Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter- 15 A Little Angel

Third Person POV

Another two months have passed and Arabella and Victor’s wedding is by the end of this month. Ethan has been watching Arabella from a distance, not aware that he is being watched as well. Victor has his eyes on Ethan whenever possible. He is sure that Ethan’s affection for Arabella will definitely come handy someday.

Ever since Victor proposed Arabella for marriage they have been planning their wedding. None of them wanted to just rush and decided on a date almost after two months. Now it’s just twenty days left to their wedding. There have been slip ups from Victor during these two months. He is grateful to the blind trust Arabella has on him. It saved him every time. Even after proposing Arabella, Victor did not end his relation with Miss Jenifer. One day he was almost caught in the act while Arabella came down to his office. It was sheer luck that Arabella’s cell phone’s ringtone saved him. Yes as she was about to enter his office she got a call from someone. Victor recognizes her ringtone and immediately gathered himself and moved away from Jenifer. Coming to his senses he realized he can’t risk it anymore and decided to part ways with Jenifer. It was not going to be easy and was too risky. Very strategically Victor made Jenifer believe that he is marrying Arabella for his family’s sake. He did build up a nice emotional story telling her how his adoptive parents want him to marry Arabella. Since they took him and Edna in when no one else did, he could never deny them of their happiness. Jenifer did not take it well, she was used to getting her physical needs satisfied by the handsome young man; hence offered him to give her the physical pleasure till she finds someone else. After thinking about everything Victor agreed. He didn’t find any loss in the agreement; it might be helpful someday.

Two days back, Ethan’s previous personal accountant, Mrs. Sara called him. She had to collect some documents from HR and was planning to pay him a visit as well. She worked for Ethan for a long time and they had a very good rapport. Ethan was available today and asked her to come.

In the morning when Ethan reached office, behind him the guards held many gift packets and kept everything at a corner in his office. When Arabella entered his office in need to discuss some accounts she noticed the gift packs. What caught her attention was the fact that all gift were packed in baby pink wrapping papers with a lot of ribbons on them. The gifts looked as though they were for a kid, a baby or to be specific a baby girl. She couldn’t stop herself and out of curiosity asked Ethan...

“Sir if you don’t mind me asking, who are those gifts for?” Ethan looked in the direction of the gifts and a small smile graced his lips as he replied...
“My previous personal accountant Mrs. Sara is coming today. These are for her 6 months old baby girl.”

Arabella was surprised to see the smile on Ethan’s face, the man rarely smiles. But she found it so cute that he bought gifts for an ex employee’s baby. She loves babies; whenever she sees one she can’t stop herself from holding the baby and showering it with kisses and hugs. Looking at her it was not difficult to make out that a person like her might like babies. What no one could make out is that the ever brooding and glaring Ethan Garcia Lopez has a soft spot for babies. He loves babies, likes to play with them, carry them and get them a lot of gifts. When Mrs. Sara had called him two days back he requested her to bring her baby along as he wanted to meet her. Mrs. Sara was reluctant, saying that she would like to meet some of her colleagues and if she comes with the baby it would be a little difficult. But Ethan assured her that the baby will be taken care of and that she should not worry.

So now here he was sitting in his office and waiting for Mrs. Sara to arrive with her baby. He personally went last evening to buy gifts for the little angel.

Sometime around ten in the morning Arabella heard a baby blabbering, she instantly got up and walked in the direction of the sound. The sight in front of her melts her heart, but she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was Ethan with a beautiful baby girl in his arms and an even beautiful smile on his face. The little princess was dressed in a very cute pink frilly frock with white tights and matching pink baby shoes. She had a net hairband with a big flower on it, held at her bald head. This was a sight to behold. Within a minute Arabella was beside Ethan, he looked up at her and was surprised for a moment. He was so engrossed with his conversation with the little baby that he didn’t realize when Arabella came and stood beside him.

Before he could say anything Arabella had already stretched her arms to take the baby. She was a very friendly baby and happily went into Arabella’s arms. She cooed the little girl and kissed her chubby cheeks and button nose. Ethan watched them in awe...he was not surprised to see Arabella being so good with a baby.

After a couple of minutes Arabella noticed that the baby’s mom was not around. She asked Ethan and came to know that she has gone to the HR department. Ethan also told her that Aurora was asleep when she came along with her mom and so he offered to keep an eye on her while Sara can go to the HR. Yes, the little girl’s name is Aurora. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful baby, thought Arabella. It was then Arabella saw almost all the gifts open, there was a baby gym, some dolls and little baby toys. Everything was kept on a baby play mat. Arabella was surprised to see a baby high chair also placed at a corner. Now she also noticed that Victor’s suit jacket was placed at the back of his chair, his tie was loosened, and his shirt sleeves were folded till his elbow. That smile on his face made him look so different and Arabella could not deny that he looked very handsome.

Little Aurora was already fond of Ethan and after a while stretched her arms towards Ethan. He was more than happy to hold her back; they went and sat on the play mat. Arabella followed them and sat on her knees. Aurora has started sitting, but Ethan made sure she had a back support. Surrounded by all the toys and some pillows around her she was enjoying herself.
Arabella also wanted to get something for the princess, so she requested Ethan for a break of almost half an hour. When Ethan allowed her; she quickly grabbed her bag and called up Victor on her way back. Unfortunately Lillian didn’t turn up today as well; she has been unwell from the past two days. She missed the chance to meet baby Aurora...thought Arabella. Arabella was glad that there was a gift shop nearby and went there to buy some gift for the cutie pie. She bought a set of hair bands for Aurora. She wished if she would have known then she could have bought something good from a toy store. Arabella went back to her office and tried to force Victor to come along so that he can also meet the baby. But he denied, saying he has a lot of work and can’t spare a single minute at any silly little thing. Arabella felt bad, and went back to her office.

Once again she was surprised; her eyes were almost out of their sockets when she saw that Ethan was feeding Aurora some baby food. Right then she did something which she never did before, she compared Victor to Ethan...he is the owner of the company and has time to be with this angel and Victor can’t spare ten minutes to come and meet her with me...she surprised herself when she realized what she was thinking about. Trying to brush off the negativity she walked towards Ethan and Aurora.

Aurora took the little gift in her tiny hands and tried to put it in her mouth immediately. Very carefully Ethan took it back and spoke to her in a very soft voice...

“Hey little angel, that’s not for eating. Try this one instead...”, saying that he gave her another spoon of her baby food. After another ten minutes Sara was back and thanked Ethan for looking after her angel. She also met Arabella for the first time. When it was time for her to leave Ethan called up some helpers and asked them to pack up all the gifts of the little one and put them in Mrs. Sara’s car. Ethan was holding Aurora when they were about to leave and Arabella requested for a pic with Aurora. Sara readily agreed and in the flow Arabella just came and stood right beside Ethan and took a selfie with him and little Aurora. For her it was a simple pic, but for someone looking from the other side it seemed to be a beautiful family pic. Ethan’s eyes were at Arabella and hers on Aurora. It was a perfect click.

Sara left and Ethan was back to his usual self. Arabella was sad about what Victor said, but again she tried to make herself understand that not everyone is fond of babies like her.
The rest of the day after Aurora left Ethan could not concentrate on work; this was something new for him. But he could not take the thought of having a family with Arabella out of his mind. Arabella mailed him the picture with Aurora. He looked at that picture many times and each time his hopes were shattered with the bitter reality. She can’t be mine...this can’t be I wish it was true...with a sigh he left office that day.

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