Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter-16 Her Wedding


It is another lonely night and my mind seems numb. It’s another lonely night and I can feel extreme agony. It was her wedding today, and I had no choice but to be there. It was my last chance to watch her before she became another man’s wife. Somewhere deep down I wanted to watch her walk the aisle as a bride; never did I realize how painful this wish could turn out to be. She was there, looking like an angel in her white wedding dress. The dress was a very simple one, but her beauty made a simple dress look outstanding. The dazzling smile on her face made me forget everything. While she took her vows and agreed to be Victor’s wife, I also made a promise in front of our lord. I would always look after her, always be there for her, and make sure she is safe and happy. I don’t mind staying in the shadows. I don’t mind being just Mr. Ethan for her. As long as she is happy I will try to cope with the fact that she is now Victor’s wife.

The guy Jonathan who walked her down the aisle is her aunt’s husband. Ari introduced me to her aunt and her husband. The man was staring at me intently when we shook hands. At first I could not understand the reason, but he joined me for a drink and said something which shook me to the core. I was sure no one knows of my true feelings for Ari, but I guess I was wrong. I remember my conversation with him…


“So Mr. Ethan Garcia…you mind if I join you for a drink?” Jonathan asked me, and I just nodded in agreement. I was actually not going to drink but this place seemed good enough to sit. I still had to give Ari her wedding gift. While gathering up all the courage I could in order to face Ari without losing control over my emotions. Jonathan’s voice suddenly broke my chain of thoughts…

“I have been in love with Daisy for many years now, but was able to confess my feelings just a couple of months before…” I looked up at him confusion, wondering why is he telling me that. As if answering my thoughts he continued…

“We were best friends, I never wanted to mess up our friendship and was scared if she didn’t have the same feelings as mine then I will lose her forever. Over the years I watched her date few men, I just stood by her side and looked after her. I was there for her whenever she needed a shoulder, but my fear of getting rejected never let me confess my feelings…” this time I interrupted him…

“I am sorry Mr. Jonathan but I don’t think I understand why you are telling me about your love life?” he chuckled and said…

“Then let me get straight to the point….you really think not letting Arabella know about your feelings and leaving her with that guy is a smart decision?” my eyes widened for a second before I composed myself…how did he make out I wondered…we have just met, hardly half an hour back…

“I have known Victor for quite some time now, and I fear he will break our Arabella. But who am I to stop her when she thinks whatever is between her and Victor is love. The way you look at Arabella is very familiar to me as that was just how I looked at my Daisy.” He took a deep sigh and got up to leave but not before patting my back and saying…

“I know you will be there to hold her when she will need someone the most, but don’t make another mistake of letting her go at that point.”

He left me after that, I was ready to meet Ari and give her the wedding gift. I went up the stage and met her, I shook hands with Victor and placed a soft kiss on Ari’s even softer cheek. Oh how I wished I could have hugged her and vanished. I had my CEO aura around myself, which was never difficult for me. I took out the bracelet box from my coat pocket and placed it in Ari’s hand…

“This is for you Miss Grace. I wish for you a happy life.” With that said I got down the stage and walked out of the venue towards my car. I couldn’t stay there anymore.


Finally I married her, Arabella Grace Adams is now Arabella Edwards. I know she is on top of the world right now. Happy to be my wife, my better half as they say. I must admit even I am happy, she is one beautiful woman and to have her as my own feels good. And the benefits I will have in life because of her feel amazing. I didn’t miss Ethan’s expression throughout the wedding. And man the bracelet he got for Arabella is one real expensive piece of jewelry. Arabella was surprised to get such an expensive gift and the silly girl decided to politely return it to him. I was somehow able to convince her that it would be disrespectful to return a gift. It was not that difficult to convince her, she is really naïve….too naïve for a ba*t**d like you…I smiled at myself.

Now that she is mine and I am absolutely sure about Ethan’s feelings for her I will use her at every step. This woman, is the key to my success and if everything goes according to my plan then I am pretty sure that Ethan will do anything for her.

I wonder what Jonathan spoke to him about, however Ethan’s surprise didn’t go unnoticed by me. I am aware of the fact that Jonathan is not actually fond of me. The man tried to pry out of me the reason behind me marrying Arabella. I wanted to laugh at his face for thinking that I will spill my beans so easily, but I stuck to the so called truth about me being in love with Arabella. I know he didn’t believe me but I didn’t say anything else. He can’t get any satisfaction from me. But one thing I know is that I need to be careful with Jonathan.

Leaving all the other thoughts behind I think I should think about my wedding night. One of the most beautiful woman is now officially mine, and tonight is going to be awesome. Finally I will get to taste her, she can’t stop me now. After all I am Mr. Husband…this is the one benefit I can start getting from our first night itself. The other plans will keep on working but her beauty is always going to be a great source to satisfy my needs. I am sure going to devour her.


The most beautiful day of my life did start in the best way possible and also turned out great. But the end of this day was not what I expected it to be. I thought I will feel loved the first time. I know I am naïve in these matters since I was never in a relationship with any other man. But why do I fear to accept that I was able to identify only lust and no love on the night which was supposed to be magical. I don’t think this was what I was expecting, I wanted to feel safe in his arms tonight. But what I saw and experienced made me feel just the opposite.

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