Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter- 19 Her Decision

Third Person POV

This was it Arabella thought...standing in front of the lift of her office she waited for someone to accompany her. Fortunately once again it was no one else but her boss Ethan. Greeting him a quiet good morning she got in the lift with him. Ethan noticed something was out of place, his Ari was almost caked up with make-up. This is something new, he thought.
Arabella on the other hand was deep in thoughts, she was awake almost the whole night. How could she sleep when her husband shook the very foundation of their marriage? It was almost sunrise after which she slept for an hour before getting ready for office. She had taken a decision for now, she was going to stay at her aunt’s place for a couple of days till her mind clears.

On reaching their floor Arabella was first to walk out of the lift followed by Ethan. Apart from her make up Ethan noticed that there was something more, Arabella seemed lost. He thought of giving her some time to settle in for the day and ask her later.

Arabella took the print of her leave application which she had already mailed to her CEO and the HR. She thought it would be appropriate to give a copy in Ethan’s hand directly. She got up and walked to Ethan’s office. She just hoped that he would not be able to make out the finger prints on her face. Yes, the evidence of last night’s brutal slap by Victor was clear as day on her left cheek. That’s why she tried her best to use some concealer to hide the marks.

“Mr. Ethan... can I have a moment sir?” Ethan nodded at her question and asked her to take a seat across him. Not looking straight into his eyes Arabella slid the leave letter towards him. Ethan frowned and asked her while picking up the paper...

“What is this?” Arabella did not reply and Ethan read her leave letter.

“Are you going somewhere? Why this leave all of a sudden?” Arabella tried her best to blink away the tears as she came up with a reason and said that she wants to look after her aunt and stay with her during her pregnancy.

Ethan was sure that Arabella was hiding something, he hardly paid attention to what she said, and as he saw her blinking those tears he got up.

Rounding his table Ethan kneeled in front of Arabella and kept a hand on her shoulder...before he could ask anything a sob left Arabella’s mouth. Ethan was never so restless ever before in his life. But every other worry flew out of the window the moment he noticed slight red lines on Arabella’s left cheek. He held her face between his palms and wiped the tears, while wiping her tears he tried to remove some of the make-up off her face.
The sight in front of him was enough to let him murder someone, he had a vague idea who it could be but he wanted to hear it from her mouth.

“Ari you will tell me right now what those marks on your cheek are and why are you so upset” His voice was stern but laced with concern. Arabella could not hold it any longer and she launched herself at Ethan. Hugging him she cried till she felt a little relieved. She probably needed to let it all out. She was such an emotional mess that she didn’t even notice the endearment used by Ethan.

Ethan froze for a second but then wrapped his arms tightly around his love. He definitely wanted to know who made his Ari so upset but first he wanted to comfort her.
A couple of minutes passed after which Arabella composed herself, she felt embarrassed to spoil Ethan’s dress shirt and apologized. But Ethan assured her that it was nothing. Arabella moved out of Ethan’s embrace and started fidgeting with her fingers while Ethan got up and passed her the glass full of water. She drank it and knew that she has to give him some reason for such a behavior.

“I still want to know what happened” Arabella sniffed and told him that last night Victor had slapped her. Ethan’s palms were now in a fist, he wanted to punch the man but he controlled his fury and decided that he needs to know the whole thing.

“And why did he do that?” Arabella just shook her head no but Ethan insisted and finally she gave in. Under any other circumstances Arabella would have never thrown her husband under the bus, but today she was so emotionally weak that she couldn’t stop herself from pouring her heart in front of the very first person who showed some concern.
Sitting in Daisy and Jonathan’s living room Ethan kept on thinking about the actions he would take. It has been fifteen minutes since he came here with Arabella. He didn’t allow Arabella to drive to her aunt’s place alone, instead he asked his driver to take Arabella’s car and follow him while he drove Arabella in his own car. Arabella refused first, saying she didn’t want to trouble him but one stern look from Ethan was enough for her to shut up.

Arabella broke down at the sight of her aunt, Daisy got extremely worried. Jonathan calmed both the women and now he was sitting in his living room with Ethan while Daisy and Arabella were inside. He never really liked Victor and now he was sure he won’t let their Bella go back to him...
“I will take my leave now.” Ethan got up and looked in the direction where Daisy took his Ari. He just can’t do much right now, he knew she was safe with them. He needn’t worry while she is here...still I want to be there for her... he thought to himself. With a deep sigh Ethan walked towards the main door. Jonathan had been watching him closely once again and right before Ethan was about to step out he said...

“It is still not late you still have time to look after her and give her a relationship she truly deserves.” Ethan nodded his head and finally walked out.
The whole day Victor wanted to meet Arabella. When he woke up in the morning she was getting ready and so he went in the other bathroom to do his morning routine. By the time he was out Arabella was long gone. He regretted slapping her, not because he was ashamed of his action or felt guilty. He regretted because he was about to miss a golden opportunity.

During lunch break he thought of going to her floor but then thought it would be better if they talk alone at home. At night he waited for Arabella till 9 pm, but when she didn’t reach back he decided to call Daisy since Arabella was not even answering his calls or messages. Daisy told him that Arabella is staying at her place for now and he should not bother her after what he did. Though Victor was furious to know that his wife was not ready to talk to him, still he decided to sleep the night off and go to meet her the next morning. He needed time to calm his rage so that he can act nicely and convince Arabella to come back home. He needed her and she will not ruin his plans. With this thought he went to sleep, confident that he will bring her back and also convince her to accept Mathew’s offer.

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