the lift for even one floor. Looking over Mr. Ethan I wondered if I should thank him for giving me a chance or not. Everyone stood in complete silence and I knew the reason for this silence….the so called ruthless Mr. CEO was accompanying us in the same lift and so I decided not to thank him right now. I took a deep breath trying to rid myself from the growing anxiety due to my phobia. Once the others got off the lift by the 55th floor it was just me and Mr. Ethan, I wanted to ask him about my desk or cabin and my duties as his personal accountant but being in the lift was not helping me. As the lift door opened at the 56th floor I quickly walked after Mr. Ethan. I was in a hurry to get out of the lift as always and almost bumped into my new boss when he suddenly stopped and turned to face me. I thanked my lucky stars that I decided to wear my comfy flats and not any sort of heels. When I stopped myself from bumping into him was the moment I realized how tall he is, I hardly reached his chest. This is so embarrassing; I think wearing heels will be better if I have to be with Mr. Ethan. I heard a throat clearing sound and realized I must be looking like an idiot staring at his chest and not even moving back. I tried to rectify my mistake and took a step back and looked up in his sparkling blue eyes which were already staring right into my green ones….

“Good morning sir” I greeted him once again and got a stern nod… “Follow me”… was the only thing he said. I am assuming that he will show me the way to my cabin or may be take me to his and explain my role as his personal accountant from now onwards. As instructed I quietly followed him into his room and I frowned as I took into the sight of his office. DARK was the only word that came to my mind, the furniture was dark grey and so were the curtains. Even the walls were a shade of grey the only good thing I found was the white lights. Honestly I didn’t like his office, I wonder who chose the colors and everything…of course he would have selected everything…no wonder people say he has a dark and brooding personality….

“Have a seat” his words brought me out of my thoughts. Now I noticed that he was already standing behind his big table and gestured me to take the seat across his. I walked in and sat down, Mr. Ethan took off his jacket and placed it at the back of his chair, I can’t ignore the fact that he has an amazing physique. “I am sure that Jason informed you that you still need grooming and this is no permanent position for you till the time you prove yourself totally worthy.” I nodded in reply and got a really harsh reaction from him...” first of all miss Arabella I prefer hearing words” I answered a quiet yes Mr. Ethan, “The most important thing as you know is that I prefer punctuality, your timing today was perfect and I would prefer the same timing every day.” He takes a pause and continues “your cabin is behind the partition at the left side of my office” I turned around and notice a partition again in grey colour...I really want to roll my eyes this time...” you can take your time today in checking everything in your cabin, I mean make sure by tomorrow you know which company’s file is where and also go through the system. There is already an envelope on your table which has the details like your login id and all.” He gives me a look and I clear my throat and speak up” sure sir” he nods and finally asks me to go to my cabin and says that he will call me if needed and also I can approach him in case I don’t understand anything. I was not expecting him to say that, I was just happy with the fact that his harsh tone was not repeated.
I took my leave and walked towards my desk, oh yes I won’t call it a cabin or office as there is no privacy at all. But at the first look at my so called cabin I literally slap my forehead...once again ladies and gentlemen I met with the colour grey...isn’t it beautiful! I could hear the sarcasm of my sub conscious. Determined to at least get some colour in my cabin later I settle down and started going through the envelope on my table first. What else can I do, may be I was destined to work with the big boss.

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