Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter- 14 The Hurtful Proposal


What pains more is when you have the one person who matters to you the most in this world in front of you, but you can’t tell her what she means to you. You can’t express your love towards her. You can’t hold her, can’t kiss her. But what pains even more is when you see someone else holding her and kissing her. And what annoys you the most is when you know that the other person does not deserve her. But you are helpless when you see your beloved’s twinkling eyes in that fake person’s presence.

Victor does not deserve my Ari; I know that but can’t do anything since she seems so happy with him. She is too naive and too innocent to see the real person behind his gentleman’s facade.

When I heard her talking to Lillian today, I felt my heart would stop. The pain was so agonizing that I felt I couldn’t breathe. Ari was so excited that she was unusually loud while telling Lillian about Victor’s marriage proposal. He proposed her last night, they celebrated their six months together and he popped the question later at night. I heard her say that he went down on one knee, that he got her a beautiful ring, that he told her how much he loves her and that they had a wonderful evening.

I felt my heart shatter, and I just couldn’t do anything about it. That guy is bad news, I can see through him. And since I came to know about his lie about the gifts before Jason’s wedding I wanted to know more about him. I know that he is a very ambitious man, I know about his relationship with Miss Jenifer, his reporting manager. I know he has been in a sexual relation with her. I have my eyes and ears always open and it was not difficult for me to find out about their relation. The guy is just using Jenifer as a ladder step. I don’t have a say in this matter since it is their personal choice and I can’t deny the fact that he is good at work.

Sometimes I feel the urge to tell Ari to stay away from him, but I know I can’t do that. She would never trust me over him. I just hope he won’t hurt her. Because God help me if he ever does something to hurt her I will not spare him.

At times I get frustrated, why can’t this girl realize what a ba***rd Victor is. I feel like screaming at her and making her understand. But the fact that I can’t see her upset stops me from opening her eyes. Few days back when I saw her all teary eyes I wanted to rush to her, comfort her, embrace her and ask what happened. I heard her sniffing; her eyes were red and puffy for the rest of the day. I came to know later how that ra*ca* screamed at her. Though I was very angry but I really wished that Ari would realize that she deserves to be treated way better than this. I wished that she would understand that Victor is not the right guy for her. That he can never be her happily ever after. But I wasn’t surprised when I came to know she forgave him, in fact I heard her telling Lillian that it was her own fault to an extent. People might laugh at me if they ever come to know that I, Ethan Garcia is almost stalking the love of my life. The woman who is oblivious to my love for her. But I don’t give a damn....I have to be there for her, I feel like it’s my responsibility to take care of her. But alas! I can’t do that openly, I have no other option but to watch her from a distance. It is not that I am a very jovial person and it’s difficult for me to keep my emotions at check in her presence. I always have my usual expressionless face in front of her as well. But my eyes are just for her whenever she is around. And my angel is nothing but oblivious to my loving eyes.

Lillian and Ari have grown very close to each other; they share almost everything with each other. I have even contemplated on talking to Lillian and asking her to put some sense in my darling. I know that Ari has known Victor for almost her whole life, but this is nothing but a teenage infatuation that has gone too far. It is not love that she is experiencing. But again, who will tell her all this. Who will break her heart to pieces just to show her the truth? I don’t have it in me, till the time she is happy I will stay put.

I have thought about everything and I think I will do what is in my hands. I will be the guarding angel for my Ari. I will look out for her; will make sure that she is not manhandled. I will protect her from that evil man even after he claims her in front of the whole world.
I know they will get married latest my next month, it will hurt like a bi**h but I will tolerate everything for her sake.

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