Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter- 13 Surprise


The last six months have been so long yet it feels like yesterday when Jonathan and aunt Daisy married a week after their confessions. It all feels so surreal. I have never taken Jonathan for an impatient man. He wanted to marry her the next day itself but I convinced him to give me at least a month. Finally it happened just after a week. After their marriage my sweet aunt moved out to stay with Jonathan. She was reluctant at first, it took me a lot of time to convince her that I am a grown up woman and can take care of myself. Jonathan was so thoughtful that after around two months he changed his apartment and the rented one right opposite my building. Aunt Daisy was delighted when she came to know about his plan. I won’t lie and say that it didn’t make me happy. I felt elated and thanked Jonathan to be so loving towards us for which he said that he always has his favorite girls on mind.

Aunt Daisy and Jonathan’s wedding day was special for both aunt Daisy and I. Victor asked me to be his girlfriend on that day itself, after the wedding ceremony. I was beyond surprised; I always wanted him to reciprocate my feelings. And when it actually happened I just couldn’t believe my lucky stars. He went down on one knee in everyone’s presence and even got me a promise ring. I couldn’t stop the tears of happiness and Victor hugged me tightly when I said yes. Today we are celebrating our six months together. He said it’s a surprise and I just can’t wait to know what’s in store for me.

Victor has been so loving towards me this whole time. I don’t think I can ever love anyone as much as I love him. I never felt so much in love ever before. The last couple of months have been bliss; both my personal and professional lives are going through one of the best phase. I can see Mr. Ethan is happy with my work; though he doesn’t express anything. But the fact that he has stopped glaring and scolding me makes me think that now he is somewhat satisfied with my work. Lillian was also very happy to see me and Victor together. Even Edna and aunt Daisy were happy for me. I wonder why Jonathan and Jimmy were not very comfortable around Victor. In the beginning Jonathan said that he didn’t get good vibes from Victor but later on seeing me so happy he didn’t say it again. I am still pretty sure his opinion hasn’t changed but he doesn’t say anything for my sake. Edna’s boyfriend, Jimmy openly shows his dislike towards Victor and I really wonder why. He calls him bad news and says I am better off without him. Edna got really annoyed once and since then Jimmy has made sure not to talk about Victor in her presence. I don’t know why these three men don’t get along. Victor has been nothing but loving towards me. We did have our share of misunderstandings too, but doesn’t that happen between all couples. What I have understood is Victor doesn’t like being disturbed during office hours. One day I entered his cabin sometime before the lunch and he was engrossed in a call with someone. The way he glared and rudely asked me to leave made me feel very bad. I was almost in tears and just left, he did apologize by the end of the day and offered to take me out for an ice cream. I accepted his apology but didn’t take up his offer for ice cream. Somehow I was not able to get that angry look he gave me out of my mind. Later on I realized that it was not a good move on my part to just barge in uninvited. He was stressed due to something and I expected him to be all lovey- dovey. Each time we had any problems I am glad that we always overcome every issue.

I was ready in my dark purple knee length dress exactly at 7 in the evening. Victor was supposed to pick me up any time now. Just when I thought of giving him a call I heard his car honk and quickly locked my door and went out to meet him. He was smiling and looking at me from inside the car when I made my way towards him. I got in and strapped the seat belt. Victor looked at me with lust filled eyes and I squirmed under his hot gaze. Victor and I did kiss every now and then and even made out a couple of times but I was still not comfortable going all the way. Once Victor got really offended and said that I don’t trust him. I felt bad but couldn’t give myself to him completely. I am not a very religious person but I still believe that I want to stay pure till my wedding. Till I take him as mine in front of our Lord. I couldn’t tell this to Victor and he didn’t speak to me for almost 2 days. I was heartbroken during those two days but he came to me on the third day and apologized. Victor also said that he understands my emotions and is ready to give me as much time as I want. After that day this topic didn’t come up.

I was brought out of my thoughts when Victor cleared his throat. I apologized for zoning out. It was almost an hour drive and Victor didn’t tell me about the venue. I tried to talk it out of him but failed miserably. Each time he would just laugh and ask me to be patient.


I am taking Arabella out today; I have planned a surprise for her. I cannot deny the fact that this girl makes me happy and sometimes even content. So far the six months have been good. I have got close to her to an extent. Sometimes I also have to remind myself to keep my emotions in a check. But again her beauty and innocence does touch my heart too. The only thing which bothers me the most is even after having her like my girlfriend I have not been able to get a taste of her. She would never allow me to go all the way with her, once I got really p*s**d and didn’t talk to her for two days. Later I realized that this is not something which I can mess up, keeping my frustration in check I went and apologized to her.

Today she looks delectable in her dark purple dress. I have decided to finally propose her for marriage. Yes, marriage it is. In the last six months I have realized that marrying her is important. She won’t let me have her the way I want her. Plus I know having her as my wife is going to be a win win situation for me. She is useful as well as beautiful. I still have my eyes and ears open around the big boss or should I see behind him. Somewhere Arabella has made a permanent spot in his heart. He tries his best to hide it, but I am cent percent sure that my observation is not wrong. Arabella is also doing well in her job. There is no doubt that Mr. Ethan has trained her really well. With her gaining his trust and him falling for her things are definitely going to be in my favor after marrying her.

Enough about the future planning, execute tonight’s plan inner self taunts me. I focus my attention on the sulking beauty beside me, she wants to know where I am taking her but I am dead set on not revealing the place. It’s a surprise after all. Well she is going to be the best step in my success ladder, this is the least I can do for her.

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