Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter- 17 Good News


Aunt Daisy and Jonathan have invited me and Victor for dinner tonight. They said they have something important to tell us. I wonder what it could be, whatever it is I am glad we will be visiting them soon. In the past eight months Victor rarely visited them. Whenever I went there he would always give me some excuse and not come along. Forget of coming along when he would come to pick me at times he won’t even come inside. I did ask him one day if this was a coincidence or was something wrong, that’s when he told me how uncomfortable he felt with Jonathan. I knew what he meant, even after my marriage Jonathan didn’t go very easy on my husband dear. I don’t know how things will get better if both of them avoid each other like this. It was really difficult for me to convince Victor for tonight. In fact he agreed only when Jonathan specially called him and invited. He was definitely surprised, or more like shocked to get an invitation directly from Jonathan. I couldn’t resist the laughter that instantly came by looking at his comical expression. Moments like such are what I love the most, the sweet and simple moments where we are so carefree.

If I look back at the eight months of our married life, the first six were wonderful. Victor and I made love almost each night, he told me he couldn’t resist after having me so close and that he still can’t believe that I am his forever. I used to feel so special, our wedding night experience also became clear for me. I convinced myself that the guy was holding himself for my sake till marriage and may be got overwhelmed. Those six months were filled with bitter sweet moments, we did have our share of arguments. The making up moments were just awesome, but things started to change since the last two months. I have noticed Victor is usually not in a good mood. He snaps at me almost for anything and everything. I tried to talk to him about this but he said it was nothing and I am over thinking. I was worried for him, he started staying at office after the regular office hours. I know that he didn’t get a promotion last month, something he was very sure he would get. Though there was a hike in both of our salaries. But he didn’t seem happy with that.

I have come to know Victor for a kind of man who always wants more, he is not easily satisfied or should I say I have seen the hunger of power in him. Usually he is very composed but last weekend he literally threw a fit of rage in his drunk condition. We went to this pub where he was also supposed to meet some client. I was surprised with the location since Mr. Ethan always prefers formal set ups for meeting any client. When I questioned Victor about it he said that he is in good terms with the man and this is more like a personal meeting. I didn’t find anything wrong in that and we reached the pub around 8 in the evening. Initially I had planned to wear simple blue skinny jeans with a black blouse but Victor asked me to put on a dress he had got for me few days back. It was a black lacy dress and reached my mid-thigh; in all honesty it was a little too short for my liking. I insisted on wearing my planned jeans and blouse but Victor said he wants to see me in that dress and convinced me. Just to please him I wore that dress but regret wearing it till today. I am not the kind of girl who likes attention and that was all I got that night. And to make things extremely uncomfortable for me the client who we were supposed to meet was openly ogling me. And what surprised me most was that Victor didn’t realize….or was he purposely ignoring….Mr. Mathew as I got to know his name seemed to be in his mid-fifties and I didn’t like the man one bit. When Victor said he knows the guy on a personal level I was expecting someone of our age group or may be a couple of years here and there. But definitely not someone this old, and what shocked me more was that he was not just any client but someone from our rival company. Till date I don’t know why Victor tried to hide that piece of information from me. He tried to explain me later that he is working on trying to get information from this man which can be useful to our company. But I didn’t see the need to play tricks as we are already the leading company. Whatever it was I didn’t like it when Victor made me sit in the middle of him and Mr. Mathew, and that man had the audacity to keep his hand on my bare thigh again and again. First I thought it was just a casual touch but the second time as I looked in his eyes I could see lust and nothing else. I tried to move towards Victor and even that didn’t stop the old man. Finally I had to voice my thoughts and in a stern way I told him that he is making me uncomfortable. He didn’t touch me after that but it didn’t sit well with him as right after five minutes he dismissed us and told Victor he has to be somewhere and can’t stay any longer. I was happy to hear that but Victor for some reason was really pis**d off.

Once Mr. Mathew left Victor got upset with me and said it was because of me that the old man left. I also got a little angry at that and we got into an argument right there in the pub. Victor tried to tell me it was no big deal if the guy placed his hand on my bare thigh. I couldn’t believe my ears and left the pub without Victor. He came home late that night and totally drunk. He screamed my name and told me in his slurred speech that I am of no use for him and I don’t care about his success. When I tried to make him calm he pushed me hard against the wall and walked away. My back did hurt badly but what hurt more were his words. I tried to convince myself that it was his drunk state of mind otherwise Victor will never even raise a finger on me. The next morning he did apologize for his behavior at the pub and I also accepted his apology. All I want to know is what is bothering him so much, I really wish he would share with me.

The doorbell brought me out of my chain of thoughts and I realized it was already 7 and I was not ready yet. I opened the door and Victor came in…

“You are not ready yet? Aren’t we supposed to be there for dinner?” I told him that I will be ready in the next fifteen minutes to which he nodded and told me that he will also take around the same time to get ready and then we can get going to Aunt Daisy and Jonathan’s place. We both were ready to leave after twenty minutes, on our way we bought a strawberry cheesecake. I chose that because I know how much both of them love it. We were there just in time and Jonathan took me in a bear hug immediately. I love this man so much and I am always happy to see how he takes care of my aunt. They deserve to be happy with each other.

The dinner was awesome and I was getting restless with every passing second, and these two people were not telling us the reason for this invitation. Finally once the dinner table was cleared and we all sat in their living room Jonathan cleared his throat giving the whole scene a dramatic effect…

“You are going to be a sister soon Bella.” Both he and Aunt Daisy shared a knowing smile while she went and sat on Jonathan’s lap. For a second there I got confused…sister??me?? and just then it striked me and I squealed excitedly saying…

“You guys are going to be parents….oh my god I can’t believe this….i am going to be a big sister….you are pregnant…” they all laughed at my enthusiasm and I got up and hugged both of them. The content smile on my dear aunt’s face was just so beautiful. Victor congratulated both of them and shook hands with Jonathan while took my aunt for a side hug. I was so happy that my smile was just stuck there, I must be looking like a fool but I didn’t care. Finally my aunt was happy and getting all that she deserved for so long. They told us that it’s just been two months now and they got a confirmation yesterday morning.

We left to head back home after another half an hour, on our way back i had that smile plastered on my face while Victor just chuckled at my reaction. I just can't wait to hold their baby in my arms.

A/N: The updates will be slow because of so much going around, life has become very hectic nowadays. Please stay with me, i love this story of mine and my favorite part is still to come:)

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